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*A Contagion of Madness?*

Greetings to you, it is good to be with you again. "Wanna be White?" Don't laugh, this is a serious question that could legitimately be asked of many people of color. The psychological damage that slavery and it's implied "caste" system caused is still very much with us today. So much so that many minorities still treat whites with more respect and care than they do their own people. This is true whether they are doing business or socializing. I have been shopping in department stores waiting for a sales person to assist me when I was almost "run over" by black sales people trying to assist a white shopper! (even though I was there first!) Why? Psychiatrists tell us that prolific numbers of black people are still afraid of whites. There was a time (not so long ago) when almost any white person was actually "in charge" of any black person they encountered! While this is no longer true, there are times like this when you wouldn't know it. Some blacks absolutely adore whites and love everything about them. The way they talk, walk, and especially the way they *look!* Have you noticed that most minority women who wear colored contact lenses tend to wear "lighter" than dark brown shades, dye their hair (which has been straightened or weaved to simulate the European or Asian women's natural look) in lighter colors than they can grow? Or bleach or make-up their face so it appears "lighter" in complexion than it actually is? Or the many (especially those who have fame and money) seek to have a lighter skinned or even a white husband or boyfriend? I could mention the names of many of our most famous Movie Stars, but you know who they are. Why? Does today's woman of color feel that an African look is not as attractive in today's world as a Caucasian or Asian one? Evidently they do.

Conversely, from about 1880-1950 very light-skinned black women (Octoroon, Quadroon, Mulatto and the like) were so vehemently ostracized for looking like "White Women" that they almost invariably married the darkest complexioned men that they could find in an effort to prove their "Blackness" and allegiance to the community. From 1950-1980 with the advent of the "Johnny Mathis (singer) and Michael Phillip Thomas" (original Miami Vice) types the trend fell for the "lighter curly headed types. Because of so much White/Black/Indian inter-breeding in the Black Race (There is more genetic variation among the African American population than in all other groups combined) these diverse mating opportunities are common and available on a daily basis. Still, try commenting on the looks of an African American women's new born child by saying "Oh my!" what a beautiful child! He/She looks just like a little "Eskimo, Mexican, or Puerto Rican" and watch the *beaming* smile of pride and agreement form on the face of the mother! However, try this approach and say: Oh my! "What a beautiful child! He/She looks just like a little *African* and you'll be lucky to escape without hurt feelings! Even though the child may look totally African. Try it, if you dare. "Madness?" Due to today's most popular standard style of grooming, most African American women resemble brown white women. Neither by choice or chance is this look an African one. However, there is no shortage of black women who will sharply point out the fact that they are "American", and not African women. Still, dark-skinned women with "platinum blond hair, blue contact lenses and green lipstick?" I know, I know, it's none of my business.....

From about 1940-1970 many African American men wore "Processes" or "Geri-Curls". Singing groups like the "Ink-Spots, Platters, Flamingo's and Temptations" made these hair styles almost mandatory for young black men who were "courting". In the 1970's the "Natural" and the "Afro'" became the "rage" among young black men and movies named "Shaft and Superfly" abounded everywhere. These "Looks" (Process, Afro' and Natural) lasted until recently. Today more and more African American men seem quite "taken" with the bald headed look. Is this a "Black Trend" or is it that they have "given up" trying to compete with white men in the hair department? Is shaving one's head and wearing earrings an act of masculinity, femininity, aggression, surrender or just a "Black Statement?" Bald headedness is not necessarily an "African Look", but we all have seen pictures of "Maasai and Zulu Warriors" in native dress carrying "Lion-Killing Spears" sporting almost bald heads. But in this country unless one is naturally bald, has some form of cancer, or is a Buddhist Monk this is not a natural look. And it may in fact endanger the person displaying it to various skin problems, even melanoma due to over-exposure to the sun. Individuals also look more like each other than they actually do. (especially from a distance). But it definitely diverts attention from the hair to the face and ultimately to the physic, and black men have among the best physical attributes in the world. Still, it appears to be yet another kind of racial statement. Some psychologists see it as a "cop out". (e.g. "You white men have "good hair", I don't, so I'll have no hair!"). Perhaps it's just another fad, I don't know, but most Africans don't shave their heads. African American men used to just "shower, shave, and brush their teeth. And comb their hair. They were then "Good to Go!" What happened? Now (in addition) many shave their heads, manicure and clear paint their nails, apply facial makeup, diamond earrings, cologne, and carry purses.....

Why are so many doing these new kinds of things? Is there something (lurking or missing in their subconscious) that they are ashamed of? The reasons for these and other artificial enhancements used to counter stereotype (and God only knows what else) saturate the lives of African Americans and are not easily admitted or understood. Most individuals who practice these trends and fads do so without knowledge of the implications. Are heterosexual black kids who run around with their pants "hanging off" their rear ends aware that this is a common practice in prison that homosexuals use to advertise themselves as available for *anal sex* to other male inmates? These and other common actions have in fact, become part of today's way of life that few take any special note of .It is my guess that in most cases it's just "follow the leader". This subject may anger some but I assure you this is not my intent so please bear with me.

Someone once said that "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". Psychiatrists tell us that everyone wants to be successful. And even if we are not successful, we want to appear to be. Whites have long been and are the most successful racial group in history. Herein lies the basic reason for emulation. African Americans have been in the USA over 400 years. In that time lots of things have happened and momentous strides have been made, but usurping the daily worldwide success of *The Image* of whites with afro's, corn rolls, bald heads, and hair weave styles is not one of them. And (It appears) *The Image* isn't going to lose any of its potency any time soon. It's a multi-billion dollar industry. And African Americans aren't the only group influenced by it. It works on all Americans, no matter the race, and no matter what part of the now civilized world people lay claim to they are taking off their "Burqa's, Kimono's and other traditional dress" in favor of wearing apparel *The Image* would wear.

Scripture says "The whole world wondered after the (image? of the) Beast?, saying who is like unto him?" (Rev 13:3). It's almost biblically" supernatural" isn't it? Other "Looks" have attempted to take hold, but they have summarily been defeated.*The Image* reigns supreme! The "pale skinned, blond haired, blue eyed look" takes the #1 spot in the world for absolute beauty for women. Every other possible combination is secondary. Why this selection? Because all vestiges of chromosomal darkness and possible blood relations to any of the darker peoples of the earth has been genetically bred out and racially removed from this genotype. (The black, brown, red and yellow is "all gone") The subtle, psychological enforcement and acceptance of this status symbol is one of the spoils of War! The owners of *The Image* have won all the people conquering wars that they have been in! This means that the losers of the wars and those colonized inside its contiguous borders are all subjected to the dominant culture of the "War Winners". Even those living outside its borders readily "bow" to *The Image* and try to "emulate" it by showing a natural "subjection" to the ways of the dominant power. It is hoped that this natural subjection and emulation will somehow insulate it from the destructive power (e.g. Nagasaki, Hiroshima, etc,) of *The Image* purveyors. Historically, the further the distance your appearance is from that of *The Image*, the less attractive you are in our current society, and the closer your appearance is to that of *The Image* the more attractive you are considered to be. Thus the imitation. Today, the ranking system for human procreative, sexual value and overall worth on the world sex slave trade market is as follows: (Yes it does still exist). (Note*) This is only a "rendering" of this unwritten human value system.

*The World Sex Slave trade Market Rankings &

The Fairness History of The Criminal Justice System*

(Every year over 700,000 women and girls are abducted for "sexual slavery". About 50,000 of them wind up in the US.)

(Purported value in world currency)

  1. Caucasians: Blond and Blue followed by all other combinations. Caucasians were first called "White" by Johann Blumenbach in 1775, and Horace Greeley (Ed) New York Times 1864. Also White Hispanics, (No Blacks or Browns).
  2. Asians, People of India, (Chinese, Japanese, etc) They have the highest IQ, but lost the war.
  3. Polynesians, American Indians (Hawaiian, Samoan, Formosan etc).
  4. Arabs/North Africans (Iranians, Egyptians, Jordanians, etc.).
  5. Black/White/Brown/Indian *high percentage* admixtures (Octoroons, Quadroons, Mulattos, Non-White Hispanics).
  6. African Americans (including various low percentage admixtures).
  7. Australian Aborigines
  8. African Blacks
  9. "Madness?"

Why? Because the world's authorities who control laws, popular culture, and*The Image* says so, and the rest of the world has no choice but to follow suit. Let me say at this point that the intellectual rating list is now "etched in stone!" Short of an "edict from God" there is absolutely nothing that can be done about these value ratings now. Many "futile" attempts have been made. Genetic IQ tests for procreative purposes listed in scientific articles and papers may also contribute to the standings. I'm not saying that this material is always true or absolutely scientifically factual in all individual cases, on the contrary, as a scientist I know that there are numerous *exceptions* when selected human beings are applied to these standings, but this is the current way of listing results and authorities around the world have agreed to accept it. "Madness?" Many back up their human comparison claims with statistics like these IQ ratings by Dr. C. George Boeree of Shippensburg University. (Pennsylvania). Dr. Boeree's statistics are accurate and informative. This scientific work was not formulated with any group or race of people in mind.

*Intelligence and IQ*

  1. Over 130 (Very Superior) 2.2%
  2. 120-130 (Superior) 6%
  3. 110-120 (High Average) 16.1%
  4. 90-110 (Average) 50%
  5. 80-90 (Low Average) 16.1%
  6. 70-80 (Borderline Retarded) 6.7%
  7. Under 70 (Mentally Retarded) 2.2%
I do not have to put racial categories beside these statistics. The aforementioned "Human Value Rankings" will for the most part coincide with these ratings in a descending order. See my "Are All Men Created Equal?" article. (Read below) These are the types of statistics that are used to justify some of the positions taken against certain minorities. One major problem that we are faced with today is how African American children (and adults) can improve their statistical IQ ranking. I think they can.

I believe I have found at least a partial solution to this problem. Last year I wrote an article titled "Are All Men Created Equal?" (Most of you received it, if you don't have it write and I'll send you a copy. henri@henriwtartt.com) In this article I attempted to show that the average African American (child and adult) does not use his/her Neo-Cortex for problem solving nearly as much as necessary. And they use their reactionary "Reptilian Brain". (Brain Stem) far too often .This is "warm climate African environmental thinking and its use is not sufficient for problem solving challenges in this hemisphere". According to recent statistics only about 2% of the world's population has an IQ of 130 (and above). Currently, about 20% of (American) whites have an IQ of 120, and only about 1-2% of blacks have achieved this score. I believe this function is something that can be both learned and improved upon. And since IQ cannot be taught, this is one way (In my view) that one can actually increase his/her IQ. (in their lifetime.) This will help to close the "gap" between black and white IQ scores which now is about one standard deviation, (15 points) below that of American whites and Asians. If not, then I am afraid that this untoward condition has created a "permanent underclass" and a *colonization* that will never change, in that no people of lower IQ have ever been able to overcome the overall domination by a people of higher IQ.

And don't think for a second that the "powers that be", are not aware of this reality. I am also convinced that the high crime/death rate among young African American youth is a result of *over use* of this *reactionary* reptilian brain system. This subject *must be examined!*. I am fully cognizant of the fact that there are many brilliant scholars and people of genius among black people.(many of whom are reading this) but I am talking about the per-capita IQ levels among the common masses where this is definitely not the case. I am calling on the professional scientific teaching community from K through 12 to develop programs dedicated to this hypothesis: Anxiety, Fear, and Anger *interfere* with most African American children's (and adults) ability to learn math and science at rates comparable to that of whites and Asians. Primarily because the "brain stem" (that is more often used) is not designed for complex problem solving. (Especially math). In my opinion, transmission of the *problem* from the brain stem to the neo cortex is somehow "short circuited" by these stresses. Our colleges and universities should make a special note of reference to this new approach to minority education and monitor its progress. Since my article last year, some TV stations have been airing studies about the use of the "Reptilian Brain". Let's get going on devising methods to increase our understanding of how the use of the Neo-Cortex in complex problem solving situations will improve the speed of comprehension in our minority students. Much has been written about IQ. Some studies of it offered in the traditional way may be comprehensible to few few but the professional neuroscience group. I hope that I have succeeded in bringing this discussion to practicality for those without much exposure to work in this area.

Or as usual, we can do nothing different, and nothing different will happen. Without this rather "revolutionary" or some equally effective new technique, the masses of black people (and other related minorities e.g. non-white Hispanics) will blindly continue on in their *colonial* lifestyle with most routinely imitating the dominant culture. Few will ever realize their full potential as true leaders and innovators outside of their communities. To the "delight" I might add of those who carry, promote, and perpetuate *The Image*. As long as black people "imagine" that other peoples way of life is superior to theirs we will have imitation. "Wanna be White?"...maybe not.... but Saturday night's business at "Club Imitation of Life" is always brisk...just look around.....Do people at the club really look like educated "modern", or "wild" black people? Unfortunately there will be times when one cannot tell the difference. With the men appearing somewhat "fierce, formidable" and "pseudo tribal" with bald heads, earrings, and dressed in what looks like "muscle- beach, he-man" type clothing. And the women with painted faces, colored hair and nails, wearing those "come hither" smiles while clad in short mini-skirts with "no under garments?" All we have here my dear is a polygamic "mating ritual" with all of its animated and indecent "gyrations" that would get one "arrested" anywhere else. I've told you before (over the years) that even after millions/thousands of years of human existence, we are still not much more sophisticated (biologically) than our ancient predecessors 100,000 years ago. Our technology has greatly surpassed our biological necessities. Only now we are living in a different kind of jungle, but we are still "on the hunt". In the human arena everything is secondary to *procreation* with nothing mattering more. So is all of this rather "bizarre" activity still "normal?" Well...Yes! That's right! Keep in mind that *normal* is only an average of the extremes. So most certainly, some will dress ignorantly, but still, it is a bit distressing to see one who is ignorant of the fact that one looks ignorant.

There are more than134 active wars going on now in the world. The United States averages 16,137 murders every year. Many currently think that male to male and female to female relationships and marriage should be considered a part of normal and socially acceptable activity. These and other notable occurrences probably will not surprise anyone today. But did you know that no matter what you've been told, this world of ours has not given rise to any individual biological human races? Skin color, hair texture, facial morphology, cranium size, etc. are all due to environmental influences. All people on this earth are basically genetically homogenous. Nature has not separated us biologically enough from each other for us to "qualify" as members of different races! We are all members of the human race. And that race is called Homo sapiens. Forensically, we are identifiable by our environmental characteristics not our biology. The Norwegian, Japanese, and Nigerian peoples (and the rest of us) are four times more genetically similar than we are different. All male and female Homo sapiens are "designed" for successful procreation (Swede and Bush Pygmy) world wide. What the malevolent in our society have "invented" today (and in the past) in order to create racism, division, discrimination, and chaos is scientifically known as "Social Racism". And it exists in all cultures. This still masquerades today as biological racism and well, you know the rest. Our major differences are political, not biological. So how can we have such racial hatred that at times leads to organizations like the KKK, church bombings that kill children, lynching's of the innocent, and feelings of racial supremacy in a world with only one race of people?.*A Contagion of Madness?* In my opinion, without a doubt. Stay well.

All The Best,

- Henri W. Tartt

Henri W. Tartt

Supervising Chemist &

Chief of Microbiology

City of Cleveland, Ohio (Retired)


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