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Book Recommendations

Books by Dr. Cornel West: (Princeton University)

  • Black Prophetic Fire
  • The Radical King
  • Hope On A Tightrope
  • Words And Wisdom
  • Brother West: Living And Loving Out loud, A memoir
  • Cornell West & BMWMB
  • Never Forget: A Journey Of Revelations
  • The Covenant With Black America
  • The Covenant In Action
  • Democracy Matters
  • Winning The Fight Against Imperialism
  • Race Matters
  • The Cornel West Reader
  • Keeping Faith
  • Philosophy And Race In America
  • Restoring Hope
  • Prophecy Deliverance
  • Restoring Hope
  • Prophetic Fragments
  • Illumination Of The Crisis In American Religion And Culture
  • The War Against Parents
  • The African American Century: How Black Americans Have Shaped Our Country

Books by Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.: (Harvard University)

  • The African Americans (Smiley Books)
  • Black in Latin America (New York University Press)
  • Africana: The encyclopedia of the African and African American experience. (1999 Ox. U. Press)
  • Finding Oprah's Roots, Finding Your Own (Crown 2007)
  • America Behind The Color Line: Dialogues With African Americans (Warner Books 2004)
  • African American Lives (Oxford 2004)
  • The Annotated Uncle Tom's Cabin (W.W. Norton 2006)
  • Figures In Black: Words, Signs and The "Racial Self" (Oxford U. Press 1987)
  • The Signifying Monkey: (Oxford, 1988)
  • Colored People (Kopf, 1994)
  • The Trial Of Phyllis Wheatley (Basic Civitas Books 2003)
  • Thirteen Ways Of Looking At a Black Man (Random House 1997)
  • Loose Canons: Notes on Culture Wars (Oxford, 1992)
  • The Future of The Race: (Co-Authored with Cornel West) (Knopf, 1996)

Other Books I've Enjoyed: 

  • Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry - Nelson, Cox  (W.H. Freeman)
  • Handbook of Chemistry and Physics - David R. Lide  (CRC Press)
  • The Grand Design - Stephen Hawking (Bantam)
  • Echo Of The Big Bang - Michael D. Lemonick  (Princeton U. Press)
  • Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell (Little, Brown New York)
  • Race And Economics , How much can we blame on discrimination? - Walter E. Williams (Hoover Inst Press)
  • America: A minority Viewpoint - Walter E. Williams (Stanford Hoover I. Press)
  • Who Is Black? - F. James Davis (Penn State U. press)
  • Color Complex - Russell, Wilson, Hall  (Harcourt Javanovich)
  • The Rage of a Privileged Class - Ellis Cose  (Harper Perennial)
  • Black Lies, White Lies - Tony Brown  (William Morrow New York)
  • The Measure of a Man - Sidney Poitier  (Harper SanFrancisco)
  • Before The Beginning - Martin Rees (Perseus Books)
  • The Evolution Of God - Robert Wright  (Little, Brown New York)
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls - Wise, Abegg, Jr & Cook  (Harper SanFrancisco)
  • The Jesus Mysteries - Freke & Gandy  (Harmony Books, New York)

Religion: Major Texts Only (Associated Books & Materials not listed)

  • The Holy Bible – King James Version – Protestant & Masonic Editions
  • The Holy Bible - Douay Rheims, Jerusalem, New American (Roman Catholic Editions)
  • The Book of Enoch - Ronald K. Brown – Guadalupe Theological Seminary
  • The Book of Mormon - Joseph Smith-The Church of Jesus Christ, LDS, Salt Lake City Utah
  • The Torah – (Jewish Publication Society of America)
  • The Kabbalah, (Meditation and) - Aryeh Kaplan-Samuel Weiser, Inc. York Beach, Me
  • The Holy Quran – Abdullah Yusuf Ali (McGregor & Werner)
  • The Mahabharata – Krishna Dharma (Torchlight, Badger Ca.)
  • The Bhagavad Gita – Prabhupada (Bhaktivedanta Book Trust)
  • The English Tripitaka - John P. Keenan - Nat. Ctr. For Buddhist Translation
  • The Buddhist Catechism – Henry S. Olcott – (Theophysical Society, London-Benares)
  • The Holy Kojiki (Shinto) - Japan - (forgottenbooks.org) - Translation by Dr. Basil H. Chamberlain
  • The Tibetan Book of The Dead – By Padmasambhava - Penguin Group Inc., NY, NY 10014, U.S.A.
  • Sikhism and Guru Granth Sahib – Sunindar Singh Kohli (National Bookshop)
  • Inside Scientology (America's Most Secretive Religion) – Janet Reitman (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
  • Confucianism (Ancient Philosophies) – Paul R. Goldin (University of California Press)
  • The Kebra Nagast – Miguel F. Brooks (Ethiopian Bible) - LMH Publishing Company
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