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Supervising Chemist &
Chief of Microbiology (retired)
City of Cleveland, Ohio

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*Biology, Sociology, Psychology*

Psychology, Sociology

Biology, Chemistry, Anthropology, Sociology

Chemistry, Biology, Psychology

Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Physics, Biology, Religion, Cosmology

Chemistry, Biology, Sociology

Physics, Cosmology, Anthropology

Chemistry, Microbiology, Sociology

Chemistry, Biology, Cosmology, Religion

Physics, Religion, Sociology

Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Religion, Sociology

Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and Sociology

Genetics, Chemistry, Sociology, Psychology, Religion, Anthropology

Genetics, Chemistry, Sociology, Psychology

Genetics, Religion, Anthropology, Chemistry

Cosmology, Physics, Religion

Math, Biology, Psychology, Sociology

Physics, Chemistry, Religion, Sociology

Medicine, Health, Chemistry, Microbiology

Biological, Political, Anthropological

Biology, Chemistry, Sociology

Religion, Sociology, Biology

Science & Religion

Biological, Psychology, Political

Chemistry, Microbiology, Sociology

Psychology, Sociology

Chemistry, Sociology, Satire

Biological, Political

Sex, Love Chemistry


Social, Political


The Devil?, Superstition

Adult Satire, Sociology


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