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Science: *Should We Be Afraid?*

Greetings, it’s good to be with you again. “Believe it or not,” this is one of the most requested subjects for serious discussion among members of the public and the academic community.  Our universe is said to be 13.799+- 0.021 billion years old. And Planet Earth is an estimated 4.54 billion years old. We are told by many Creationists and bible scholars that in all of human history, the first man (Adam) is only about 6,000 years old. And in turn, many Professional Evolutionists say the human developmental process occurred ~ 200,000 years ago. What’s wrong with this equation? Correct. They can’t both be right! But are they both wrong? This judgement cannot continue to rest on confused opinion. Many cultural projects involving our future progress continue to be based on unknown characteristics and pure chance. That I should have to write an article of this nature is unfortunate but necessary.  

Impartially looking at the published facts one is drawn to examine the veracity of what we think we know. But after much archaeological study, what we think we know, and what we “actually know” appears quite debatable.  There are still lots of unaccounted for “things” being found almost daily and the explanations given for many, after considerable analysis and standardized research do not yield congruent answers. The Drake Equation (N= R* x fp x ne x fl x fi x fc x L) has not been satisfied.  

Should we really be advertising our existence here to the universe? World famous Physicist Stephen Hawking and others (myself included) don’t think so. Why? Because to our disadvantage, not only are we new to interplanetary space travel and exploration, but as a species we also “taste good!” Don’t laugh many earthly animals think so too. That’s one reason we have weapons, (that was not intended to be humorous). We are many things to many known entities, unfortunately one of them is we are a nutrient rich source of protein and reportedly, quite “tasty.” We have initiated quite sophisticated means of signaling any technologically available extraterrestrial civilization that “here we are! Look how friendly and great we are!” But what we actually may be saying is this; “Hey out there! Over here! Are you hungry? Come check us out!” And we have no idea “who or what” we may be contacting!

Before we go any further, I want to reiterate the seriousness of this subject: We live in a world where everything (from microbes to people) exists in some way from eating everything else! Nothing is wasted. We think we’re smart, sophisticated, and above certain actions. However, nothing could be further from the truth. We are all part of a worldwide heterotrophic system and our very lives are dependent upon eating plants and/or other animals. Even microbes exist to the peril of other microbes. Realistically, what would stop an alien race of superior beings (that look nothing like us) from looking at us any different than we look at a Cow and see a Porterhouse Steak? Good manners? Good Luck!    

Some of you are talented Physicists, Archaeologists, and members of many other professional areas of study. Others are members of the scientifically inclined general public. And we all eat!  So, I’ll try not to overload you with commonly known material. Our present knowledge of SETI’s (the search for extraterrestrial intelligence) actions based on what we know about the world, and our history just doesn’t “add up.” Man’s overall behavior has shown we are currently more than 7 billion too often war-prone beings. Beings that throughout our short history have not been exactly “kind” to their man, and certainly not generally always trustworthy… 

Psychologists tell us it’s not natural to be nice it’s natural to be wary. It’s not natural to be charitable it’s natural to steal. Even our babies are born lying about their comfort levels. They learn very quickly to manipulate us into responding to their every whim by “crying.” Truth and morality do not come naturally. They must be diligently taught and often enforced. For some this seems to be extraordinarily difficult. In some remote parts of the world, Man’s cannibalistic appetite is said to still consume the flesh of other human beings (rituals, starvation) even today. And these consumers are not aliens they’re live human beings! For some, human flesh remains a viable food source. The human sensation “hunger” comes from the Lateral and Ventromedial Hypothalamus. (The brain) 

Looking at our planet and the “Milky Way’s” 100 billion other planets, 8.8 billion of which are supposedly “habitable.” We can’t help but notice how “old, impactedand desolate” most of their surfaces look. But with the millions and billions of years involved in the age of our universe one can easily speculate about what may have happened to their surfaces. For instance: Uranium U-235 has a half-life of 710 million years and Plutonium 239 has one of about 24,100 years.

Explosions using both isotopes could reduce the surface of a once populated planet to the “rubblecraters, and deserts” we see (by telescope) on many “barren looking” planets. And with the amount of time we’re dealing with, “not a trace” of nuclear activity would still be obvious. (By sight) In the 4.5 billion years Planet Earth has existed, both a “type” of Man and microbial life-extinction/rejuvenation could have already occurred many thousands of times. Here’s one way this might have happened:

“Left over” microbial life would have had ample time to evolve from incidental “stray” planetary multi-cellular organisms into “higher organic significance” many times over. If we bring in the concept of *God* (or other “higher” intervention) into the equation it could well have developed much sooner. For instance: Today, Man has (once again?) developed the ability to annihilate himself and the planet. Nuclear fission and fusion” like most weapons manufactured for war will eventually be used at maximum levels. This action would lead to world destruction. After this we would then need reseeding and perhaps even redesign. The prerequisites for the life process appears to be continually provided either by God, or………??? (If you think you have the answer, please let the world know)

With the passing of sufficient time, a suitable “organic” species would evolve. And the life process starts again. It is doubtful however, if Man, with his current compliment of DNA could evolve from a “slime soup” without some kind of superior assistance. See “The First Anthropological Enlightenment” found in “articles” at www.henriwtartt.com  for a convincing, “reachable” scientific extrapolation. As of today, both God and evolution vaguely seem to “participate” (somehow) in this remarkable phenomenon known as ‘Man.’ One may wonder, “are we as unique as the scriptures tell us?” Or has some kind of planetary extinction taken place? 

As a conservative scientist, I realize how this must sound, especially to my colleagues. But please do come forth with your explanation of what happened?” I assure you, the whole world is listening. Here we are, yet the fact we cannot find any evidence of life using our “Hubble, or Kepler” remote telescopes anywhere in a 3-dimensional Milky Way should scare the @#%*” out of researchers! Where did everyone go? Out of the 100 billion planets estimate in our galaxy and >50 sextillion planets (>50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) in our universe the chance there is “no intelligent life” in existence besides Planet Earth is a mathematical absurdity!

Was planetary life in our galaxy somehow consumed? (If so, by what?) Perhaps life carries within it the seeds of its own destruction; it appears we’re well on the way. We’d all like to think our math skills are good, but perhaps in this case not good enough. Evidently something has happened, but inaccurate conclusions could be critical. More attention should be given to String Theory, Alternate Dimensions, and Wormhole Research. This study is needed to minimize our ignorance of unexplainable artifacts and events.

I’d like to think if those of you who continue to laugh at these submissions have other feasible answers? Look at Mohenjo-Daro Pakistan http://tinyurl.com/zpgt4ud here we see further evidence of an apparent instant destruction. (Skeletons of people that died holding hands) and authorities continue to deny what appears to be some kind of holocaust. If we look at the passage of time discussed in this article and the continual finding of strange archaeological remnants world-wide, I wonder when authorities will admit we are either not alone or have been somehow accompanied on Earth by other beings or entities. In the above Mohenjo-Daro example, you can see views of the strange nuclear-like annihilation that obviously took place in this country more than 4,000 years ago! This destruction is also referred to in the Hindu Sanskrit epic “The Mahabharata.” (Gurkha, Rishis, And Hakas)

Some of us have listened to many lectures and scientific studies from the best minds in the world, at many prestigious universities. And these lecturers certainly appear to know the subject of planetary science better than most, but their explanations have left many dissatisfied. This audience may understand “Bosonic String Theory and Hilbert Space” but I would chance to guess the average person does not. I’m not trying to impress; I’m trying to give meaningful scientific information one can use. We are talking about age/time, and what has already happened that we cannot see and (more accurately) discuss today. What we do know about the nature of Man and his various tendencies tells us we cannot be so naïve as to trust an alien civilization. In fact, with or without provocation we might wind up: First, in Alien gunsights and Second, on the menu! Science fiction you say?

Dr. Stephen Hawking, renowned Theoretical Physicist and Cosmologist recently said: “An advanced alien civilization would have no problem wiping out humans, the way a human might wipe out a colony of ants.” He further noted; “Human beings have a terrible history of mistreating and even massacring other human cultures that are less technologically advanced. Why would an alien civilization be any different?” However, his 100-million-dollar research team: “Breakthrough Listen Initiative” continues to search! While I agree with Dr. Hawking’s judgements, after examining the nature of Man and his historically deceptive behavior, I would not tempt fate by continuing to look for trouble. Based on our history, no alien presence should be trusted. If an alien intelligence is ever actually contacted, then I say yes! “We should be afraid…Very afraid!”

However, if after tedious scientific research, (and a barren appearing universe) the major religious books like The Mahabharata, The Bhagavad-Gita, The Tripitaka, The Torah, The Bible, The Holy Quran, The Guru Granth Sahib, The Kebra Nagast and The Confucian Canon are found to be intrinsically true and socially relevant, it then seems (to me) they are all talking about the same *deity* (or presence) in concept. It appears the God’s only seem like different entities because variable texts are translated into multiple and very different languages. (Linguistic translation has shown no disqualifying rudiments in basic concepts).

With help and examination from studies like Astrobiology, Evolutionary Biology, and Cultural Anthropology we still find: Food, Sex, Security, Play, and Chance, in that order, as a primary exegesis for all advanced life. As we understand it, with “play” being whatever is done after completion of the first three (Food, Sex and Security) and Chance of course remains the unknowable. Subsequently, it appears we are left with an imbroglio of less than salient information on the extraterrestrials we are trying to contact.  

The government needs to “come clean” with what it knows about extraterrestrial activity. And if there are things they know that are “contrary” to published research. If not, then it seems we already have a variety of very old and “familiar” explanations of creation, reward, and punishment theology. Not only this, but for the scientific community we also have the ‘original’ definition of consciousness, albeit a religious one. 

The physics of this argument (consciousness) ultimately leads to metaphysics, (Romans: 1:19-21 and Isaiah: 30:31 - Holy Bible). That being the case, then *Hell* may be our only real and present danger!” (As if that isn’t bad enough) In addition, your worst threat to that end is not “aliens.” It’s the one staring back at you from the nearest mirror. But that’s too simple. Much of the scientific education being taught concerning this subject involves Physics, which will never “sit still” for religious answers.

Brain chemistry and structure, Physical Anthropology, and other analytical studies have consistently shown we are definitely animals! (Hominin clade, a family remotely related to the Great Apes; if we were (somehow) able to compare ourselves with a visiting alien species, I suspect the overwhelming majority of human beings living today, would exhibit an innate tendency to revert to cannibalism before allowing themselves to perish from starvation.

Given no alternative food source, nutritional requirements predict this activity would begin in less than 25 weeks. Quantitative analysis shows that hunger (of some kind) must be universal. If human beings have historically viewed each other as a food source, then “what about an alien species?” In my view, it is therefore prudent to deduce that extraterrestrials with similar drives, life motivation, and superior technology could be far more dangerous to our existence than even we are to ourselves. Yet we continue to search?

Perhaps we’re among the last of an overly curious (mostly extinct) group of species that might have mistakenly found a bit more than they were looking for…Stay well.

*Many people might have attained wisdom, had they not assumed they had it*- Unknown

All The Best,

Henri W. Tartt

Supervising Chemist, and Chief of Microbiology, (Retired)

City of Cleveland, Ohio (USA)

Email: henri@henriwtartt.com

Website: *Tartt's Scientific Approach* www.henriwtartt.com

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