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"Are *All Men* Created Equal?" (Part 2)

*What This Means*

It is important to again mention here that this work does not include people of "mixed" race, such as those of European/Indian/African or other admixtures. There is currently no expeditious way of knowing the actual scientific race of these individuals. Politically they may belong to certain ethnic groups. This derives from the fact that because of rampant racial discrimination these mixed minorities are considered to be *all in the same boat* as their more "pure of blood" brethren. They are told "well you may as well be "black as coal" because they'll treat you as if you are anyway". This is not a political, but a scientific report. Scientifically and medically these mixed people may be in fact as much or more related to other groups as they are to Blacks. And so it is that all Black People are not equally black. For example, Joseph Cotton, Patti Page, and Dinah Shore, (for my older readers) and Alicia Keyes, Halle Berry, and Vin Diesel (for younger readers) were and are all technically black, but in reality all appear to be more or as much White as they are Black. A bone marrow transplant from a Black African might not be compatible with any of them and may in fact cause them(those of them who are still alive) serious illness or death because they are only politically black and are not scientifically members of the same race.

The Southern Hemisphere's Reptilian Brain is the most ancient and easily used part of the brain and according to many thousands of autopsies and medical cadaver research is encased in a slightly smaller "Dolichocephalic Cranium". A larger "Brachycephalic Cranium" is more prevalent in people of the northern hemisphere. In short, the northern hemisphere has given rise to slightly larger brains than the southern hemisphere. Additional cadaver research has also shown that the brains of the northern population on average have a slightly larger neocortex than do their southern counterparts. This is science, not racism. It is a well known fact that it is far more difficult to survive and procreate in a cold, sparse environment than in a warm, lush one, and that appears to be the only major reason for the difference in IQ. In nature, indigenous people are going to be as smart as they need to be in order conquer their surroundings be it hot or cold. In a warm, lush climate it is easy to see how the reptilian brain would easily be more than sufficient for most problems one might encounter on a daily basis. It may be difficult to look at a Caucasian or Asian person and realize that you are looking at an African, but in reality they too are of African descent! We all are! The human evolutionary tree is like a large "trellis" stretching from Africa to everywhere you find Man on this planet. At one time those who are now called "Caucasian and Asian" conquered the African environment and then moved on to conquer the rest of the environments of the world. True, they did experience a slight difference in their outward appearance but their "X and Y" chromosomes remain unchanged. They don't remember it but Africa is still in their DNA. This is yet another reason that they are more advanced in some area's They are now poised and stand ready to conquer other planets, they've already been to the moon! They left Africa... they left home!... One does not diversify, or learn as much when one stays home.

*What's The Problem?*

If a huge section of a "different" race of people from a "different" hemisphere is *amputated* from their homeland and then "transplanted" into a strange and different hemispherical environment, then they should not be expected to function in it as easily as populations that are more closely related to this new environment. The problem was and is that African People historically tend to use their "Reptilian Brain" more than they use their neocortex simply because it just was not *necessary* for their survival and procreation in Africa (unlike people from colder climates). Proficiency in advanced Math and Science skills originate in the neocortex. As I previously said medical examinations for over 100 years have shown that the southern hemisphere's African Brain has a smaller neocortex than do northern brains. Scientific experimentation has shown that up to 80% of intelligence is hereditary. This appears to be one of the major reasons that all over America whole groups of the children of African American people have more problems with math and science than do their Caucasian and Asian counterparts This problem has existed for over 100 years and even to this day. Massive allocation of funds has thus far only scratched the surface of the problem because no one has the "nerve" to outwardly identify the source of the problem. Without recognition of the problem and acting as though it doesn't exist, a solution may never be found, (much less admitted to). Note: This is not to say that "all" the children (and adults) of African American and non-White Latino parents (who are often also of African descent) have this problem, many do not, and some exceed all standards of excellence. But many years of records show that the overwhelming majority of children from these communities continue to experience more difficulty with math and science than do the Caucasian-Asian groups.

*Crime and Punishment*

Over use of the Reptilian Brain can pose a number of problems. This is the part of the brain that authorizes the "act and react" process, at times with little (if any) thought. We all know people who seemingly live their entire lives like a "coiled spring", constantly acting and reacting to what they perceive that others may say or do to them. At times this tendency can be very dangerous. Often fits of rage or anger override the common sense in our neocortex (one's better judgment) with disastrous results. The reactionary function of the reptilian brain often leads to fist-fights, gang wars, robbery, and rape. Arguments break out on school buses, playgrounds, sports games, in bars, at work, etc. Black girls are now fighting as much as the boys and posting video's of the fights on the internet! Then there is the terrible incidence of firearm misuse. There are times when the trigger is pulled without thinking about what's going to happen to the one being shot, or what's going to happen to the one that's pulling the trigger until it's too late and one finds himself on "Death Row". We've all seen the six o'clock news stories showing several young "hoodlums" that while robbing a "Convenient Deli", shoot or kill the store owner or clerk and sometimes get *no* money! Alcohol and drugs increase the tendency of the Reptilian Brain to over react to nervous stimuli. Violence and crime statistics from *all over* America continually confirm this seemingly inexplicable crime spree. One of the lesser negative effects that this part of the brain is capable of is its ability to cause all manner of *Deception* It may cause you to deceive, and it may also deceive you! You may be fond of schemes, quick money angles, the ill-advised desire to "start at the top"; It falsely leads many people to astrology, horoscopes, numbers, dream books, gambling, and superstition. It makes one think that one see's lights going on and off, one thinks he/she see's shadows or see's ghosts in a room. Sometimes one has an unworldly feeling of being "jinxed" or that "something's going to "get" or "happen" to them. Listen, In order for one person to be "jinxed", ordinary time would have to stop for at least one second in order to initiate the "Jinx factor" for one person. Now the Sun's output is 3.8 x 10 to the33 egs/second, or 5 x 10 to the 23 horsepower. How much is that? It is enough energy to *melt* a bridge of ice 2 miles wide, 1 mile thick, and extending the entire way from the Earth to the Sun, In that *one* second! There are 6.8 billion people on this earth! Think of the consequences if "jinxes" were possible! There would be no earth and no coordinated universe! Is any one person or group of people worth the existence of the entire universe? This is where many "minorities" get the nickname *spook* from because they are so easily frightened by thoughts of the "supernatural" and occult occurrences like "voodoo", and magic. Seeing is believing right? Wrong! Most of these things never happened, or are simple "hallucinations" and were never actually seen! One just "thinks" that they saw and even heard them. This is not sound thinking and is easily disproved by kicking it "upstairs" to one's neocortex. In other words genuinely "think" about it and then you may realize that these kinds' thoughts are false and make no sense. Taking these feelings too far can lead to nervous breakdowns, failed relationships, incarceration, and job loss. It's the*Brain Stem* in its "dream-mode" overriding our common sense mechanisms again. It's that simple.

*A Big Lie?"

It would seem that by now, after the passing of so much time that there would be some major change in the IQ and scholastic achievement levels of the average African American and non-White Latino population's right? Wrong, while there is indeed some progress in this area it is "minimal" in comparison to more recent immigrants like some of our Asian friends, some of whom arrived here as little as six months ago and might still have problems with the English language, but however, do much better on math and science tests than do our African American children and adults whose parents, grandparents, and great grandparents have been here for hundreds of years. The scholastic record still shows that the children of Blacks and non-White Latino's continue to have lower scores on exams in the areas of math, science and IQ.

As previously mentioned, there are many exceptions to this hypothesis. There have been countless examples of people of African and Hispanic descent who have shown above average IQ *and* scholastic achievement. Let me say here that one's formal education and degree level are not measures of IQ, but are "indicators" of IQ. IQ is a scientific attempt to "measure" the brain power and potential that one is born with *before* and in spite of environmental pattern influence. Albert Einstein had only a third grade formal education but many of todays highly educated and respected scholars are still using his work to instruct others in upper level university education. As I've mentioned before, it has been estimated that up to 80% of one's intelligence level is inherited from one's parents. If that is the case, then technically all the *Ruling Class* (Whites) have to do to stay in charge is to "isolate", or keep minority communities "bottled up", living, and mating within their specific racial groups. The "ruling Class" must be very skillful and thoughtful about how to accomplish this without being discovered. First, they have to "appear" to be doing something "wonderful" for these communities, but the results must be able to at least help to contain and inhibit the spread of the *Dreaded* African/non-White Latino sperm cells into the White population. How is this almost invisibly and innocently accomplished?

- Henri W. Tartt

Continued to Part 3...

Henri W. Tartt

Supervising Chemist &

Chief of Microbiology

City of Cleveland, Ohio (Retired)


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