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"Are *All Men* Created Equal?" (Part 3)

*Black History Month* (Feb. 1-29)

*National Hispanic Heritage Month* (Sept. 15-Oct. 15)

There are over *150* ethnic groups in America, but only two of these get a whole month to celebrate their ethnicity! The Irish get one day (St Patricks Day) on which "everyone" is said to be "Irish". Conversely, during February, (Black History Month) no one but "Blacks" claim to be Black! And the "Oktoberfest" when people of German descent lift a "cold beer" on a single weekend to celebrate their heritage. Why? Here we have "jubilant" month long celebrations of excellence and great achievement in these two minority communities and the people are told how wonderful, smart and beautiful they are. For 30 days they are bombarded with achievement awards, and Models wearing stunning designer fashions. They are continually told to be proud, and *love* themselves and each other (alone). They are admonished to remain self contained enough to insure that all of their ethnic heritage is preserved and to celebrate and maintain their individuality.....and to *keep it that way!*. All this under the guise of love and unity. And better still, this charitable activity and donation of newspaper and television time can *not* be proven to be anything but good neighbor respect and admiration! Many Black leaders have called for a "cessation" of this activity each year, but thus far, to no avail.

Dear readers, if you want to know who actually and individually "Rules This World" all you have to do is figure out who the smartest, most accomplished and powerful people on earth are. (and that's an easy answer). Without being forced, these people are never going to give up or share the top position with any other group out of the "goodness" of their hearts. Most likely no one would. In order to maintain their position in the world, they must first maintain it at home. Mental superiority through scientific achievement is the only way of ensuring this position. It is my opinion that to them, Black and Brown People pose the most significant threat to this equation. But especially the Black Man! The Black Man's sperm can change the race of White America more dramatically and quickly than any other man on earth. (remember, I'm not talking about Blacks of mixed-race). And he can bring about this change in nine months! Theoretically, one young Black Man can impregnate more than 730 white women each year! And since there are laws against racial segregation and discrimination in this country now, those in charge of limiting this phenomenon have figured out a way of getting these two communities to "police" themselves! No guns, no jails, no white sheets, no intimidation, the people within the community will be their own wardens! They will just"love" each other. And more of them will will leave white men and women alone. To an unknown but significant extent it seems to work. For some reason not much is said or done about White Men who impregnate Black Women. Even to this day this is viewed as "integration!", and the Black Community "generally" accepts the children from these unions. (often joyfully).

*The Myth of Whiteness and Blackness*

For the *last* time, there is *no white race!* White, as it pertains to humans is scientifically not a color but an appearance. Therefore one cannot be "half or part White". One is either White, or one is not! One cannot prove that he/she is White in any court in the land (this has already been unsuccessfully tried) if one does not appear to be White. If one appears to be White to the average White Man on the street (a court ruled) then and only then is he White. White is *pure* there are no White or Pure people. As most of my readers know (by now) I am a Chemist and a Microbiologist. Let me explain where they are in error as it pertains to picking such a "lofty" term to describe themselves: They are operating here on a scientific premise that we use in chemistry to determine the chemical values and concentration of unknown substances. In order to set our measuring equipment that we use at a starting point of absolute "0" (not the temperature) we must have an absolutely "pure blank". There can be no color in this blank! (even if it cannot be seen by the naked eye, sophisticated equipment can still detect color) If there is any color in this blank, no matter how small, invisible, or miniscule, the test is ruined, useless, and must be discarded. And so, they have now adopted the title of "Pure White" and subsequently any person no matter how light in complexion, because of the "slightest" degree of black blood is deemed to be *totally Black* or as the term indicates "impure!". Listen closely my dear, there is no such thing on this earth as a Black or White human being! Because of our vitamin "D" requirements , one's skin color is determined by the climate and angle of the sun's rays that the individual is indigenously exposed to. It takes thousands of years to create a "gene pool" where everyone looks alike. If the climate is hot, dry, and equatorial the skin over time becomes very dark, the nose broadens because the warmer the air the less the oxygen content. The hair becomes wiry and coarse because this allows more body heat to escape and keep the body and it's organs cool. Conversely if one is born in cold climates where there is very little direct sunlight, a very pale skin is developed over time, small mouths and nostrils form because cold air will burn the lungs, and a straight covering of hair protects the exposed parts of the body (especially the head) if one's skin was really white they would be "poisoned" and filled with canerous skin tumors in our planets atmosphere due to an over exposure to vitamin "D". If the skin was totally black, no vitamin "D" would be absorbed and the individual or species would suffocate and die. Also, important to note is that any animal with light skin must either grow a fur covering to protect their skin (Apes and other animals) or they would also die. The more "challenging" the food source, the larger the brain. That's it! The sun did it! Racial superiority/inferiorityhas nothing to do with how we look or how smart we are. It is the evil thoughts and actions of Man that have brought about these problems. Whites are actually "Cream Colored People" (all people have color) and Black People are brown, dark brown, dark brown-blueish. or they would not survive here. Whites should really just go ahead and outwardly substitute the word *Tainted* for the word Black because in essence that is what is meant. This word "Tainted" best describes how the word "Black" can cover and describe anyone, no matter the *degree* of the "Taint" as a "Totally Black Person". According to Webster's Dictionary the word "White" denotes" Purity, without spot or blemish, Innocence, and beauty. On the other hand the word "Black" denotes: Horror, bad luck, danger, malevolence, evil, and hopelessness! Why would an entire race of brown, dark brown, and light skinned non-White people *delight* in being referred to as Black? Because of "James Brown"? (the singer) Where is the outrage from leadership? Any English teacher will tell you that the meaning of the word "Black" does not change when one add's the noun "People" after it! When I've asked about this I've been told that the reference is now being "adjusted" to mean something other than what this implies! It's a political trick! and it's *not true* In my opinion, the term "White" is a declaration of purity by personal *Fiat* (say "be" and it is). And the term "Black" is an admission of contamination by mistake.

*The Big Cover up?*

For many, this work may be a bit unsettling and hard to read. For some, perhaps even harder to believe! And still others might even be a little angry. The truth is that there is no easy way to bring this problem to light without backup and support structure. Few may believe that supermarkets, record stores, department stores, beverage stores, clothing stores, bars, Church's etc. are all built within the Black and non-White Hispanic Communities. It is not necessary to leave these communities to purchase almost anything or to find a Place of Worship. Look at a map! You will see that these communities are completely *surrounded* by White suburbs and their police departments. This my friends is no accident. It is all designed to keep *certain* minorities at "arms length" and under control. While you may work with whites, most do not want Blacks to live with them. The six and elven O' clock news has them scared to death of racial minorities.

One might say, "I don't believe this! If all this was true, someone long before now would have told us! After all we now have our *First Black President!* right? Wrong! Throughout modern history we have had many Black People "Passing" as Whites in order to elevate themselves to positions not yet available to Black People. Including The Presidency of The United States! The following Presidents and one Vice President were acually "Black" according to our current system of Race by blood Typing:

*Black United States Presidents* (Before Obama)

  • Thomas Jefferson (3rd): 1743-1826
  • Andrew Jackson (7th): 1767-1845
  • Abraham Lincoln (16th): 1809-1865
  • Lincolns Vice President Hannibal Hamlin: 1809-1891
  • Warren G. Harding (29th): 1865-1923


"5" Negro Presidents" Dr. J.A. Rogers, "Ordeal of The Presidency" David C. Doyle, "Affairs of Dame Rumor" David Browder, Fact magazine Jan,-Feb 1964. "Tony Brown", aired on PBS television's "Tony Browns Journal" , Sponsored by Pepsi Cola. All affidavits on file and registered with the Library of Congress. (And many others too numerous to mention here). *They* have known this for decades, but I'll bet you were never informed of it were you? Well they also say that one day we'll have a Black Pope, right? Well did you know that we've already had Three!?

*Black Roman Catholic Popes*

  • Saint Victori 189-199
  • Saint Miltiades 311-314
  • Saint Gelasius 492-496


The National museum, Florence Italy

National Library Vienna Italy

Chirlandajo, Sistine Chapel, The Vatican

If *They* could somehow remove the image of President Obama's Black family history I believe they would try and "pass" him off as a man of some kind of "Middle Eastern" heritage. I am constantly told by many White friends that Obama is not a *real* Black Man, that In fact he has a White complexion, White mother, White grandparents, White Aunts, and Uncles. without which he never would have been elected President in this country. In fact many still say that we do not have a racially black President. A "Wesley Snipes" or "Don Cheadle" type Black Man could never have been elected. Genetically, over 55% of the "American White Race" (if one operates under the one drop rule) is black anyway. Well, we will see if President Obama can do anything to help the minority children of this country recieve the real educational help they so richly deserve. Let's give him a chance.


(What Needs To Happen Now?)

My dear readers, a *Serious Crime has been committed!* The last time I looked, "Kidnapping" (Slavery) is still a Federal Class A-1 Felony with no "Statute of Limitations" in this country! And all over America African American and non-White Latino adults and children are the only ones who continue to pay for this crime by still being discriminated against, ridiculed, and treated like second and third class citizens. At times it's as though they are the ones who committed the crime of coming to this country!  It is true, that we all have our problems, strengths, and weaknesses but they should not be exploited. So much importance is still assigned today (and in the past) to the subject of race that it's as though if one could choose the correct race, they would not have to die. I'm not asking for "reparations", just an extra effort to educate these Americans properly.

Here are a few things that we need to do in order to better/faster close the Math and Science gap between Black, Brown, and Whites/Asians.

Teaching methods and techniques must be developed that address these tendencies that people from other hemispheres may have in understanding "foreign structured" (to them) subject material. These techniques should be incorporated into the school systems starting in kindergarten. (or before) There are "brilliant" teachers out there that can develop these techniques. African Americans and non-White Latino's must be taught how to limit the use of the Reptilian System when studying the subjects of math and science. They must learn to apply new methods and train themselves to "kick it upstairs" to the neocortex which has evolved to better handle these kinds of problems. One must be trained to know when their Brain Stem is overriding their neocortex. When one cannot understand a problem or concept in this area and they immediately get *angry* this is a sign that the processing mechanism has stalled. Once anger gets involved then it leads to frustration and then the problem (in most cases) cannot be solved and the attempt is abandoned. This of course leads to a failing grade on the exam. Educational procedures must also incorporate anger and *anxiety* management. Anger and anxiety are the "primary culprits" that block success in math and science comprehension. Once these new teaching techniques are developed and put into action, I believe that most of these problems will "disappear" and the overall lower IQ scores will tighten swiftly and significantly. Unfortunately, there is no "Politically Correct" way of identifying this problem without hurt feelings. Until now, this problem has (for the most part) been ignored, leading to failed grades on exams, lifelong problems , disabilities, and crime in the streets where innocent people lose their lives every day for *Little or No* apparent reason! By "tenderly" educating and informing children (and adults) about the existence of this "tendency" they may be better equipped to handle this "Fly off the handle" tendency in challenging situations than if they were allowed to stay ignorant of the problem. The Reptilian Brain is no "diminutive", insignificant organ. It is a very impressive part of the total brain system and as such it deserves much respect. Because of it and it's "razor sharp" reaction prowess African American athletes are the fastest runners, the most excellent basketball, football, and golf players in the world! The subjects of math and science however, are the determining skills in the propagation and protection of peace, safety, and our way of life. And they must be mastered by all of the races in this country, and at congruent time rates.

The evolutionary goal in life is to utilize every positive aspect of Man in developing the best representations of all human beings in order to insure the best results for the best possible world. To that end nature has made us all interchangeable and in my opinion, this function should not be discouraged. Still, since we are so "hung up" on race in this country I propose a race typing DNA test for all children born in this country starting in the year 2015. In purchasing these tests by the millions the price would go down to about $5.00 a child. Then we would all really know who's black and who's White! I'll bet a lot of people would be very, very surprised. But that might bring about a modicum of peace and brotherhood among the races, and we know that's not going to happen because we know what happens when people get together, and that would defeat the purpose of all the "subtle" barriers. A couple of Law Enforcement friends of mine once told me "We don't come to bring peace, but to maintain a manageable level of "chaos!" Well, at that they seem to be doing a good job. Are All Men Created Equal? First of all that's a "creationist" question, and they will probably say "yes". The evolutionist would probably say "no". I say that when the sperm and egg first come together the answer is "yes", after that when all the genetic factors kick in all bets are off. However, all should have an *equal opportunity* to be their very best.

Now as far as *Preserving and Maintaining* our ethnic traditions: I see *The Man* relaxing at his plush Country Club, sipping from an ice-cold Martini with a "twist". Being soothed and entertained by strains of Bach and Chopin while watching ethnics on T.V. maintaining their ethnic traditions by leaping, dancing, and the like, dressed in multi-colored skirts and and other flamboyant finery ....Now don't get me wrong, tradition celebration is great for those that like that sort of activity, but for me I say no thanks. I'd choose the Country Club too, but with a chilled glass of "Grey Goose and Cranberry", some "Miles Davis, George Benson, and maybe even a little Norman Brown"...."Now that's more like it". As I said, this is science, not racism.

In a large American city an old familiar story that has occurred over and over from the "plantation to the present" was again playing itself out: In the end, after all the years had passed, a White Man looked down at the coffin of a certain Black Man and said to himself: "You know, I never really hated you, I think I liked and admired you.....No....I actually loved you!" At that moment the wife of the Black Man in the coffin came into the Funeral Parlor and said to the White Man: "You know, he never really hated you, he liked and admired you....No.... he actually loved you!" The White Man bowed his head and cried....because now it was too late....or is it?

Continued to Comments...

All The Best,

- Henri W. Tartt

Henri W. Tartt

Supervising Chemist &

Chief of Microbiology

City of Cleveland, Ohio (Retired)


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