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Greetings to you, it is good to be with you once again. Our subject today is one about which much is written. Let me say at this point that this is a brief scientific article written in such a way that it will hopefully shed some academic as well as realistic light on this highly controversial subject group. We will try and answer some of the age-old male and female questions like: What is the normal genital size of average male and female adults? Do some racial groups tend to exhibit larger genital development and experience greater sexual activity? 'How does the human population compare to the other primates? How likely is it that my wife, husband, or lover will commit adultery or cheat on me? And, What are the chances and percentages of me winding up divorced? These and other relevant questions all have scientific components in the answers that we will attempt to delve in to and identify so be patient. There is no subject known to man more talked, joked, or thought about than the human reproductive system, especially genital organ size (male and female). The truth is that where men are concerned, they are basically pretty much the same when it comes to size. (World-wide). Of course there are exceptions and mild differences. These exceptions and differences are caused by avariety of reasons. The first male variation being caused by what is called for by evolutionary biology and hormonal chemistry. The second cause being preferences driven by sociological trends and standards required for successful female impregnation. These two variations are both caused by the female population. In order to causethis the female population must be indigenous to the surrounding environment. To qualify for inclusion, the female population must have had a stable presence in the environment for enough time to create a representative community (gene pool) of indigenous males of mating age. This process is universal and is repeated all over the world. God, Evolution, or Mother Nature (take your pick) did not discriminate when designing this process. It makes things work, as we shall see. Historically, there has been much said and written about the sexual prowess of various men of the past such as 'Casanova and Don Juan'. Young boy's growing up in every country listen to their peers as well as their elders substantially 'embellishing and bragging' about their many sexual encounters and over-stated abilities. (A great deal of which are total fabrications). Still these 'embellishments' point to a 'neuroses' that seems to be ingrained into every male culture. Some Psychiatrists tell us that this 'neuroses' finds it's root in insecurities that stem from doubts associated with a fear of 'sexual inadequacy' whether real or imagined. Many men have them, even when there is no outward appearing reason. In fact, our human species ranks #1 in penis size among all primates: (See below). As an aside, FYI: It is biologically impossible to mate, impregnate, or otherwise cross any of the lower primate species with the human species.

Primate Comparative Anatomy

Primate Comparison
Man (All Races)4.5- 7.5
Chimpanzee 4

Please keep in mind that an average is just a compilation of the extremes and there are many that may be larger, as well as smaller. In the category where the Chimpanzee is indicated, it is important to note that they have the longest penis of all primates other than Man. But the testicles of the Chimp particularly the Bonobo are also approximately twice the size of those of a human. The Gorilla who is much larger (on average) and physically stronger than all the primates has testicles only about half the size of a human and also a much shorter penis. Many scientists (myself included) believe that the cause of the larger penis and testicles of the male Chimpanzee in the lower primates is the direct result of the female chimp being the most promiscuous of the Great Apes. She will often parade around in front of the whole group with her genitals sexually inflamed and then scream at the top of her lungs and continuously 'stamp' her feet until a male from the group mounts her! This is not unlike the human female prostitute who ventures out dressed 'provocatively and theatrically' with flashy wigs and makeup , short mini-skirts (without underwear) and then 'prances' around the street corners until some 'stimulated' male takes her bait. There is greater variation and difference in size in the human female sexual organs than those of the male. This is primarily due either to childbirth or frequent sexual activity with multiple partners. There is also far less insecurity and concern about female sexual performance issues because this aspect is not easily detected. For these (and other) almost unknowable reasons I will not waste time and space discussing such arbitrarily caused size difference dimensions. Let me say at this point that the differences in reproductive organ size among men appear to be tied to the historical promiscuousness of the indigenous female population. Where she is more sexually active and has multiple partners, the male needs a larger organ to have a chance to impregnate the more sexually active female. One would have to be able to penetrate the vagina deeper than the previous male in order to facilitate fertilization. The male organ also has a coronal ridge behind the head of the penis which acts as a 'suction device' that will remove sperm that has already been deposited in the vagina. It seems that 'Mother Nature' thinks of everything. In other words, everyone deserves at least a chance to procreate. Males not genetically related to this indigenous population may not be physically 'suited' for some groups. This can be naturally, or because he comes from a less promiscuous society or community. By being integrated or relocated into this group, these estranged males may have problems delivering their sperm in this foreign gene pool. Psychologists tell us that this is the basis for male penis envy and insecurity. No male wants to unknowingly raise another man's child. Unfortunately, this happens far more often than we'd like to admit. Most of us have seen (at least briefly) those popular television programs featuring females who 'swear' that a certain male is the father of their offspring, only to find out through DNA testing that even she has no idea who the 'real father' actually is! And so the fears and insecurities that men sometimes have are at times justified. Let me make myself clear on this point: My research indicates that 'Large Penis's in an indigenous male population tend to develop in promiscuous female societies *No Matter The Race*. For example: Where ladies often congregate, and sit around discussing the size of the male sex organ, may be one direct indication of a promiscuous community. Now I'm not 'picking on' or 'singling out' the ladies here. The average individual male (all races) has four times the sex drive than does the average female. And he is therefore potentially far more sexually promiscuous than she is. However, his promiscuity has nothing to do with the point that I'm making.

Forget those 'ancient myths' that African's or African Americans all have larger sexual organs than other races. For every study that claims this as fact, there are similar studies that claim the same status for the Caucasians. Most men as far as size, fall into the above Comparative Anatomy category. This encompasses the African, African American, Caucasian, and Indian/Asian male populations. Today, there is so much world-wide mixing of the races that any male of any race, (if the race can be scientifically identified and somehow separated from the rest of us) or complexion may exhibit 'Mr. Potato-Head like body characteristics with sexual organ dimensions, intelligence, eye color, etc. that have been inherited from a myriad of human sources. There are no longer any (if there ever was) absolute single statistics that fit all members of any individual race or group. According to my research: Approximately 80% of Men inherit their penis size from their mother, or the mother's side of the family. And 70% of women inherit their breast, and buttock development from their father, or the father's side of the family'. Henri W. Tartt, Chemist. Often both parents have similar appearing hereditary traits and it is then rather difficult to judge by looking just who the major contributor is. In any case, from a compatibility standpoint, comfortable sexual relations can be easily achieved and experienced by all peoples of any race interchangeably, world-wide.

Where large societies are older, more complex, less tribal, and isolated, the females tend to be less promiscuous. Where the female is less promiscuous, the competition for the male is diminished, and the sexual apparatus of the male is slightly smaller than those in more competitive environments. These complex societies have had the time to create more stringent laws of morality and responsibility. They also have penalties for 'deviate behavior' that are not only enforced by jurisprudence but the public opinion of huge numbers of citizens. Whether this is real or 'rumored' some Asian societies have this reputation. It is true that the people of today are far more sophisticated than our ancestors were during man's earlier prehistoric existence; we are still not any less animal than they were 1,000 years ago! Thus the continued murders, rapes, wars, and mayhem. 'Chance' or 'casual' illicit sexual encounters are far more difficult to consummate on the Alaskan Tundra or on some frozen mountain in Sweden or Norway. The grassy, warm fields of Africa, Hawaii, and the Virgin Islands however, are quite another story. The sexual reputations of the people from these warm climates may be justified only by the 'ease of opportunity'. Chemistry teaches us the molecular and hormonal activity increases with rising temperatures. These natural phenomena and other casual opportunities are provided by the pleasant environment. This gives rise to many falsehoods and unrealistic stories about the promiscuity of tropical people. To an extent, these stories more than likely do contain a bit of truth. But the real truth is that globally, men and women everywhere (if so disposed) can, will, and do find ways to sexually express themselves to each other, both legally, and what has become known as illicit behavior.

In our enlightened modern societies, the divorce rate continues to skyrocket, and advancements in education and overall knowledge has not seemed to stem this tide. Why? Well, for one thing our endocrine system is not aware of our scientific advancements. Our genetic program still instructs us to make continual 'copies' of ourselves. (Especially the men). Religious instruction given to us by the Bible, Torah, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, and the sixty three other religious texts has not noticeably influenced our hormonal/genetic instruction to continually 'go for it'. Why? Because most of us are asking for an 'idea or moral ideology' to over-ride a multitude of physical, chemical real life reactions! This is not a very likely or reasonable expectation. Just ask a bunch of Presidents, Senators, Governors, and Mayors. But it can and does happen. Below are some useful statistics for your perusal:

Age at Marriage For Those Who Divorce In America

Under 2027.6%11.7%
20 to 2435.6%38.8%
25 to 2916.4%22.3%
30 to 348.5%11.6%
35 to 395.1%3.5%

We can easily see from this small sample, that the divorce rate (and everything else) declines with age. However, irrefutable statistics show us that marriage suffers divorce the most with every subsequent marriage after the first marriage (50%), second marriage (67%), and third marriages with 74% ending in divorce. These results are overall world- wide numbers. The results for America only are as follows: First marriage divorce rate is currently 41%, second marriage 60%, and in third marriages 73% end in divorce. Both sets of statistics are fairly close. This is an indication of our universality as a species. Also, according to many psychologists there is a three in ten (30%) chance that your wife or lover will cheat on you and a six in ten (60%) chance that your husband or lover will also cheat. All the religious books and counselors in the world cannot eliminate our hormonal systems. Our best defense against immorality is to never get involved with the problem in the first place. As many scriptures in the great Holy Books attempt to teach us: "Cast your eyes in another direction" Because once our eyes tell our brain that we are interested, the signal is passed on to your endocrine system and then the whole sequence of untoward events is initiated.... And most of us are no match for what happens next! We are not born monogamous by nature, God, or Evolution. Read on.

Our sexual hormones make it very difficult, and at times almost impossible to disobey them. Testosterone, Estrogen, and Progesterone (to name but a few) activate hormone receptors that turn on 'gene expression' in the reproductive cells. As previously mentioned, this activity starts in the brain, and is then 'mediated' by the pituitary gland and then subsequently transferred to the gonadotropic hormonal system and by then it is often too late. At this point, the brakes just don't work very well. Compound this with a genetic program that wants to produce unlimited copies of offspring then gives rise to our Existence Impact Desire. This desire is usually an overpowering, almost inescapable (even subconscious) desire to produce living, breathing, replicas of ourselves to live on and further impact this earth *Because of Our Existence On It!* This is a very powerful motivation. This article should not be considered a 'slight' or an attempt to 'ignore homosexuals or homosexuality. But without artificial insemination or adoption there can be no personal, physical blood related offspring. Personally, I believe that everyone has the right to love and equality. However, these rights and emotions have little effect on projected world populations. Granted they do have considerable political impact, but this is a science article, not a political one. In today's busy economy, many do not wish to be encumbered by the responsibility of parenthood simply because they are fertile. And so they have turned to the Pill for help. There are a multitude of problems with this decision, notwithstanding the convenience and dependability of the service it provides. The problem(s) as I see them start with the chemical adjustments made to the body (and mind) that the pill produces. It not only alters some of the ovarian and uterine function to stop ovulation, but it also causes many not yet fully understood chemical reactions. Some problems associated with the pill are nausea, fluid retention, headaches, dizziness, wild mood swings and other health risks. It alters the woman's body chemistry to the point that she no longer produces certain 'pheromones' that attract and instruct men during courtship. We often speak about the 'birds and the bee's', well though most may be unaware of it, men and women communicate through chemical signals as much as the 'birds and bee's do!' No one fully understands what happens to relationships when these signals are either lost or disrupted. Some Biochemists tell us that due to certain chemical reactions even a woman's preference for masculine men can change to a preference for 'effeminate men!' The entire courtship may be affected by misinterpreted signals and fail as a result. At times both partners even think that the other has gone off the 'deep end'. Today's men and women have enough trouble relating to one another without 'synthetic' chemical interference. If marriage is your ultimate goal keep this possibility in mind.

A few quick statements in favor of marriage before we finish. Married people live an average of fifteen years longer than singles. They have less cancer, fewer strokes, spend less time in hospitals, die less from surgery, and suffer fewer mental health issues. They have better jobs, they get more promotions, and they make more money! Nine out of ten married couples alive together at the age of forty eight live to the age of sixty five. Only six of ten men and eight in ten single women make it to sixty five. It seems that marriage is more beneficial and potent than vitamins and exercise when it comes to longevity. If you are currently married remember, if you divorce, your chances of successful re-marriage only diminishes with time. Try and make your relationships work. Lacking a harmful situation, statistics predict that your chances of doing that are far better than the results of your attempting to start over again. Here is where nature, evolution, and reality conflict with man's intellectualism. Man's primary genetic instruction tells him to procreate, but his intellectual instruction tells him to discriminate. Even though this discrimination may bring about the purity and perfection that his or her calculating mind desires, purity has always been the enemy of unity. And the desire for unity always leads to isolationism. Often if intellectualism is allowed to lead without input from the heart, ultimately he or she may find themselves alone. Perfect is the enemy of good. It seems that reproduction takes center stage in our biological world. Education, career fulfillment, and happiness are only window dressing. Nature, God, or Evolution has 'saddled' us with the strongest hormonal and genetic incentives to both mate and look for lasting relationships. Without such a strong inescapable biological directive, many people would probably be too lazy to mate, and our human species would soon decline and disappear. In many instances we have not dealt well and fairly with this natural directive. However, most of us simply do the best that we can with what we have been given. Insecurities and all. Let us continue on and go forth refreshed with the knowledge and hope that what we don't or cannot at this time know or identify will somehow give us guidance and assistance in our basic desire for happiness and quality, lasting relationships. Stay well,

"This above all: To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not be false to any man". - William Shakespeare

All The Best,

- Henri W. Tartt

Henri W. Tartt

Supervising Chemist &

Chief of Microbiology

City of Cleveland, Ohio (Retired)


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