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Clarification, The Catholic Church - Part 2

The following artifacts and "relics" can be presently found within the confines of:

St. John Lateran Basilica (Rome)

  1. One of the most venerated relics in the world are the (preserved) heads of St. Peter and St. Paul which are exposed for viewing on Tuesday of Holy week.
  2. Part of the purple vestment which was placed on the Saviors shoulders is in the praetorium.
  3. A piece of the sponge which was dipped in vinegar and gall is also on display.
  4. In the Chapel of the Chief Altar is the wooden table upon which St. Peter and his successors offered the Holy Sacrifice in the catacombs.
  5. The greatest treasure that the "Lateran Basilica" possesses is the *Table of the Last Supper*, which is preserved behind an iron grate and covered with large glass plates. It is made of cedar and measures 12 ft. in length and 6 ft. in width. It is about one inch thick. It was formerly entirely encased in silver but this was stolen during the "Pillage of Rome" by the Spanish and French in 1527 during the reign of Clement the seventh. It can be seen from the Church if the huge red curtains which usually conceal it are drawn. The table stands upright and is in two equal parts behind the thick plates of glass. It seems to be decaying at one end, and history and tradition relate that this is the place where Judas sat.

Many Protestant denominations of Christianity may not be familiar with these and some other historical facts that we will "ponder" here. I believe this is especially true in the African American Protestant Church.

Continued to Part 3...

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