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Jigaboo's Johnson

Greetings. When I was much younger I had a band called "Wayne and the Matadors", (my middle name is Wayne, and no I'm not Hispanic). One of the best bands around town was "Jibaboo Johnson and the Pirates". "Jigaboo" had given himself that name, and well...he was (according to most) "Big Black and Ugly". However, he had the finest, shapeliest women in town of all races crawling all over him. It is my opinion that in the game of physical attraction, Black People have never lost the battle. Nor will they ever.

Stereotypically, (mythologically?) and in popular American satire Blacks (male & female) are owners of the "biggest, longest, stiffest, most tumescent, roundest, softest, perkiest, tightest, bootyest and legendarily potent "Johnsons" in the world! Well, I don't know about that, but I do believe they have the best physics, the most beautiful smiles, and the best line of *bullshit* this world has ever heard!

We've all seen 300lb Black women in Supermarkets and Department Stores with five or six "very light skinned curly haired children" in tow, being followed by a good looking White man. And she is constantly "criticizing" him out loud for this and that while he meekly answers "yes dear, yes dear". And also the pretty White woman going "hand in hand" with a (seemingly homely) Black man while boarding a "Bus" headed for a movie!, (most White guy's would need a new "Mercedes" to date this woman) How does this happen? Can they "hypnotize" people? Do they know some kind of magic? No, it's not hypnosis and it's not magic... and well, they could just be... er, ah... in love? And we all know that "love is blind". But whatever it is, "they've got it".

Blacks will never cease to exist. They have "enveloped" countless lighter and whiter peoples, dissolving them in their blackness. German, Irish, Italian, Russian, Hispanic, Chinese, Japanese, Polynesian and every race in-between have all fallen for their "silver tongued" conversations. They have consumed countless other races of people thereby creating "new" races that have no scientific identity, so they too are designated as *Black*. And they are now coming for those that they have missed. My Irish/Indian grandmother has almost totally disappeared into its mix, and now much of my extended family could be cast in a performance of Alex Haley's historic book "Roots". When they see a "light, bright" person who might one day escape the group, they work overtime to insert their "dissolver" into or over them thus reaching, clutching, and bringing them back into the fold. City after city, town after town, suburb after suburb, and person after person has succumbed to their charms, and now due to the anti-discrimination laws in this country there is nowhere to hide, and now they're coming for you!, (muscle relaxation and deep breathing exercises may help). They have been and will continue to be uncannily successful in this effort as long as liberal people keep saying things like "Can't we just be Americans?"And "We're all the same right?" And before you know it they've got that "Johnson'" all up in there and you're speaking in tongues.


Light-Skinned/White People of the world *Beware* of "Jigaboo's Johnson!" Every bit of separation that you may have achieved on your way out of the darkness can slide back down the tube forever in just one weak moment. You'll then be subjected to defending your choices and wind up making black power and anti-discrimination signs for minority groups to post on the *outside* while all of you continue to *look in*. Try and fight it all you want, if history is any indicator you're going to lose. And they won't stop trying, ever! In the immortal words of that late-great singer, leader, teacher, and "guide?" James Brown, author of the *National Black Mantra*...."Say it Loud!, I'm Black and I'm Proud!"... Or you probably soon will be.

All The Best,

Henri W. Tartt

Supervising Chemist, and Chief of Microbiology, (Retired)

City of Cleveland, Ohio (USA)

Email: henri@henriwtartt.com

Website: *Tartt's Scientific Approach* www.henriwtartt.com

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