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"Is/Was God Unfair?"?

Greeting's to you. This I believe is one of the most controversial questions ever asked. “If God is perfect, and makes no mistakes, then how are all of the imperfections in man and nature explained? Can they be? He could have at least made us all equal in each other's eyes rather than just his. That may have eliminated racism and most wars. I know that most people will (on the surface) tell you that they view everyone and all races as equal and the same, but believe me, many are lying. What about looks or beauty? Let's face it some people are definitely not as attractive as others. Why? These and many other questions really need answers. Perhaps there are no answers, but I think that's a cop out. One answer that eliminates all of these questions would be: *There Is No God!* But good luck with that one on this planet. Some say we are not that long out of the trees, but superstition still runs amuck on this earth. A rather simple but good answer would be that He's just too busy doing “God Stuff” to get involved with our daily lives. And we don't really know what “God Stuff” consists of so we are no further along from this standpoint either.

However, when we look at the universe, and let our physics and chemistry professors calculate how immense it is, then we can better understand what God might be faced with in keeping track of and controlling it all. If in fact He does or can control it all. Speaking of physicists and other professional scientists, they report that a respectable 60-70% of them believe in a power greater than themselves (depending on their discipline). According to Elaine Ecklund, a Sociologist at Rice University says in the June issue of the journal “Sociology of Religion” that fully 20% of even atheist scientist's claim to be spiritual. She interviewed 275 scientists and one in five responded in the affirmative. Do religious scientists know more than non-religious ones? Well yes, about religion that is, but not necessarily about science.

Before I get into trouble for determining or writing that God is a male, the truth is that I'm not really sure what *God* is! I know that in Christianity Jesus is purported to be both God and man, but exactly what “God the Father” materially consists of besides power isn't clear and the same in all denominations. In the Catechism of the Catholic Church #239 it states that “God is neither man nor woman, He is God”. This concept is similar to the Catholic Doctrine of changing the Bread and Wine in Holy Communion to the actual Flesh and Blood of Christ. This is called Transubstantiation, and only a Catholic Priest can accomplish this act. Consubstantiation on the other hand is a Lutheran (Protestant) concept that the Blood and Wine do not actually change, but symbolically they do. It's difficult enough trying to figure out the earthly spiritual material of the Son, without describing what generally cannot be described about the Father. Rather than assume that we all agree, (or know) I'll leave the material description at that. Most major religions should be able to incorporate themselves into this general religious understanding of God, ritual, and reverence. I'm sure that Buddhism, Hinduism and most others can accomplish this rather easily. Please read on.

As far as language terminology is concerned, language (especially English) is not sufficient in many instances to convey in total what one means when speaking of descriptions. But in this instance of determining gender, St. Jerome, a catholic priest and “Doctor of the Church” (347-420) said that that “God is sufficient unto himself. He needs nothing nor will He accept anything. He is a*Giver* and not a receiver. He receives nothing unto himself”. Therefore, *He* cannot be adequately described within the female range of meanings in English, Hebrew, or Latin. In keeping with this understanding, I use the male terminology for God. This is simple, direct and clear. This brief discussion will attempt to encompass all people of all religions including the many degrees of Atheism. One thing to keep in mind is this: The greater the influence of God on any society, the lesser the influence of government over that society. (And vice-versa). Some societies attempt to run their governments exclusively as if the God of their specific religion is in charge of all daily affairs and activities. Some Middle Eastern countries write many of their religious views and ideology into their constitutions. This practice is not uncommon, as much of America's jurisprudence system can also find some of its roots based on God and various biblical scriptures and practices.

So what are we looking to do, or trying to accomplish with our lives as we travel through a very hostile universe on this little planet ducking other planets, asteroids, and meteors while traveling at speeds over 66,000 mph? Well, for one thing, we still look for our “number one” human (mate). But realistically, few of us can actually obtain, maintain, and keep someone who fits our stringent adolescent image of how our #1 choice would actually appear. And so we soon learn that there is no singular #1 on this planet and most of us must in a way ‘settle' for someone we can get and keep (without force). Our selection must then ‘grow' into that #1 position or unfortunately divorce or separation usually follows. Perhaps it is a job or career that best drives and utilizes our talents. This is honorable, but success in this area alone is usually only “part” of our effort to balance our general life equation. One of the most important aspects of life after ‘mate and marriage' is to decide to include or eliminate God from or bring Him into our lives. Until this decision is made there generally will be no comfortable road on which to travel, and people will never leave you to your silence. Usually you must choose, and then make your choice known. People may disagree, but after a while, at least they'll stop ringing your doorbell.

Our universe is almost unimaginable for those who know the most about it. For those who know very little, it is easily understood and described as something “big” that only God can handle, case closed. This simple statement just may be one of the best explanations of an unexplainable phenomenon. Assuming again that there is such a singular, intelligent, powerful, creative force called *God*. But as a scientist I realize that I must assume something to be true and attempt to formulate it if I want to be able to arrive at some sort of conclusion down the road. So here goes:

*The Grand Assumption*

“There Is a God!”


  1. God does exist (whether in one form or millions)
  2. God is everywhere at once
  3. God is all powerful
  4. God can do anything
  5. God never makes a mistake
  6. God sees everything we do
  7. God judges all our actions and thoughts. When we die, God can allow us to go to Heaven, Hell, or to return in different forms (This is not to be confused with reincarnation or resurrection)
  8. God is eternal
  9. God is love, but can apply discipline or assistance whenever He so desires
  10. God requires prayer, praise, and worship

As much as this assumption may look like a ‘fairy tale' to some, this is basically what over 90% of the 7 billion people on this planet who are alive today believe! From Prehistoric “Adipithecus” (4.4 million years ago) to the current Pope, there still is no clear empirical evidence and no conclusive, compelling proof that the premise of primitive, current, or Witch Doctor religious dogma that a supreme force or deity presides over us is true, false or “other”. The use of Quantum Physics, Quantum Theory, Quantum (Wave) Mechanics, Chemistry, Biological and Psychiatric sciences have left us “scratching our heads” in total confusion over how life and *consciousness* are created from mere chemicals. Or trying to identify the origin of the universe and where the “Higgs Boson” (The God Particle that gives everything mass) continues to hide, or if it even exists. All efforts from the 17 mile long, 4.4 billion dollar (U.S. currency) Hadron Particle accelerator which is part of one of the most expensive scientific projects in history (located at Cern in Geneva Switzerland) has not (so far) found this elusive particle. Our best educators and scientists are in complete “awe” over the dimensions and complexity of this seemingly ‘unsolvable' problem. Simply put, it is believed by many particle physicists that finding this particle will finally give us the “clue” that we are looking for in determining how everything came to be whatever it is. It is further believed that this knowledge will contribute to disease elimination and increased longevity projections. This would be a great scientific accomplishment and a sure Nobel Prize for those who find it.

During man's “trek” through time, he has wondered and (so far) tried unsuccessfully to “unmask” the secrets of life and the universe. We have earned immensely difficult to get Doctoral Degrees in everything from Anthropology to Zoology and still we have come up short in this quest. It seems that the best and brightest of us have “crawled” up to the top of that steep mountain countless times and looked over the edge, only to see Newton, Galileo, Einstein, and hundreds of other geniuses before us still sitting there in silence for centuries ”peering” over the precipice completely stumped and baffled. Forever trying to explain to the world, how we and the universe came into existence. While a little wine-head sitting on a curb in New York City thinks he already knows. Just ask him and he'll probably tell you that *God* did it. But that's too simple. Besides, only Preachers can earn a living with that answer, and there is too much money involved to give up this “Golden Goose” that easily. Now I'm not trying to ‘bite the hand that feeds me' because I still do research in the fields and areas that I write about. I'm just keeping my readers informed about current important scientific issues, advancements, and progress. Without the political or intellectual bias that may accompany some research efforts.

So what conclusions can we draw from this situation? “Was (Is) God Unfair?” Did He give us far more questions than we will ever have answers for? Like: “Why is he/she so handsome or more beautiful than I am? (No answer). Why is she white and I'm black? (No answer). Why is he born rich and I was born poor? (No answer). Why did she win the lottery for 500 million dollars and I can never win a dime?” (No answer).The true answer to most of these questions is still the proverbial “I don't know!” (And neither does anyone else). In fact, what we don't know vastly outnumbers that which we do. In many cases data that we thought we knew gets disproven or must be reformulated with correction factors more often than we'd like to admit. Was it really God that did all of this, or was it all simply part of a natural evolution? Unfortunately, I don't think we'll ever really know for sure. On this side of the Great Divide that is.

Finally, are we really required to know all this? After all, many billions of people have come and gone without being able to crack this nut and world is still turning. So what are we to understand about this life? Why can't we find mathematically detectible, provable reasons for our existence and consciousness without the God factor? What continually impedes our greatest efforts? What do we need to know that will make the most of our “common sense” while still challenging our intellectual prowess? Is there a path to understanding that we can both feel and see? Well I'll ask you perhaps a more pertinent, important question: If we still cannot find the answer to this seemingly eternal question, then “Why are we here?” Please write (if you think you know) if you have an idea or comment, and please give us your view. Many of you hold college and university positions, others are physicians, attorneys, and the “gamut” of the scientific and engineering fields. If you are not in the professional arena your input should still be quite interesting (all countries please). I'll comment on as many of your replies as possible (without your name and affiliation of course) in a future follow-up response to the feedback I receive about this article. Send mail to: henri@henriwtartt.com. In the meantime here is my contribution:

*Why Are We Here?*

Each of us have (or had) two parents. One or both may be gone now or perhaps they are still alive. They may have been great or small in the eyes of this world, but in our eyes they are/were everything. Chances are that many struggled in this world trying to make sure that you had a better chance at success sooner than they did. Perhaps they didn't do the best job, but in most cases they tried. The love they have/had for you this world cannot reproduce in any way other than parenthood. And so, here you are today, grown and standing (or perhaps sitting) “true and tall” quite accomplished in both your field and in the eyes of men. If you believe in a Supreme Being, or even in Evolution, then contemplate this:

*God* put you here between these two people, your Mother and your Father on your birthday. *He* put you there so you can now represent them. Perhaps better than they were able to represent themselves. You were born there to be both a reward and a blessing to them, or to their memory. You are to be the very best of the essence of the life that they stand or stood for. This is your real job, this is your mission, and this is your mandate. “Is/Was God Unfair?” In my opinion, *No*, Love can never be unfair. So just think of and revere these two beautiful parents. And count your blessings. They just may be (somehow) thinking of you. Herein lies a *Deep Understanding*, and perhaps an *Eternal Reward*….What do you think? Stay well

“Therefore, not everything that is said of God, even though it be beyond the power of reason to investigate, is at once to be rejected as false.” ~ St. Thomas Aquinas

*Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools*

Romans 1:22

All the Best,

- Henri W. Tartt

Henri W. Tartt

Supervising Chemist &

Chief of Microbiology

City of Cleveland, Ohio (Retired)


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