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*Tartt's Quantum Theory of Life after Death*

Greetings, it is good to be with you again. Quantum definition: “The smallest possible discrete unit of any physical property, such as matter or energy” (more about this shortly). Almost invariably one has wanted to say these words to selected people: “Please excuse me Sir/Ma'am, but just what or who in the “You know what” do you think you are? Well I'm exceedingly gratified to inform you that in my eyes you don't even come close!” Or maybe even this one: “Pardon me Sir/Ma'am, but you obviously have me confused with someone who actually cares about your subject.” Obnoxious though some people can be, (and often it's the boss or even a loved one) if we're not careful it's also very easy for us to “come off” with that lack of decorum. This often happens when we allow ourselves to become overly “enamored” with ourselves and our more “credible” accomplishments. After all, now they do call many of us “Doctor, Counselor, Your Honor, Chief, Boss, and of course, Mom or Dad.”

But at times we may feel that our achievements and efforts deserve more respect and accolades than we have received. Some of us feel this way often and at times not without reason. Some of us are continually over-looked and denied due recognition. Competition for status, influence, love and sex has not changed much in the last million years. And we are all still given a relatively small allocation of longevity to accomplish our most valued desires. But once we achieve all or most of these goals, what happens to us and these many accomplishments after we die? Can we (somehow) take them with us? Well, maybe. According to my calculations we are all quite a bit more than we may think we are. Some of the concepts that I will be using in this article would take volumes to fully explain. So please read this article for its content and intention rather than a science paper written for a physics class.

Briefly before we begin let me say that this subject has been discussed for thousands of years by people with no education and those with the highest obtainable schooling in the world. In my view, the highest education does not always carry all the weight in evaluating ethereal experiences and descriptions. Judgment, discernment and of course a very basic understanding of the *Laws of Physics* and a little common sense will be invaluable tools in evaluating some of the phenomena we will be discussing.

This subject is a difficult one. There is so much confusion concerning differing opinions about what is “real” and what is not. What is physical and what is “metaphysical.” Dreams and visions are usually viewed in the conscious secular world of today as misguided “nightmares.”, (and such.) But about 95% of us (worldwide) believe in a religion that is based, at least in part on this type of background in some of its scripture. Many “profound” statements and values that we adhere to daily are the result of such non-provable origin. Today much of this “dream/vision” process is woven into the fabric of our religious lives. So much so, that it is often quoted and taken for granted as true. And perhaps it is.

After we spend so many years of our lives in school being educated in our chosen fields, we know quite a bit about lots of important things. Yet there is much knowledge at the quantum level that many of us do not yet know about or even if we do, we may not believe some of it. The most common questions usually concern the quantum mechanisms of “soul possession, invisible thought projection, and some kind of consciousness possibility after death.” There are no such things you say? How do you know? Here is one dramatic example of our rather arrogant and sometimes embarrassing record of condescension and misinterpretation.

*The African Dogon People*

The African Dogon people (Southern Mali, West Africa) tell us that their God “Nommos” came from a specific star in the Sirius Constellation. This is the same place that ancient Egyptians believed that their God “Osiris” was born. Modern astronomers refer to this star as “Sirius B.” The African Dogon people call it “Potoroo.” But what baffles scientists is that this star is so far from earth that it is impossible to see with the naked eye. The Dogon people not only knew of this star, but also of “Sirius A, and the planet “Xylanthia” which orbits them in the constellation. How is this possible? Well, it's not……but it is!

The Dogon people made models of this configuration that are hundreds of years old. But the planets in this constellation are only visible with powerful modern telescopic devices that were not invented until the 1970's! They cannot be seen without this modern equipment. And yet, “there they are, exactly as depicted by the Dogon's! How did these people “jump” centuries ahead of modern science? They say “Nommo” told them. Others claim to have seen the configuration in “dreams and visions.” Does some “power or ability” exist in the brains of humans that we are not aware of? Perhaps an Alien God told them? What other mental abilities does man have that may even pre-date his current existence in the here and now? In the case of the African Dogon people, because we can't explain their conclusions scientifically, does that make their religion primitive, wrong or impossible? Evidently it does not.

Lots of people confound scientists on a daily basis with abilities way beyond what we would call “normal” and yet there are increasingly more people who become depressed and express wishes to end their lives and invite death by attempting to or actually committing suicide. In my opinion, no one really wants to commit suicide because the human body doesn't want to die. If an insane mind attempts to “kill” the body, the body certainly doesn't like this choice! If during temporary insanity one jumps of a cliff, or out of a window, suddenly they usually try desperately during the fall to “sprout wings” and fly back up to safety, if unable to do that they often “scream, flounder or flap their arms all the way down”. Or when one “shoots” him/herself and briefly lives, they attempt to call 911 to rescue them from their momentary lapse in judgment. The body wants another chance, (even if they don't).

Unfortunately, in the small segment of life left, the reality of what the brain has actually done to the body becomes clear, and in many cases (often too late) the insanity “cures itself”. Their brief return to sanity greets them with the terror of their fatal decision. People who unsuccessfully try to kill themselves and live usually don't ever try it again. It's as though the “soul” of the individual didn't really want to go out like that. Perhaps the soul of a person wants to “get it right?” Why? Whether or not to commit suicide is the only time that man has complete control over his/her life or death. Demented or not, once medically deceased, do people ever get to “try again?” What do you think? This leads us to ask this question once again:

*Is There Life after Death?*(In any form?) “Perhaps” (please read on)

It is believed by some scientists that human thoughts can merge into a “collective consciousness” that spans the entire earth. We know that magnetic forces encompass the earth and world-wide flux lines pass right through us all the time. But can we somehow “harness” any of this energy and use it to communicate wirelessly with others? Yes, we do it all the time, (Even though we may not be aware of it).

Some call this a “global mind” or “Morphic Field”. Do you ever notice that when you visit a Wal-Mart or Walgreens that suddenly those new items that you just really started to like are now “sold out?” Perhaps they were never even popular before, but when you started to like them…suddenly so did many others? This is evidence of the “Global Mind.” We have by simply “thinking” about the product, and liking it communicated this to countless others, without a conversation or a cell phone.

How about taking a quiet walk in the park? You drive up, there is absolutely no one around, but as soon as you get out of the car to take your quiet walk, an entire entourage of people, dogs, children and freight trains “miraculously” appear to “accompany” you throughout your walk, and attempt to listen to your cell phone or other private conversations! Your desire to “go for a walk” earlier in the day was also communicated to others. I believe that these and many other kinds of things occur because our brains are all somehow wirelessly connected in some way by an invisible universal wavelength. Birds, fish and all sorts of other animals use this “Morphic Field” to navigate on land in the air and under the oceans. Most have never been where they are going, but yet “somehow” they know exactly where they are going. And people are at times “programmed” to walk in the park, (at the same time as you.)

We are all “immersed” in this magnetic field. It is thought by some experts that human thoughts are not non-physical, and in the quantum range these world-wide “Flux Lines” and thoughts are transmittable through space and perhaps even time. In my view, the “Thought Substance” of every human brain cannot be separated from the “Amalgamated Quantum Network” of over 7 billion living and well over 106 billion previously living human inhabitants of this planet, (more on this soon.) The laws of Physics tell us that “Quantum Information” cannot be destroyed. “Quantum Theory” also claims that every point in space (even empty space) can contain this and other quantum information. One important question is this: Is this quantum information that has existed ad infinitum put there by the *Souls* of the deceased? Is this information in fact “The Soul” of the deceased? If so, in this realm are they actually dead? Ultimately does this information (which in essence is them) still have a form of consciousness? All of the information that I have suggests that the Soul does not die, but while it retains the gift of consciousness, it may not be aware of its history.

“String Theory” attempts to describe to us a total of ten to eleven dimensions. If they actually do exist is there life or past lives in any of these other dimensions? What about people who are “regressed” by hypnosis and other medical methods where seemingly “sane” people tell us of past lives that they've had at other times in other countries? Many of the people remembered in these regressions have been long deceased and are at times members of other racial groups than the patient currently belongs to. And when these long deceased unknown people are looked up we find that they really did exist and had lives and experiences determined to be exactly as explained by the patient. These explanations come much later in time sometimes by even hundreds of years. They could not possibly have known the person! How is this possible?

And perhaps even more unsettling is the uneducated person that “bumps” his head and turns into a linguistic or mathematical “genius or savant” who can “all of a sudden” speak fluent Chinese or Russian or balance and interpret difficult nuclear physics equations after failing basic math and French in high school? The brain of a very young child can learn language and math skills far quicker than older people because of the plasticity of the brain. However, adults cannot. Every neuron, synapse and hemispherical brain connections working overtime could not accomplish this feat in so little time. So unless they actually somehow lived before as someone else of a *different nationality*, in a different time, what is the explanation for anyone suddenly having these abilities? Was this information within them from birth? Perhaps you can (and do) take certain things with you? In some cases it certainly appears that way.

Do you remember the old axiom “No matter what happens there is always someone who knew it would?” Actually there is much that can be said scientifically about this. People have the ability to know that lots of things are going to happen…before they happen! There have been many experiments that show this capability. One interesting study was this: Scientific electrical brain wave measuring instrumentation was distributed around the world in various locations. It seems that whenever something “Big” was about to happen the brain wave detection instrumentation would record a rise in wave activity around the world. Approximately one or two weeks prior to a huge major event the wave graphs started to “rise” all over the world and the graph finally “peaked” on 9/11 when the first suicidal airplane hit the “Twin Towers” in New York! But the wave started to rise more than a week before! Indicating that even though this horrible event was only in the “planning stage” people all over the world already “knew” something Big was about to happen! They didn't know what, but they knew. This type of mental telepathy and transmittance is common and happens every day.


Collective “Prayer” also demonstrates that thoughts contain measureable pure energy. There is a theoretical wave measurement that can be exhibited called “Quantum Entanglement” in which individuals as well as large groups of people seem to be able to communicate thoughts or ideas to others. This may be an indication that it is possible to communicate “telepathically” with someone or perhaps even some Unknown Force in the “Great Beyond.” Most of us have experienced times when we thought that we could actually “feel” someone's eyes on the back of our heads only to turn around and see someone “glaring” at us from across a room or auditorium. There indeed seems to be an inherent “Sixth-Sense” capability that we all possess. This and many other wireless mental communication abilities have been documented and discussed for centuries. But mainstream science (as in the case of the Dogon People) has so far refused to professionally name, identify and acknowledge its existence. But in all of the discussions about Life After Death, obviously the body is left behind and the *Soul* or Essence of the person travels on without visible form. If that's true, then where does it go?

*Heaven, Nirvana, Paradise…. or Hell?*

We have many descriptions of Heaven and Hell. It is written all over the world in various Holy Scriptures that Goodness is rewarded with the Soul going to Heaven, and Evil is punished by the Soul going to Hell. But how do we know? There are many unverifiable methods that people use to judge (the worthiness of) others, one of these procedures are the use of methods similar to the “Kirlian or Perturbation Photographic Techniques.” Now I know that some of these methods have been thoroughly scientifically investigated and found to be suspect. However, in keeping with respect for some things that we cannot always verify or totally disprove, I use it as an example and illustration only. Remember, we are treading on very unfamiliar ground here. When these types of pictures were taken over the fresh graves of deceased *good* people, the photographs have often shown an ethereal “bluish hue” hovering over the grave. However, when the same is done over the graves of people with recorded histories of horrible crimes, obviously *evil* people the color exhibited had a “reddish hue”. Is this difference in color an indication of the state of the Soul? It seems a reasonable assumption that the state of and destination of the “Red” or evil Soul may be different than that of the “Blue” or good Soul. Since my concept of the “State of The Soul” is not eschatological, (the end) it may be somewhat unique. So at the behest of some of my colleagues I call it:

*Tartt's Quantum Alpha State*

*God+Birth+Man+Death=Tartt's Quantum Alpha State*

Where: “After The Death of the Physical Body……”

The good Soul and those of all the innocent (Blue Aura?) exist in a special place in the universe in what's called ”Tartt's Quantum Alpha State” until such time as conditions permit one or more of the following:

  1. The “Salvific” absorption and integration of the Souls *cleansed* Quantum Energy Information (total good historical inclusion) into the “acceptable” realm.

  2. Entry into the hidden subconscious mind in “another birth” (Reincarnation, as in Hinduism, Buddhism, or Sikhism).

  3. Entry into a final place of Perfection or Nirvana (as in Hinduism, Buddhism or Sikhism).

  4. Entry into Heaven or Paradise as in Christianity or Islam (and other) historically sustained monotheistic religions e.g. Judaism. While not outwardly professing or declaring the existence of a Heaven, it is written that Judaism often does refer to a “Garden of Eden-like” place where there is an “after-life.”

  5. The thoroughly determined and life documented “Evil Soul” (Red Aura?) may be denied the same entry or outcome as the “Good Soul”. Some separation may be imposed either eternally or perhaps only for a time.

  6. It is imperative to emphasize keeping the Soul in the sinless (blue) condition rather than the sinful (red) condition. It appears that this daunting task may be best accomplished with the assistance of some non-threatening, heart-felt religious activity and instruction. It is somewhat doubtful that individual Atheism alone can supply the necessary support and defense mechanisms against the onslaught and relentless attacks of worldly situations and temptations. It may take the combined efforts of others to help one through some extremely troubling times. In addition, Atheism has no ability to forgive sin. Any sins must be either eliminated by the person before death, or somehow forgiven by one with the power to forgive sin. You are the only judge of whom or what this may be. This determination was made using the science of “Quantum Affirmation.” This concept was spawned by the collective power of unwavering faith, conviction and belief of billions. (Now and in the past.)

*About Heaven*

Heaven is described as the ultimate, most wonderful, desirable destination one can obtain. The Holy Quran describes it beautifully as in Sura 4: 57, 22:23 It says it is a “Lush garden where the faithful reap the rewards of obedience and morality. And “Gardens (Janne) underneath which rivers flow” Sura 55:46-61. This description of Paradise is given 140 times in its scriptures. The Bhagavad Gita in ADHY 10 SHLOK3 describes it as a place where all sins will be forgiven and destroyed. The Holy Bible gives one of the most detailed descriptions of any of the Holy Books. In Revelation 21:16 It talks about a “New Jerusalem” coming down out of the sky (Heaven) and providing heavenly lodging for all of the *saved* individuals. If you convert the ancient math used in the Scripture into modern numbers this is what you would get: The city (Heaven) would measure 2.25 million square miles + another 1,500 miles in height so that would increase the housing size of Heaven to 3.375 billion cubic miles. This immense area could easily consist of different levels. If each level or “story” was a standard twelve feet in height, that would be over 600,000 stories!

The Holy Scripture continues to say: “In my house are many mansions” John 14:2. If every inhabitant was allotted one half of a cubic mile each, that would house 27 billion (physical) people. If you take one quarter of a cubic mile (more than enough for a personal, palatial mansion) then this Heaven could easily house 216 billion (physical) people. This is about twice as many people as all of those who have ever lived on this planet! (106 billion: US Census Bureau.) Of course if we are dealing with non-resurrected Souls here, there would be infinitely more room. Perhaps the Biblical story of the, “Land of Milk and Honey” and a place where the, “Streets are Paved with Gold”, are only “metaphors” for this “New Jerusalem” or ‘Heaven.”

These (and other) processes may involve a union or “fusion” together with God as He is personally and quantitatively understood. That is if such an amalgamation is possible. The laws of physics also allow a process that will convert all matter (rocks, bones, flesh, blood etc.) into pure energy that is suitable for other uses. When I put all of this information (where possible) into “First Order Logic, Statistical Probability and The Laws of Thermodynamics” equations I found that all of the relevant mathematical conclusions (that I could find) fell short of finding and proving answers to this perplexing life question. But one thing that I did find was that the more I calculated and studied this subject, not only were the conclusions in each case basically the same, but it appears (to me) that most of the entire world of religious thought is ultimately seeking and yearning for exactly the same things.

The biggest difference in the worlds “Great Religions” is the *Name* that we use to identify God! The identical things that we share are a love for God, family and the quest for peace. If we speak different languages, then how can we all have the same name for God? Is this all that we're fighting about? We really are not that dumb….are we? Differences in rituals and traditions occur because of location and ethnicity. Unfortunately that still leaves us with the hormone “Testosterone” which if uncontrolled can act as a demon. Because of this hormone, men are “wary” of each other because they cannot trust other men to be around their women. This situation will never change. So wars will continue here on earth and perhaps even in Hell, but not in Heaven.

This effort/attempt to describe the place of reward and punishment after death is quite serious. Appropriate scientific examination has been taken to insure that not only is this study compatible with most of the “Great Religions” of the world but it also complies with those laws of physics and chemistry most often used in attempts to explain this currently unexplainable phenomenon. While I feel that this explanation of what happens to Man/Woman after death is at least as accurate as any to date, (and perhaps even more so) I still believe that we need more education into the obvious rather than so much research and investigation into the obscure. From a scientific point of view, only God could invent, implement and control all of these worldly and unworldly processes. The sheer physical energy and power necessary for the completion of even *First Cause* issues is beyond human calculation and comprehension. Quantum Mechanics offers compelling arguments in this area.

The ultimate truth is probably “staring us in the face” but more than likely it's too simple for current science to recognize and then accept. This may be due (in part) to the fact that my theory's answer (Tartt's Quantum Alpha State) to the question of “Is there life after death” does not involve eschatological predictions or the end type conclusions that many expect.

On the contrary, my study points to a new beginning and a new hope for us all to grasp, love, and hold on to. Even those of you who are “Die-Hard Atheists, remember this: After your death the laws of physics and chemistry won't leave your quantum information/essence alone either! Listen, the chances of you ever being born are conservatively far more than one in 700 trillion. A miracle is defined as an event or action so unlikely to occur that the probability of it happening is all but impossible. You and those who came before and will come after you are truly “miracles”. Because of your unique gift of consciousness, you will not simply be discarded and left to rot. The totality, but impossibility, of our existence as walking, talking, thinking, and selective individuals is (in part) one of the calculations upon which I base this hypothesis:

*God+Birth+Man+Death=Tartt's Quantum Alpha State*

This study does not endorse any particular established religion over another. They all deserve respect. But this is not an article on comparative religion. All of the “Great Religions” (and those patterned after them) appear to contain salvific ability. Whether we believe it or not, we are all going (in some form) somewhere besides into the ground! Unfortunately, many scientists continue to ignore the presence and power of *God* in the mathematics they use. In my view, only God could run this universe, not numbers. Otherwise we would have had all the answers rather easily…centuries ago. All this sounds rather “supernatural” doesn't it? But I assure you, it's not.

After all the “smoke” clears, it still looks as though the Grandmothers all over the world had it right in the first place. Nothing that I have discovered in my scientific probes for this article either ethereally or mathematically is in direct conflict with her earthly religious instruction. Her advice to her children about God, Heaven and Hell remains intact. She used to say “Children, don't forget to say your prayers.” Her voice still echoes in my memory. From where I sit today, this still seems like good advice. What's my advice to you? Visit your Temple, Synagogue, Church, or Mosque regularly. Select and ponder your belief system carefully, but once your decision is made then, “stick to it.” Life is far too short to keep changing religions. After a while, this can become a bad habit. Like inventing your own religion or thinking that you are some kind of “Devine Prophet.”

And don't fight with others over belief systems. The rituals, language and practices in your faith have evolved over time and are not only Salvific, but they are designed expressly for your comfort. Take good care of your Soul; you're going to need it. As many a Wise Sage has said: “When we run out of things that we know, we have to revert back to that which we believe.” And when society calls you crazy, remember the Dogon people, they were called “crazy” for hundreds of years…and look what happened. It was the Dogon's that were proven to be right! And because science still can't explain it doesn't change the fact.

The stakes could not be higher. A word to the wise should be sufficient. And now we can clearly see just how science does not destroy our belief systems, but may actually participate in them. Here the beloved faith in the “Great Mystery” of religion is restored, as is the prospect of somehow “seeing” our deceased loved ones on the “other side.” It appears that Salvation is scientifically possible after all. I think British Poet William Ernest Henley in his classic poem *Invictus* may have said it best: “Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade.“ (The unknown).

I sincerely hope this article has shed a little of God's light and understanding onto that Beautiful Soul of yours, because your Soul is without Age, Race, Blemish, Wrinkle, Deformity, or Imperfection. And it and only it is the *real you*. We are all here on a trial voyage that none of us is qualified to make. Listen my friend, death is a beginning not an ending. And it is a “rising” not a falling. What we have seen here is only a scientific “snapshot” of *some* of the processes involved in the Human Victory over its worst enemy. And where there has been injustice, pain, suffering and tears, it will all be *Healed* with a touch from the Hand of God. That's good enough for me. What about you? Amen and “Case Closed”. If you have comments, drop me a line. Stay well.

Bhagavad-Gita, Chapter ll *Teaching of The Soul*

“It is not a thing of which a man may say “It hath been, It is about to be or it is to be hereafter. For it is without birth and meeteth not death. It is ancient, constant and eternal. And it is not slain when the mortal frame is destroyed.”

- Krishna

“Pride goeth before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall”

- Holy Bible: Proverbs 16:18

All the Best,

- Henri W. Tartt

Henri W. Tartt

Supervising Chemist &

Chief of Microbiology

City of Cleveland, Ohio (Retired)


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