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"The Willful Slaughter of Hope"

Greetings to you. It is good to be with you again. Unfortunately, the subject of this article is not one of truth and happiness, but one of the general destruction that lies, falsehoods and ignorance have on relationships and human development. Why would any man want to deceive and destroy a woman's concept or dream of marital bliss and contentment? Well, I'm not so sure that's what he really wants to do. In most cases, it's more the result of "collateral damage" due to a perceived lack of opportunity than one of direct intent. (But more on that later). Chemistry has many positive attributes, but remorse for genome structure and hormone secretions isn't one of them. Here's the "real" problem. Ladies, it isn't that your man doesn't love you. Most often the problem is that he has been "outfitted" with a genetic program that is constantly (non-stop) telling him to make more copies of himself and his genetic program. That's it! In our permissive society where morals have gone the way of the "stage coach", many males have become accustomed to copulating with "random" females and then going home. And eventually when caught, "lying" and denying it ever happened.

The American Psychiatric and Psychological Associations tells us that the average male tells about four lies a day or 1,460 lies a year. They also say that men tend to suffer far less remorse about lying than do women. But still, there is something wrong here. It seems that African American men and women suffer more extreme problems with infidelity and STD contraction than any other group in this country. Why? Is it possible that African Americans get more sexually aroused much easier, faster, and more intensely then other groups? Are they so "oversexed" that they can't seem to find the time to use condoms or other methods to protect themselves from disease in their haste? I don't think so. But something must be happening. But what? African Americans make-up only 13% of this country's population, but they have 48% of the HIV- Aids infections! That's not only incredible, it's next to impossible......... But it's true.

Let's face it, in this late day and age, the African American people that fall victim to these highly infectious diseases appear to be either dumb, stupid, or lazy to the point of suicide. Unless something far more despicable is happening. But what? Well, here's my "take" on it. No, they aren't stupid. They evidently just don't care enough to protect themselves, and they don't believe disease contraction will ever happen to them. In part because the women are naive enough to believe that the male they are involved with would not "mate" with her if he had an illness! (Good luck with that one). They are for the most part "resigned" to complacency after decades of seeing their parents and friends fall victim to the "brick wall" results of bigotry, and racism in all of its insidious forms. They feel they have little hope of ever escaping a similar fate. One could make the point that it's stupid not to care, but unless you've lived with their daily predicaments and "let downs" you have no idea what it's like to have nowhere to go but down. For the men, this condition can generate devastating amounts of *Anger!* This anger can manifest itself in a number of violent ways. Combine this emotion with unparalleled natural reactive speed and reflex actions, and it can lead to explosive, regretful behavior. Such behavior often leads to inadvertent anger related shootings and beatings. This often happens within the minority community, against other minorities.

African Americans (and others) have been told repeatedly that "education" is the key, and that may be true to a certain extent, but even a good education doesn't stop racism and bigotry from rearing its ugly head at *All* of our societal levels. We have constantly been told: "Get a good education and the doors of opportunity will open for you". Really? In some cases yes, in others no. Many studies have shown how racism denies work opportunities to minorities even at the professional level. One case in point: A study at a large prestigious university has recently uncovered some rather "sneaky" methods that employers use to keep African Americans and other minorities like non-white Latino's and Women out of *Face to Face Interviews* for important positions. The people charged with finding the "type(s)" of people that the company wants to hire for certain positions use a variety of unscrupulous tactics to keep certain people that they are told are undesirable candidates out of the office. This means they won't have to deal with them at all. (No matter what education they possess). So is education really the key? At times it seems that the only thing that would actually work is if each individual minority applicant had the ability to push a button and turn him or herself "White". Fat chance.

"Minority Avoidance Tactics" (Private Industry)

  1. Use "Names" to screen candidates. (No Jamal's, Ahmed's, Jose's, Pablo's, etc.)
  2. Telephone "Voice" identification. (No African American, Women, or Spanish sounding people).
  3. "Zip Codes" (No people that live in certain identifiable neighborhoods or areas).
  4. "Credit History" (No people with credit problems, bad credit score's, history of bankruptcy, etc.)
  5. "Health Issues" (No history of medical problems: Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, surgeries, obesity, etc.)
  6. "Criminal History" (No history of felonies, or any misdemeanors. This can exclude over 65 million Americans (One in four) but this one can disproportionately discriminate against minorities who may have made small mistakes early in their lives.
  7. "Educational History" (No degree? Over 50? No interview, No Job!)

Highly qualified minorities who "slip through" these roadblocks and wind up "face to face" with an interviewer are then given some other ridiculous excuse for not being chosen for the position. But in many businesses everything has been done to keep minorities out of the office in the "first place". The "highly qualified" minority candidates are disliked the most because these companies have to "jump through hoops" and get "creative" in order to deny these candidates employment. And those that cannot be denied by conventional means and are hired will be fired ASAP for minor infractions that are generally ignored when whites commit them. Even some colleges and universities have been known to (at times) practice rather "questionable" policies regarding who gets and who does not get Tenure.

We've all seen job interviews on "Television Magazines" where an employer who doesn't know he's being "taped" is caught telling his interviewer after seeing an African American or some other minority candidate waiting for an interview in the front office: "I don't want him/her!" whispered the boss to his interviewer, he's not the "kind" of representative that we want for our company! This scenario happened over and over on camera from company to company. Even in the case of an African American woman with a Master's Degree who was denied employment while a white woman who had only a high school diploma was hired. The Boss was even willing to pay for the white woman's bus fare to and from work instead of hiring the more qualified minority applicant, who also had her own transportation! Now, if this happens continually to the "best" qualified people among us, then what "real hope" is there for most of the African American and other minority communities who often have no such comparative credentials? I know that some of us do escape our "ghettos" but most never do. The results of this reality are faced on a daily basis by 30-40 million people. No other people on earth have ever been treated like this. And devastating criminal statistics reflect what "hopelessness" can eventually do to one's psyche. Speaking of cruel treatment, some would remind us of the Jew's and "The Holocaust", but as terrible as this horrific tragedy was, (In my opinion) it's six million casualties do not quite measure up to the estimated >fifty million African Slaves lost to beatings and drowning in the shark infested waters during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. And the thousands more lost in home burnings, assassinations, lynching's and human "disciplinary" actions so prevalent during the early years in this country when slavery was practiced. Still, we do (or should) share a type of "kinship" experience and a "bond" with the Jewish people. We could learn much from them. Especially how cohesive groups outcompete individual strategies.

Without discussing chemistry and brain stem reactionary proclivities, (see my article: "Are All Men Created Equal?" www.henriwtartt.com) this basic explanation is sufficient to identify the "Root Cause" of where the rape, murder, robbery and sexual irresponsibility may originate. Many minorities see themselves living a life of no consequence, and utter "Hopelessness". This problem may seem rather insignificant to the casual "outside observer", but there have been many scientific studies conducted on the terrible, destructive consequences of hopelessness. One study titled "Hopelessness Theory" deals with situations that individuals (like African Americans) who find themselves in a continuing situation of helplessness, with problems that appear impossible to ever solve, or resolve. They receive only negative thoughts about self and the world they inhabit. Another closely related scientific study names "Beck's Negative Cognitive Theory of Depression" as a major initiative to further understand why certain *groups* exhibit tendencies to feel that they have "no ability" to control or effect some choice over what continues to happen to them. This group attributes bad events and bad outcomes in their lives to unavoidable and far reaching causes. And since these problems continue to happen to them over and over again, they naturally attribute their race, gender, or national origin as the basis for these problems. I submit to you that in many cases they appear to be right. Unabated these disenfranchised minority groups have concentrated themselves into "ghetto's" in various cities and towns. And like clockwork, all types of horrible crimes soon follow. US News & World Report has documented eleven major cities that show much of this criminal activity. The type(s) of crime indicated here include: Murder, Forcible Rape, Violent Assault, and Robbery. These are followed by General Property Crimes. Here are the eleven most dangerous cities where minorities commit the majority of the offenses. I show this small study in further support of my hypothesis that these problems exist much more often in seemingly disenfranchised minority communities.

Given: a score of 100 is taken as normal. So an index of 300 is 3X the normal criminal activity.

(Inner) City/ Crime Risk Index (U.S. News & World Report)

  1. St. Louis Missouri: 530
  2. 2) Atlanta Georgia: 484
  3. Birmingham Alabama (tie) 380
  4. Orlando Florida (tie) 380
  5. Detroit Michigan: 369
  6. Memphis Tennessee: 361
  7. Miami Florida: 346
  8. Baltimore Maryland: 339
  9. Kansas City Missouri: 337
  10. Minneapolis Minnesota (tie): 331
  11. Cleveland Ohio (tie): 331

The question is what can be done to reduce this kind of illegal activity? Well, for one thing, family unity and a healthy home life have been known to work wonders in a troubled man or youth's life. But especially in the lives of young men. In my view authorities should stop reducing or eliminating public assistance monies to women who have a man living with them. Case workers still remove badly needed monies and male leadership from the homes and lives of innocent children. And so "into the streets" the young men go, where no good thing ever exists. In chemistry, one cannot balance an equation when half of it is missing! I'm afraid much of the problem is just that simple! Most of the older generations had two parents; unfortunately many of these children only have one. Some are lucky they have grandparents. Let nature take its course. If you haven't noticed by now, there's really nothing you can do to stop it anyway. "Let the Men have their Women". The children need a Father.

There is one person that *Most Men* are blessed to have on their side, and that is a Woman.

There is absolutely nothing on this earth that is more priceless and effective than a Woman. If her man provides for her and her children and protects them, there is not much she will not do for him. She will reward him in innumerable ways, some of which are:

*My Woman, My Wife*

By Henri W. Tartt

She will work tirelessly to assist him in financing their life together,

She will scratch is head and massage his back when he comes home tired,

She will send him off to work with a lunch box, or brief case full of treats,

She will listen to both his jokes and tales of woe,

She will feed, and clothe him and "bolster" his ego,

She will make love to him and bear his children,

She will encourage him to succeed even among his enemies,

She has more power in her finger tips than all the psychologist's in the world,

She will wipe away all of his tears, and neutralize his disappointments,

She beautifully inflames him by hiding her eyes behind long, dark lashes,

Where he goes she will go,

What he loves she will love,

Where he dies she will die.

"Ah my friend, a greater life mate, a greater helper, a greater love no man could ever receive than that of

"Your Woman, Your Wife".

Listen my foolish brother, mistreatment of even one hair on her or her children's heads, and you'd better live forever. Because if you die and find yourself in the hands of an angry God nothing can help you. Certainly you're angry. You have every right to be considering how the cards appear to be stacked against you. But all men are designed to overcome adversity in their lives. Hopelessness and depression are serious illnesses, and in serious cases a doctor should always be consulted. But these problems are not always insurmountable and are often misdiagnosed. Seemingly unbearable suffering is eventually meted out to all, no matter the complexion or race. No thinking man would trade a life of love and respect for a lesser one filled with hopelessness and lust, not to mention the possibility of disease and incarceration. No, this hazardous road of life we all must travel is immensely more comfortable in the arms of a woman than all alone. Mental health professionals tell us that "suppression and oppression" can create various types of "neuroses" in individuals. I do not have to repeat here how these conditions happened, and are still happening to many African American people. Obviously minority groups numbering in the "millions" cannot be in the local doctor's office. We are also told by these professionals that strong family ties and loving support leads to healthy, functioning individuals more often than not. This is an area that we can deal with now.

One of the greatest tools in the African American male's (and men in general) salvation is the proper use, love, and respect for women. Rather than the misuse, slander, disrespect and battering she has received from so many in today's culture. And here is some "sage" advice for men of all complexions, educational, and income levels: "If you force a woman to live under, or to endure your "barnyard" type antics and promiscuous philosophies, your chances are only 50/50 that she won't find that you're not the only "rooster in the yard". Then what? So stand up my brother, stand tall and say: "Surely I love this woman and my life with her and my children will only increase. Because she believes in me, I can again believe in myself". This is a Future, This is grace, This is Virtue, and "This is Hope!" Stay well.

"A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, a piece of cheese, and thou. Surely God is in his heaven, and all is right with the world".

- Khayyam/Browning (Addition mine)

All The Best,

- Henri W. Tartt

Henri W. Tartt

Supervising Chemist &

Chief of Microbiology

City of Cleveland, Ohio (Retired)


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