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"Are You White or Black?"

Greetings to you, it is good to be with you again. Are you White or Black?" (American Translation: "Are you Blessed or Cursed?") This may seem like an easy question, but I assure you, it is not. This is easily one of the most "consequential" questions that have ever been asked. Let me start off by saying that fully 55% (or more) of the American "White" population according to its own (past) "One Drop Rule" definition is racially Black! More than half of all white Americans have at least "some" black blood... Science and medicine tells us that there are no actual "Black or White" colored humans but that everyone's ancestors on this planet originated somewhere in *Africa*. Black people who appear to be white are just very high admixtures of many human types among which one or more of their ancestors happened to be black. But since early American Courts were so "hung up" on racially classifying everyone with even the smallest amount of black blood as *Black*, then for purposes of "retribution" we should start calling these high admixture whites "Black" too. Right? But guess what? Nobody cares! It doesn't matter, because most of these people look white, or what we have become accustomed to calling white. (That's the key) And so no one is going to act on this information. It will be totally ignored, as will any attempt to "uncork" the truth about this bogus "one-sided black/white setup". So it's up to all 30-40 million of us to tell on them, expose them, rat them out!

The majority of these 55% are currently "passing" for white completely unaware that they indeed do qualify to be black people. Their black ancestors have long been "covered up, hidden, and vaporized" from history. But they are still there. DNA testing has exposed their existence. Add to this the 15% of "known" blacks who are "passing". When I say known blacks I mean those "faux" whites that have only recently left the ranks of "blackdom" that the average black person can spot "a mile away". (whites can't or dare not tell.) These people only look black to other blacks. Most white families have members in it that some "suspect" may be black, but no one publicly says anything because of the embarrassment, ridicule, and blood implications that might occur to family members if this person was "ousted".

They often used to point to the " Mendelian Law " (plants) of dominance in an attempt to prove how the ugly black gene would dominate and eliminate the beautiful recessive white one by coming back every fourth generation in its original form.*Black!* This was done in order to "scare" whites out of mating and having children with blacks because (they said) that none of their offspring would even "resemble" them! But as history shows, none of these tactics worked then and they certainly do not work today. In actuality, thanks to evolution and cold weather millions of black people are no longer black and only a very small percentage of them (e.g. Scandinavians) are now completely white. Chemistry teaches us that while you can get white from black, you cannot get black from white. I guess "Massa" just couldn't help himself! And just look at what his "antics" got us...this huge amalgamation of "who knows what?" We now have a nation in which many blacks are whiter than many whites, and many whites are blacker than many blacks! Technically today we don't even know who to call that famous*ethnic slur!* That N' word can now refer to almost *anyone!* Now that's progress!

If my math is correct, we have a large "slice" of Americana of which less than 30% actually qualify as the closest to *pure* racial members of the white race that one can get.(The blond & blue eyed) The rest are just a bit "impure". Yup! Thanks to DNA testing it looks like finding out about that "one little drop" (or more) of black blood in whites has contaminated all 1.42 gallons of the blood in millions of otherwise "white" people and instantly turned them all *Black!* And if "all of a sudden" it hasn't, and things have "changed" then the government owes $millions$ to the countless losers of court cases in which this "One Drop Rule" decision denied "whiteness" to so many otherwise "white" looking people. Because of that one little "Black Drop!" these people were seen as somewhat less than equal. If according to DNA testing 70% (55% + 15%) of American whites are actually light skinned or "high yellow" blacks then I think they need a "new name". How about "Whitegroes?", "Caufricans?", or "Whatlatto's?" Oh well, I guess there's no need for you people to run anymore. You've already been caught! (years ago). If you look in that mirror and don't see (naturally) blond hair and blue eyes, chances are you're still black! (at least partially, like most of us, enough to "Africanize" your DNA test). So come on in, sit down and cozy up. Make yourself at home. Have a little fried chicken. How about a nice piece of ice cold watermelon? Long time no see......Is "turnabout" fair play?

OK, "time out" I think we've had enough fun at their expense! On a serious note, scientifically, the only whites that are truly all white are the ""All Gone's!"*. (* All Gone = Those few who have naturally lost most traces of non-Caucasian genetics due to exclusive breeding in historically cold climates. (e.g. some Swedish, Norwegians, etc). Only those who are fair skinned, blond and blue fit this description. We also find them "sparingly" distributed throughout the worlds Caucasian populations The rest (like most of us both black and white) are "mixed breeds". We know this by DNA sequestering of our genetic components. Along with the genome and genetic structures we are all a complex ecosystem, a "habitat" for bacteria, (microbiome) and viruses, (virome) a universe of cooperating organisms. Add to this a "staggering" system of psychological and physiological brain consciousness. At present, no one fully understands these systems. Some are related and some are distinct, but they too, somehow need and depend on each other. A typical gene pool for humans takes about 5,000 years to develop and until that amount of time has passed (and random human copulation produces homogenous results) incongruent mixed breeds will continue to appear. The problem with producing an "All Gone" race of people is that the lack of genetic diversity will not allow for normal functionality, and genetic structures will not forever accept them as a ‘viable species". If blue eyed people continue to mate only with other blue eyed people, in time, they'll go blind, and soon thereafter they will become sterile, after which eventually comes extinction. And this will begin to happen before their 5,000 year gene pool period is over. A time that most other more diversified peoples of the earth would have no problem completing. A "darker" person must be incorporated somewhere into their mix (often) to guarantee continued viability. But that being the case, enough of the "All Gones" have to become"Un Gone" at some point in order to continue their procreative abilities. So it's back to the "mixed breeds" again. This is science, not fiction. This can be seen by using "Prediction & Probability Statistics". (Wald's Equation, among others).

As far as our very existence is concerned, there will always be some barrier or mechanism that "outsmarts" our feeble attempts at human race improvement (Hitler) and corrects/directs our path towards home. Nature (God) evidently didn't want us to "stay home" either (Africa) because one doesn't learn as much at home as he would venture out. Herein lies the reason for many of the "differences" that some attempt to capitalize on today. But He/Nature also doesn't want us to stray so far from home that we lose our way and forget our humanity. Are you "White or Black?" If you said "neither" you would be right! The terms "Black and White are "political designations with inference". One can say in defense that these terms have "evolved" to mean races of people, however, the original intent of the term "Black" as it pertained to people was and still can be derogatory, while the term "White" has "pure and wonderful" connotations. Black is not a color in that it can generate/absorb no light and unless we have 30-40 million vitamin"D" starved (physically dead) people in America they must not be actually black. White is also not a color as it pertains to pigment. And unless we have many more millions of colorless people drowning from vitamin "D" poisoning (dead) they must have some skin color other than White! Remember, in the English language these "pseudo colors" are used often to differentiate "good from evil" and therefore (in my opinion) it is incorrect, unfair, and insensitive to use these "doublespeak" terms for racial identification. As a member of the scientific community, I am "appalled" by the use of the terms "Black, White, Yellow, and Red" as the indicating identifiers for certain ethnic groups. No such people exist! The "people colors" that do exist are: "Cream, Tan, Brown, Dark Brown, and Dark Dark Brown". All of whom originally migrated from Africa. It's that simple. But since these terms do not "separate" the races sufficiently enough (for some) these true identifiers will never "catch on". And briefly, while we're at it, officially the word "Caucasian" has no scientific meaning. Webster's New 20th Century Dictionary says the word is used "in default of better". It "loosely" defines those who are referred to as white. (For the record).

God/evolution in his infinite wisdom chose to give us enough diversity to survive our most divisive differences. Differences that without which none of us could continue to survive. We are indeed, all links in the same chain. A chain linked together in ways we have yet to discover and fully understand. All human beings alive today descended from an African, Sub-Saharan Eve. (Mitochondrial Eve). We know this from mitochondrial DNA. (mtDNA) She lived some 200,000 years ago. Everyone is related, equally beautiful... and necessary. You are me...and I am you.... Whether we like it or not isn't important. (Racist's and Separatist's take note). Stay well.

All The Best,

- Henri W. Tartt

Henri W. Tartt

Supervising Chemist &

Chief of Microbiology

City of Cleveland, Ohio (Retired)


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