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Greetings to you, It is good to be with you again. Do any of you realize what a totally "Phony" world we live in? This "phoniness" just doesn't happen by chance either. It is craftily planned, massaged, and tweaked until it is one of the finest pieces of art our species has ever produced. We get out of bed in the morning 100% prepared to once again appear to be someone we're not. No you say? If you are female you more than likely have an arsenal of makeup, (face paint) and sometimes false eye lashes. Some even have breast and rear-end implants. Not to mention various colored contact lenses and body perfumes. And let us not forget hair extensions, weaves, and a plethora of hair dye jobs. Add a few rings, necklaces, bracelets and sometimes in the case of older females, dental bridges or cosmetic teeth. And voila "Cleopatra" is now ready to leave the house!.....But is that really you?......well no, but actually it's not supposed to be. Why?

If you are a man you're not quite as "made up" as the women but the guy's are every bit as phony as the women are. Most shower and shave off their natural facial hair, and those that don't "trim and shape" their beard as if it was going to be used for GPS directions. Some men also "polish" their heads to a high gloss. Others may add earrings, necklaces, bracelets, after shave lotion and cologne. Why?

Well, it seems that no one really believes that anyone wants to see the "real you" because it's imagined that the "real you" isn't attractive enough or in fact isn't "good enough" to be accepted in the "real world" as one really looks. It's not socially acceptable to be rude, obnoxious, and selfish even though these actions might more closely represent how one feels at times. One's membership card in the "National Society of Phonies" (NSP) must be "stamped" and verified daily as current and up to date. This has evolved into one of our greatest necessities. It's the "Status Quo". People also have a natural body odor that most people now find to be "offensive". That's because the NSP has "trained" us to recognize natural human odor as offensive even though one may be just as clean as his/her "deodorized" counterparts. Any deviation from this phony "norm" and the individual is talked about and privately ridiculed as an uncivilized, unclean person. Carrying this designation around could even cost a person his/her job, as well as a date or a place in the food stamp line. But is any of this daily ritual really necessary?

Well, yes perhaps because of what we'll call the phony *Regalia Factor* People go out of their way to accomplish great achievements because then they get to wear different clothing from the rest of us. They can then justify being superior to others. (In their minds). For example, If one becomes a Priest, or Preacher he gets to wear "The Collar" If he ascends to the rank of Bishop, he gets to wear the Bishop's Robes. It's the same for police and firemen. People attempt to achieve more than they normally would because they are driven by the fact that they can wear the assorted gowns, hats, ties, insignia's and religious garb that we see being so proudly worn on the streets in all of our nations daily. Psychologist's tell us that without this *Regalia* many of these people would probably not have excelled or bothered themselves to the point of earning this right. But some individuals who have done nothing to earn this right just "put on" the regalia and wear it anyway, and sadly in some cases because of false impersonation they wind up in jail. But even if we do earn the right to wear these various uniforms and the like, are we suddenly superior to our peers? Of course not, but don't tell them that.

The society that we are living in today could accurately be called *The Grand Masquerade*. Where many run around with their nose's in the air (if you'll notice, the angle of the "nose in the air" is more severe and intense while wearing whatever type of regalia one has earned the right to wear.) acting as though they're not part of this pseudo civilized "Wild Kingdom" that we all reside in. But we scientists know better. Not only are they a part of this world's wild kingdom, human beings are the most formidable, vicious, and most efficient of the predators in the kingdom. Yet to look at us (in our daily disguises) one would never know or guess that we are as the Scripture says, "They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are as ravenous wolves". (Matt 7:15 KJV) Very descriptive, to the point, and very true. So beware.

Some hypocrite's campaign against killing the deer that eat our expensive shrubs and "pulverize" our automobiles but still they devour tons of hamburgers, steaks, chicken and fish sandwiches at the local fast food restaurants. One wonders where these carnivorous people think their favorite meals are coming from. Don't they realize that before their food was cooked and served to them on a platter that someone had to *Kill* the meat first? But the deer, dogs, and cats are a bit too cute to eat, so let's go and eat the ugly old cows? Sounds like "Cow Bigotry" to me! And then there is the "holier than thou" PETA Group". (People for the ethical treatment of animals). They're everywhere. Some hold up pictures and the pelts of slain animals while running around naked crying and screaming "Murderers" to innocent fat people at plush restaurant's dressed in "Mink and Fox" finery who quietly and delightfully swallow mega-mouthfuls of cows, pigs, fish and chicken. In some countries the food supply does include cats, dogs, rats, worms, snakes and other things that most Americans would find to horrible to eat. But of course, the protesters are "afraid" of the people who eat this kind of food so at least they can eat in peace. At one time humans even ate each other. These protesters tell us that they were primitive and disgusting excuses for people. In early historical times, these people (protesters) were probably the ones that would be eaten first.

And sorry to burst your vegetarian bubble folks. All plants and animals on earth need and contain some forms of protein, be they warm or cold blooded. Plants get these proteins in ways too numerous to list here, but simple absorption explains it best. These proteins are located in plant cell ribosomes, Golgi, and other places. This occurs in both the prokaryote and the eukaryote cells. There are over 690 species of carnivorous plants that will out and out "devour" animal proteins by "catching" and digesting unwary, unsuspecting, animate prey. Also, If a squirrel or some animal dies and its remains are left on the ground, shortly the grass, flowers, bushes and trees around its corpse get appreciably larger and more "robust" compared to the vegetation whose root systems cannot reach the nutrient rich nitrogenous burial soil. So (simply explained) the plants absorb these nitrogenous proteins and the human vegetarians eat the plants and they in turn absorb the various proteins. So then are they really still vegetarians? Good question.

In the strictest sense of the word my honest opinion is no. Because much of the initial nutrient source was from the squirrel (or other animal). Now, I am not saying that these people actually "ate" the squirrel, or that they are no longer vegetarians. They simply proved the reality that we are all in direct contact and are somehow related to each other by the life process. Can one "take" from the squirrel that which is not of the squirrel?" Matter is not destroyed by death; it simply changes from one form to another. While the exact amounts of proteins human's need in their diet is not known, it is estimated that one only needs about 30-70 grams of total nutrients per day. (This does not include the bulk and fiber necessary for osmosis transport and digestion). As members of this planet's "wild kingdom", vegetarians are not some foreign species that can survive only on oxygen, water, and lettuce. Many also consume fish and dairy products. And for the last time Fish is Meat! Scientifically, it's an animal that has blood, a skeleton, and more muscle and animal protein in its flesh than red meat! Religiously however, the eating of fish on Friday carries more of a "symbolic, sacrificial" meaning. Among many thoughts about this ritual comes from the Book of Job 41:25 with the story of the "Leviathan". A primordial gigantic, enigmatic sea creature (whale?) that represents death. So carving up and eating Leviathan on the day (Friday) that Christ killed death is one interpretation. But this is not a religious article, and so fish remains in the "meat" department. Vegetarians, Vegans, and everyone else whether knowingly or unknowingly participate in an acceptable dietary regimen or they would either evolve into some unknown species or die. But remember, the important quest for many is to somehow be "different" and for others to be "superior" to what they consider to be the common people. While the choice of this (vegetarian) designation may be inaccurate for some, for others it is yet another opportunity to enhance their NSP image. However, it can be an admirable, healthy life style. The huge number of people with a need for a cause to "champion" keeps growing. But until they can find this "cause", they will keep participating in this world's national pass time which according to some psychologist's is the insecure justification of "self" through the nonstop criticism of others.

But one of the most *egregious* "Flights from Reality" lies in the pseudo separation of people by racial classification. The false racial lines of demarcation are not as stark and glaringly "visible" as some in society diligently report. And it is not as obvious as the descriptions of *Black, White, Red, and Yellow. No, the races are far more genetically related than these descriptions would have us believe. In many cases the racial lines are so visually "blurred" that it is "ludicrous" to call one 'white" and the other "black". e.g. Vin Diesel (Black?) and George Clooney (White?). To me they both look Italian. Many American and European members of the politically "white" populations still carry the hgA1 African chromosome. In America, this is due to slavery and the mixing that went on as a result. In the Roman Empire, African soldiers often mixed with over 160 Celtic and other tribes. In one recent study conducted by the University of Leicester (UK) slightly fewer than 50% of white men with a certain surname still carry this African hgN1 chromosome. This is traceable to subhaplogroupsA1- Mandinka, Gambia and Senegal. (Ref: 51). But why is any association with African heredity treated by some as if it is some form of cancer? There have even been fist-fights on the floor of British Parliament based on one member accusing another of having some African ancestry! Yet they keep on mixing. According to science, there is only one race of humans....Us! But if the powers that initiated this insensitive racial description of people (Black, White, etc.) were looking for some psychological advantage by so drastically and dramatically dividing these groups, guess what? It's "backfiring!" Remember, I have been telling you for years that "everything" is chemistry in one way or another.

In reality, sooner or later "opposites attract!" All the participants have to do is be "near enough" to each other often enough for this attraction to take place. All the rules, regulations, and racism in the world cannot stop this reaction. Combine this natural chemical reaction with the psychological need that people have to be "different" and the segregationist's have a real problem on their hands. If you haven't noticed, all of the so-called races are mingling, dating, and marrying each other in numbers greater than ever before. Why? Because they coexist in close proximity to one another now and the stereotypes have proven to be false. Thus the reaction takes place. Calling these people Black, White, Red, and Yellow only enhances the attraction. Want to accelerate this phenomenon even more? Start calling them names like "Dark Black, Brilliant White, Hot Red, and Egg yolk Yellow" and before you know it all people on this earth will be one color a lot sooner! Its chemistry and it has to happen. You can run, but you can't outrun science. If you want to slow this reaction, then stop trying to separate the races! It cannot be done anyway. And to think, they never saw this one coming.

And so, "off to war we go" with each other and with ourselves. Trying ever so diligently to appear calm in our sustained quest to understand and maintain our positions and our future on this "ball of confusion" we call earth. Philosophers tell us that "Men lead lives of quiet desperation". Some psychologist's even tell us that the search for happiness and laughter is a form of "mental illness" because in view of the past history of man's sojourn and his ultimate end on this planet, there is absolutely nothing to be happy about! Well "thanks a lot guy's!" Oh well, at least I can put on my Face Makeup, My New Blond Wig, Polish my head, Put on my Priest's Collar, Bishops Robe, Police Uniform, cover myself from "head to toe' with my mysterious Religious Garments, don my Registered Nurse's outfit complete with stethoscope, (this way I am often mistaken for a doctor) and put on my "Four Star" Generals outfit (the one with the 7,543 medals). But I am a Doctor, that's why I have on my flawless white lab coat and my...."Oh excuse me"...I have to take a second to answer a few billion prayers. I must hurry today because I don't want to be late for my "Condescending Face" practice class. And the answer to the question about my hair is no, besides, everyone knows that when you have a Ph.D., you no longer have to get haircuts, wear makeup, shave, or wear socks. And if you really want to get ahead fast in the "Great Organizations" of life, you may "kiss my ring" while I am wearing my diamond encrusted *Fez* that shows that I'm "The Illustrious Wibbah Bibbah" of the Grand Lodge of "The Over Productive Rear End".

Many of us have to ride in the "Suck Up Section" of the flight. You know, where those of us with no real talent or great abilities of our own have to ride. We are "masters" of imitating and plagiarizing the abilities of others while riding on their "coat tails" in order to keep our positions. Interestingly, this is the group that suffers most from "Delusions of Grandeur, Megalomania, and Pseudo Supremacy Disease". And let me make sure I give you one of my high powered "Superman/Woman" business cards. Now I can show the world the *reality* of what I will not openly admit.... "I think that I'm really a bit better than the rest of you,...I know a little more about everything than you do,.....Look at me,....Look at what I'm wearing ....I'm different, ....and smarter,... don't you wish you could be more like me?" *Male*: "And by the way, now that I've spent my life attaining this high stardom and have purchased this beautiful new car, *now* can I have sex with you?" *Female*: "Well, .OK, since you've reached the level of the stratosphere to which my nose has been elevated. But before we go to your place and "go at it" like the true members of the "wild kingdom" that we are, you won't tell anyone, will you?" *Male*: "Of course not!" "What kind of man do you think I am?" (Specifically, he won't tell his wife). And on it goes. In reality we're no different or smarter than many others. However, the more successful among us are usually the most persistent. Still, some are just life members of the NSP riding on "The Daily Flight from Reality" The truth is that underneath all the regalia, education, status, and finery we've managed to amass, we are all simply proud, confident, afraid, and sexual beings. Shakespeare said "The whole world is a stage, and everyone plays a part". It seems that "putting on airs" is one major role that many of us play every day. And we're all in this Play (or whatever it is) together. There are 6.8 billion souls on this planet. All searching and clamoring for some small taste of immortality. But if no one ever attains it, then who among us is superior? Well, it's 8:00 A.M., time to go to work. Everybody ready? "Heads up". "Noses in the air!" All Aboard! Stay well.


"Most people are simply looking for the highest classed mating opportunities that they can garner, and any chance to enhance their self esteem. Civilizations imposed barriers will never totally erase our natural inclinations, and it often fails to adequately suppress them. This is because as sophisticated as we have become, for the second (or two) in real time that we are here, we cannot always escape the mistakes (especially the emotional ones) that are due primarily to our prehistoric chemical makeup."

-Henri W. Tartt, Chemist.

All The Best,

- Henri W. Tartt

Henri W. Tartt

Supervising Chemist &

Chief of Microbiology

City of Cleveland, Ohio (Retired)


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