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*Free Will, Infidelity and Genetic Diversity*

Greetings, it is good to be with you again. If the reader will please note: This is a science article, and not a science research paper. Hopefully this will satisfactorily explain the lack of inclusion of long lists of professional references. There simply is no time and space for them here. The following article is based on my scientific opinions. Is your brain preprogrammed to cause you to be unfaithful? Is your behavior completely up to you? Are you totally in charge of all of your actions? Our subject today is a dilemma in all cultures that value and expect monogamous personal relationships. We plan to give this subject some much needed scientific exploration and pragmatic understanding. So let's get on with it.

The people discussed here are historical. Their names and employment particulars have been changed to protect against any present day identification.

“Where are you going cried Stella?” “Out” John said authoritatively. But it's after eleven she screamed! I'll see you later, he said slamming the door loudly in mock anger as he stormed out of the apartment. Stella sat down and wept bitterly. She thought: “He must be meeting some woman”. John knew he shouldn't be leaving the house at this hour, but for reasons even he didn't fully understand he was drawn to go out. Out to try and perhaps be unfaithful with that new young woman who was just hired at his job on Tuesday. After all, she had agreed to meet him for drinks tonight. Him: A balding 40 year old. Imagine that. For some reason he was quite taken with her, and wrought with unusual anticipation and ardor. He wondered why? She really wasn't that physically attractive. But she is young.

And then there is Amelia. Amelia is the owner and CEO of a large and very successful fashion design company. She is an attractive, rich and powerful middle aged woman. Amelia has a lot to lose by fooling around. But in spite of this reality she is currently romantically involved with a much younger man, a man who is not her husband of twenty years. She has tried to break off the relationship several times but for some reason she cannot. Her young man is now attempting to “pressure” her into divorcing her husband and letting him move into her mansion. But she won't, mainly because even after all of these years she still loves Bill (her husband) and she knows that there is a real possibility that Preston (her lover) is only after her money and her company business. Now I ask you, if that's the case, then why does she risk it all for a few minutes of passion? Please read on.

Sound familiar? I certainly hope not. But don't be surprised if it happens to you sometime during your life. For many, it already has. It seems that we as a species have allowed almost every temptation imaginable to stare us in the face on a daily basis. These temptations have taken a welcome root in our society. We have psychologically set ourselves up for one failed relationship after another. First and primary to all failed unions is the forgotten fact that the polygamous tendencies harbored in all of us are generated by a four million year old inbred genetic program. This is not a strange phenomenon or perversion but a natural evolutionary inclusion in our DNA. The desire for sexual release may not be the only basis for this insert. Equally involved here are genetically engineered “species survival” instructions.

Hopefully these instincts don't come to bear that often, but the real trouble is that our brains, hormones and reproductive programs won't give up these age old tendencies without what can be a difficult, intense struggle. We must be taught to allow ourselves to be convinced by societal civilization (Freud) or strongly influenced by religious dogma (Jung) that we have more to lose than we have to gain by participating in acts of infidelity. This battle is lost as often as it is won. Estimates of infidelity in America as well as the rest of the world run the gamut starting as high as 50% (both male and female, but with the males generally having four times the promiscuity levels to that of females) to as low as 10% in more religiously influenced areas. In some African and Middle Eastern countries male monogamy is not even expected.

It is currently estimated and agreed upon by some Psychologists and Neuroscientists that about 99.9% of our brain activity is automatic and unconscious. That doesn't leave much room for our widely “touted” “Free Will” to operate. Personally, I have tried to explain too many of you for more than 15 years why I believe “Every characteristic exhibited by any organism is dependent upon that organisms normal or abnormal chemistry levels!” Below are some classic examples of one partner who tries to get along and “keep the peace” and another who always seems to be in the mood for a fight. Note: Any of the questions below may be a normal response. It's only when the type of answers on the abnormal side become the rule and not the exception that problems are indicated.


(Male) Normal Abnormal

  1. "I love you, will you marry me? I love you, but at times I'd like to kill you.
  2. Would you like to eat out tonight? Are you crazy? You want to eat out again?
  3. Why is the baby crying dear? Will you shut that brat up before I…….
(Female) Normal Abnormal
  1. Are we going for our walk today dear? I don't want to walk today! Are you nuts?
  2. Oh my! You're growing a beard. How nice. I know you're growing that thing to be cute!
  3. How about me doing the driving today? I'll drive today you just get out of the way!

It seems that some people are just “programmed” to fight about everything, all the time. But this programming source is very difficult to locate and identify because aspects of complex behavior originate in both the Limbic System and the Neocortex. Let's take a quick look:

The Limbic System and The Neocortex:

Briefly, a few major parts of the Limbic System are: The Amygdala-The Hippocampus- and The Hypothalamus. This system controls (or should) our emotions as well as our glandular Hormonal secretions and memory. This system and the Neocortex would involve book volume details, which we have no time for here.

A few major parts of the Neocortex are: The Frontal Lobe-The Parietal Lobe and The Temporal Lobe. This most recent addition to our brain controls (or should) our powers of reason, problem solving, Judgment, Impulse/Instinct (Infidelity) control, speech and language ability (among its many other “command center” duties).

These systems have very specific identifiable tasks. The problem in tracking their target mechanisms and effectiveness is a process known as *Emergence* which combines target impulses, and secretions (instructions) into confusing unknown formulations and even more confusing combinations of instructions from other associated sources. These directives to the receptive target cells are at times successfully “over-ruled” (sometimes in split seconds) by the intent of the individual seeking to accomplish other contrary tasks. Therefore Lucretius, Freud, Yung, Nietzsche, Einstein and all the rest of us must have what is known as a “Free Will”, or disobeying these programmed directives would be all but impossible.

There have been many references, insinuations and snide remarks concerning infidelity as it pertains to sexual partnerships. I have always maintained that there is a provable basis for its inbred existence. Here is a bit more proof: In order to exist, we as a species were/are all related, inter-connected, and were dependent upon each other for our evolution. Take a look at one of my projects on the evolution of the changing outward appearance of Man below:

*Tartt's Genetic Research Project #25* (circa 30,000 yrs.to Present)

Eye ColorHair Color/TextureComplexionFeaturesCranium%Original?
BrownBlack/ CurlyBrn./MediumNorth AfricanBrn./African70- 60
BrownBlack/CurlyBrn./MediumNorth AfricanAsian/Afr.50- 40
BlueBlond/StraightPaleN.CaucasianN.Caucasian> 1/32

*Only ½ of 1% of your DNA genetic code is unique to you*

Note: The old racial parameters historically used were: Negroid, Mongoloid and Caucasoid. These terms are no longer deemed politically correct. Many interchangeable variations and combinations of the blood lines and terms mentioned here broadly represent every known homo-Sapiens variation in existence today. The differentiation shown between the African, Asian and Caucasian variations are incorporated as follows: Very dark (black) African, the Brown and North African. The Chinese, Indian, Polynesian. The Northern European (Nordic), the Central European (Alpine), and the Southern European (Mediterranean). This terminology is used only to show progression. All racial groups have been inducted into these three categories. The %Original category indicates the direct (estimated) ability of each group to indiscriminately pass on genetics originally/historically received from group # 1 by associated groups and then passed up/down the evolutionary ladder up to the present day.

Some Indian people (India) are also sometimes listed as Mediterranean and therefore as Caucasian. But I'm looking for reliable science, not controversy. As different as many people may look, their mixed progeny has populated the world. In my view, only the first entry (#1 on the chart) should be considered “Black”, and only the last entry (#20) should be considered “White”. While no group of individuals actually qualify physically to be counted as pure Black or white people, these almost do. Everyone listed between these two groups represent racial variations and is the innocent result of physical unions totally beyond their control. But I'm sure this audience knows that story.

As we can see from the chart, in the beginning everyone around was African. And technically, since we agree that our primary first ancestors originated in Africa, then we are all descendants of Africans. On this chart is our lesson in Infidelity. If you look at the development of the diversity, you can see that in the known four million years of Mans evolution, everyone's development was dependent upon everyone else's existence and willingness to mate indiscriminately with whomever they encountered. In fact, there is a good chance that (even though you may be in the #20th group and consider yourself completely white) it is possible that you may carry the “Y” chromosome from Genghis Khan, or the “hgA1” African/British chromosome. Or possibly even both. Maybe even one of your ancestors “passed” for white or black or some other discontinued misnomer. We don't and can't know. And It makes no difference today.

Many current commercial testing labs are not certified to run sophisticated DNA analyses. But in spite of this, they will still run the test. Yes, they'll give you written results, and charge generous fees, but some results are misleading and would not hold up in court. So save your money, look in the mirror, believe what you see, and be done with it. Only God could sort this “who is really what” thing out anyway.

We are still a prehistorically foolish people prone to ridiculous pre-judgment and paltry prejudice. Nature does not trust us to procreate without implementing this blind prejudice. We have all kinds of reasons for openly looking down on and trying not to even touch or live near others who belong to what we perceive to be different or inferior racial groups. And if left to our own devices we might even mate ourselves right out of existence. For example if all # 20's (very pale look at chart) only procreated with others from that group ( #20's) the offspring would eventually go blind, lose their hearing, suffer from all manner of degenerative disease and eventually become sterile. You have to blend in (at least) a few number11's into the blood line somewhere.

Conversely if all #1's only mated with others from that immediate group (#1's) eventually their offspring would be born with abnormal or stunted intellectual and physical development. They would become prone to debilitating disease, decreased longevity and also eventually become sterile. You have to blend in (at least) a few number3's into that blood line before too long. Extended exclusive tribalism among small related groups is genetic suicide. Larger groups (because of their numbers) are far more genetically diverse.

In short, in time both (#1 and #20) will cease to exist or function properly without an infusion of some genetic diversity. It is my opinion that the successful practice of “tribal isolationism” among groups with too many genetic similarities has already caused whole tribal populations to simply “disappear” over several millennia. “No Alpha, no Omega!” This simple math example explains it all.

And yes I said the word “Tribal”. But you may say aren't we a bit more sophisticated than that today? No, we're not. Listen friend, it would only take about two weeks without food for us to seriously start thinking about eating our neighbors! The most racist among us would be having sex with any available overweight unattractive minority female within one month of total isolation! And in one year we would be seriously at war in an attempt to kill all males who were in direct competition with us for her continued favors. All races are only about three miles out of the wilderness.

Fortunately (for our species) Man is not born monogamous. And my research indicates (to me) that gene propagation is why. Men (and women) throughout history and in the present continue to do many things in secret that they will not do out in the open. Prejudice among the sexes only “surfaces and invents itself” when their elicit relationships are exposed. The old belief that men and women of different races don't find each other sexually attractive is a “bold faced lie.” As if the above example is not enough here's another: As racist as the Southern United States was in the 16, 17, 18 and 1900's, fully 30% of an entire race of originally African blooded people have been totally “transformed” by the *Infidelity* of southern “pseudo prejudiced/racist” white slave owning males (and females) into a new “mixed” race of people. This >30% are no longer pure blooded Africans.

Dear readers, today that's approximately 12 million “mixed” race people! That's an awful lot of hypocritical prejudice! I know these people are still considered to be black individuals, but I'm a scientist and I know that terminology is not correct. However, the term *Black* does not actually mean Black in color, it actually means *Tainted*, and you can't always see a small level of a taint with the naked eye. This is how they can brand people and can consider white looking bi and tri-racial people to still be blacks. This is scientifically impossible. How come a few drops of white blood does not make one white? Just asking?

African Americans were not the only group in this country to experience racial discrimination. The “White” designation is not that easy to obtain. And while achieving it does require a certain lack of “skin pigmentation”, it's a political term, and not scientific.

*As late as the early 1900's in the United States of America*

  1. Jews were not yet considered to be white people.
  2. Italians were not yet considered to be white people.
  3. Slovaks were not yet considered to be white people.
  4. Racism is an equal opportunity sickness.

I know people project images of themselves as conservative, intelligent, thoughtful, individuals. But for many, underneath that façade is a warlike, aggressive, very sexual being. We put criminals in jail and are seemingly horrified at stories of crimes like rape. But inside Man is a very sexual being. As of March 12, 2012 there are more than 7 billion people on this planet. No matter where you go, there is an abundance of people and babies all over the place. Sometimes stretching as far as the eye can see. People are in the Jungles, in the cities, on the high seas, in the air, under the oceans. And now, in outer space! They're everywhere! And how pray tell, did all of these people and babies come into existence? That's right! It's a wonder that people have time to do anything else! Evidently our genetic instruction book that we must procreate had the word continually written after it. These orders have been diligently and successfully followed. Our genes will survive.

Mechanisms in the body are in place to assist in the eventual death of the body. We exercise, take vitamins practice Yoga and Tai-Chi. We also take numerous steps to interfere with the dying process. This is another proof of free will over the instinctual process.

We are not nearly as sophisticated as the image that we try to project. We have the Free Will to stifle and attenuate all manner of instinctual programmed responses. But of all of them, ignoring sexual opportunity is among the most difficult. Many of us who are successful at arresting this instinct are successful only because we have not been tempted by the right (or wrong) opportunity. If we were, it may then be a different story. Is all this infidelity a sin? Both Religious Authorities and Secular Humanists agree on this one. Collectively, it is believed that Infidelity must somehow be against the laws of God and Man because:

*Infidelity* stands alone in its ability to provoke Man into the most dangerous of all “Rage Patterns” This emotional, violent reaction is “hard wired” into our genetic survival core. This is because without medical testing (unavailable to most) no Man can ever be 100% certain of his paternity! (And issues of masculinity always ensue.) Death can and often is the result of unfaithful activity.

But guess what? Evidently nature and we don't care. Millions of us will continue to do “it” anyway. We can't seem to “help it”. (Senators, Governors, Mayors, Presidents and Paupers alike) But that's life. Here are a few major things you may want to keep in mind:

  1. He or She doesn't have to love you in order to have relations with you.
  2. He or She may believe they love you and still commit this act with someone else.
  3. Continual unsuccessful relationships produce more of the same more often than not.
  4. Termination of a relationship because of one infidelity is not always in one's best interest.
  5. Try not to pursue relationships with those outside of your general range of attainment.

One last thing before closing: My research indicates that if one finds someone that they really want to foster a serious relationship with, this procedure may help to get their “foot” in the door. This may sound like some kind of “game”, but I assure you it is not.

  1. If the subject is female: Take note of her father's modus operandi. Try and “emulate” him. (To a degree) Learn how to mimic a couple of his mannerisms, and his overall “style”. Most women (whether knowingly or unknowingly) are looking to see parts of their father in their selected mate.
  2. If the subject is male: discretely take note of his mother's habits. Ask how she “relaxes or calms” her male family members down after a hard stressful day at the office. (Very important) Does she “rub or massage his back or head daily or nightly?” Notice her mannerisms. Learn to “mimic” a few of them. Most men (although they'll never admit it) are secretly looking for similarities to their mother in a final mate.

Note: If one is older and there are no parents one can still make use of this technique by subtly asking the appropriate questions.

Most of us can be trusted to produce normal healthy relations. But deranged individuals cannot be governed and their inherent mental problems cannot be regulated away. However, drug therapies can be prescribed that can help to control unhealthy “urges” that threaten the well-being of our society. How can you tell you haven't picked one of these? Be very careful when allowing strangers to fill certain voids in your life. If you do, you may regret it. In the last 5,000 years, 14,500 wars have been waged. And many females on the losing sides were “confiscated” by the victors. And 3.5 billion lives of the losing males were sacrificed. This common practice spread many diverse genes throughout the world.

Historically, indiscriminate sexual activity has both caused wars, and helped to keep the earth's populations genetically healthy. Attempting to populate the world at one child per pair of humans at nine month intervals would not have given us sufficient numbers of humans for our species to survive the chaos, environmental disasters, cruelty and diseases like the plagues. The average male expels about 300 million sperm per ejaculation. The average woman produces but one egg per month. Actually, that fact alone speaks volumes to this issue. Knowing what we know today, could we all be totally monogamous?

I don't think so. Unfortunately our media literally “bombards” us with commercials where physically attractive young men and women wear seductive perfume and cologne while boldly “scampering about” modeling underwear that leaves little to the imagination. Everywhere we look there are exposed private parts staring right back at us. This state of affairs is not designed to foster a spirit of peace and tranquility. On the contrary, our society is designed today to foster a continuous parade of sexual and social tension. And a subtle “undercurrent” of non-stop “I wish isms” that are not allowed (legally) to be sated.


“Free Will, Infidelity, and Genetic Diversity exist in major part for the propagation of the species. They don't care about our politics. Mother Nature has never been encumbered by the rules and restrictions of Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism or any of their successful offshoots. And evidently neither were John and Amelia. Eventually both of them lost their marriages. (And considerable financial advantages) Infidelity can be very costly, most of the time you never see it coming! And in many cases “Hell is truth seen too late.”

But what about God's instructions? Around 4004 B.C. (circa 6,000 + yrs.) an “Event” took place. Whether this event was caused by God, Evolution, (or Aliens?) is still being vociferously debated. A new “First Person” (not First Cause) appeared on the scene. He was called “Adam”. In my opinion, Adam was an evolutionary composite of those before him with additional gifts from God. From then to the present, the “Adamic People” (of the world) were under new rules and regulations that have evolved into our Religious and Judicial system of laws. Robbing, Stealing, Adultery, Infidelity, Fornication, or destructive Disease producing behavior would no longer be knowingly tolerated. Formal religions ensued. This was good because the people were (as some are today) starting to “amuse themselves to death”.

In my view, in order to be successful in today's world we must be ever so careful to maintain the ability (choice) to suppress our illicit or dangerous instincts. Dr. Sigmund Freud taught that civilization was founded on the suppression of instincts. There are no road signs and crosswalks to guide us through this life. Moving out of certain neighborhoods and running away from minorities and immigrants is not the American way, nor is it the answer. I don't think that all people realize that if we were somehow able to remove # 1 from our evolutionary chart, everyone else would disappear right along with them! Who we are depends largely upon who we have loved, who we have lost, and what we have learned. Through four million years of evolution we have now emerged not as any final or super race of individuals, but as a world population of intelligent, inquisitive and decisive human beings. In short, a superior species to which we all collectively and equally belong.

After all, aren't we just “variations” from those original Africans? Aren't we actually Brothers and Sisters (under the skin) now all grown up, evolved and ready to thrive in our immediate and challenging environment? Why then is there such world tumult, war and controversy seemingly over previously settled equality issues? Have you been wounded in some way by any of the problems we have discussed here? Like Infidelity? Can you ever forgive him, or her? First of all you must learn to forgive yourself. Although, you may have been complicit in causing the cleavage, that's all over now. Guilt is a horrible companion. Remember [Bible] Matt 6:15 says “The forgiveness you give, will be the forgiveness you receive”. Try it. In my view, this decision will bless you, and those that love you. If you have comments, drop me a line. Stay well.

“What is the Aim of the Four Great Efforts?”“To Suppress ones Animal Desires, and grow in Goodness” – Buddhist Catechism“Whosoever shall dig a pit, will himself fall into it”--   Holy Bible, Proverbs 26:27

All The Best,

- Henri W. Tartt

Henri W. Tartt

Supervising Chemist &

Chief of Microbiology

City of Cleveland, Ohio (Retired)


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