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*Race & Smell* Plus Comments: *Consciousness, Quantum Mechanics, and Nonbelief* More on: DNA & *Life after Death*

Greetings, it’s good to be with you again. “And just who do you think you are?” we’ve all probably heard that one before. But is there anything about yourself that you don’t know? Most of us go about our daily lives without ever asking ourselves this very important question. We think we’re the same highly intelligent, unique individuals we’ve always been.  And while that may be true, there is more to our story than just our stellar individuality. As it turns out, unfortunately (For some) we are far more alike than outward looks may indicate. I have tried to explain this before, but many forget, don’t care, or deliberately ignore the facts because of ego. It seems encouragement of “class and division” helps some insecure individuals feel better about themselves. To spotlight what I believe is an example of a very common tendency. I have included a question from a serious, educated, reader about whether or not certain ethnic groups tend to exude a more offensive odor than others. But first, please try and internalize this brief information about you and me:


When you look into a mirror, what do you see? Are you sure? Well if we digress back to our first chemistry or biology class, we may have learned matter is composed of molecules and molecules consist of atoms. An atom consists of a nucleus containing protons and neutrons. Around the nucleus are electrons. But this atom is not a solid! As a matter of fact it is 99.9% void! Aside from Particle Physics a void or anything less than subatomic in size is considered by most to be virtually nothing! That means according to general science information, quite a bit of you and I measure up to just about … nothing! Still conceited? However, whatever substance or mass we do have follows a rather basic, but universal schedule:   

Did you know ~98% of the atoms in your body were not there one year ago? Our babies (dark brown, light brown, pale, etc.) are all born with blue eyes! We recycle our liver every 6 weeks, stomach lining every 4 days, skeleton every 3 months, the elements used in DNA maintenance are renewed every 6 weeks. In one year we have recycled our entire body! The atoms in your body today at one time may have been in the body of The Buddha, The Christ, or Confucius! And we could arbitrarily select any two young adult people in the world, of any race or ethnicity, and 99.6% of their DNA would be identical! And if they were sexual opposites and fertile, they could successfully mate and produce another generation of human offspring. Perhaps the most important question should not be who your ancestors of a thousand years ago were, but what character the people they left behind exhibit to the present generations.

*Race & Smell* (By Special Request)

(USA: Business Administrator) Why do the races smell differently, and for what purpose?

(USA- Registered Nurse) Is there a difference in natural body odor significant to race?

Recently, I’ve been getting lots of requests along this line, so I’ll use this opportunity to answer in general: In the process of the human life function, nothing is more important to life continuance and propagation than self-preservation and reproduction. Our bodies must take in food and convert it into energy and birth. To accomplish this, an energy processing plant function is required. And waste material is generated. This waste has a “vile” odor. (To help bar re-consumption) Our original genetic programs would just as soon have made permanent promiscuous, cannibalistic, savages out of us all if it satisfied our survival needs. We are a species of highly civilized beings, but if not mindful of hygiene, we can all smell like farm animals!

Morality is a fairly new addition to our standard of conduct. According to our evolutionary development history, our sense of smell used to be far more involved with finding food and sexual partners. General atmospheric conditions necessitate certain olfactory sensitivity levels. At one time this ability was germane to reproductive efficiency. Over time Man lost much (not all) of his sensitivity to certain odors. (Pheromones) “Popular science” says the “eyes” of the human male have all but replaced the Vomeronasal Organ commonly used by other mammalian species to interpret and seek sexual pheromone atmospheric presence.

The average human male can be sexually aroused by simply watching a female today. However, male human sensory perception is still far too sensitive to go completely “Nose Blind” when confronted by ‘primal’ odiferous sexual stimuli. This is true even though the use of the Birth Control Pill has diminished pheromone detection in women. My research indicates the sexes still have a scent attraction directly related to estrogen and testosterone. The human animal can and does attract attention by pheromone release. Human sensory perception is quantitatively so diverse and selective that no machine has yet been able to duplicate it. Because of nonspecific varying nasal ability, some may process odors more acutely than others. Aversion to certain odors may compromise some work efficiency. 

All variations (races) have ~2.6 million sweat glands. This number may increase or decrease according to original indigenous habitat. Hot, dry climate= more glands, cold, dry= fewer, and medium, wet=least. Whether the sweat glands identified are the Apocrine, Eccrine, or Sebaceous; and/or the person in question is any of the 3-30 anthropologically categorized (racial) groups. The common idea of “race” today, is that all members of said group are 100% biological members of this group. (The political “one drop rule” again) This is not the case for those millions genetically mixed with other groups. And this fact scientifically (not psychologically) disqualifies them from this type of study. Contrary to some (prejudiced) beliefs, it is not the individual doing the sweating that actually “stinks,” it’s the bacteria on the skin, and clothing! It goes like this: A person exerts enough energy to exceed personal resting tolerance temperature levels.

He/she cools themselves by perspiring. Bacteria “notice” and rapidly grow on the skin, and “feasts” on the sweat. While eating, the microbes begin to “pass gas and…uh!” … And that’s what smells, not the sweating person! People with excessive perspiration problems should bathe/shower and change all affected clothing at least once daily. Differing numbers of sweat glands as well as olfactory sensitivity all factor into how we are individually impacted by the “smell” phenomenon. But no matter the variation (race) of the individual, body odor can also be highly subjective. And as far as the racial component goes, if you think (or are told) a certain group (or race) “stinks,” (to you) they probably will. But what is meant by race? E.g. what is Africa? What is japan? These are countries not people! Scientifically we know one cannot always tell what country one is from simply by looking at them! In my view, many of us are a conglomeration of different variations incorrectly identified by a myopic society hell-bent on racial *stereotyping, * and well- meaning scientists giving (questionable?) genetic identity to some geologically ill-defined haplogroups. .

The subject in question emerges from “tribal” thinking. Listen; “There is no such thing as a “Black or White person!” Such people could not continually absorb a cholecalciferol (vitamin “D”) bombardment while encased in such skin colors. “White skin” would absorb too much of the sun's harmful cancer causing “UV” radiation and soon die out. While a truly “black skin” could not absorb enough. Therefore, such “radical” skin colors *could not have evolved! * Science knows this! “These are only political colors” The worlds variations (races) are not that sharply divided! The SLC24A5 skin mutation inhibits the protein that gives the skin a brown color. This mutation progressively gave brown skin a lighter or “pale” color over time in Europe. But SLC24A5 is not “leprous” and therefore could not turn “white!”

This is a pluralistic society. Depending on circumstances no human being can always smell like a rose. Be it hospital in-patients or anyone else, their body odor is due to chemistry and microbiology. But not race! (Especially as we understand variation today) And here’s why: (Note* this is an all variation example) E.g., genetically, all blacks are not equally black, and all whites are not equally white! So what actual race are these billions of genetic mixtures? Without using the politically contrived and genetically ignorant “one drop rule,” (still being “mentally” applied in one direction only) many of today’s racial designations would be genetically eliminated in any court of law.

I believe some work in the genetic/medical field has been compromised by corrupt politicians with questionable variation identification goals. One drop of healthy blood (0.05 ml) in ~10 pints of human blood is impossible to racially test for. And so the “one drop rule” (if taken to court) would legally amount to genetic malfeasance! Get this into your heads: “There is no such thing as race!” (Just variations of the exact same species worldwide) Psychologists (some) tell us “hatred and bigotry finds its root in “sexual insecurity.” Today many pale, light brown, brown, and dark brown people look in the mirror and falsely see black! Unfortunately, the fallacy of “race” or the “one drop rule” really becomes apparent when organ transplants and tissue matches can’t be found because one is (actually) not “black white, or brown” enough to find a match within their “politically designated race. And how is real genetics being ignored?

This “myopic visionis because the “brainwashing” is almost complete! The underlying factual stigma of the word *Black*is no longer recognized by leaders. (And its definition has been adjusted to include all complexions of an amalgamated group of people) And as a result, these masses continue to “proudly” flock to the bottom of the “totem pole.” (Where the troublemaking “us against them” virus lurks) Remember, without ‘black” being ingeniously maintained daily (by some) as the *anathema* of races (at times with more than “ample” help from deranged young” people of color”) being “white” would be of no significant advantage. And by the way, no two people on Earth of any variation both smell alike. (Let alone millions) Only by using a “shotgun approach” can we guess what variation “anyone” really is today. And all of them can “stink.” That’s the chemistry and microbiology of life. Listen, you can’t always pet the nearest dog and expect to get all your fingers backeither.

Scientifically, this question cannot be answered unless the people (in question) are genetically “pedigreed.” (Conservatively, “millions are not) In a recent study by Harvard University (and others) it was found that in America, millions of Caucasian, African American, and Hispanic people (without knowledge) share recent ancestry. (American Journal of Human Genetics) This further “clouds” this issue. If you are easily offended, occasionally you might just have to “hold your nose.” Offensive body odor is generally caused by exertion, “opportunistic” microbes, and circumstance. While pheromones can be emotionally “triggered”, and are less publically noticeable, they can be no less powerful to affected individuals. However, odor concentration in humans can be (and is) highly subjective. -Henri

 Comments: *Consciousness, Quantum Mechanics, and Nonbelief*

  1. (USA- University Educator) Hello Henri, I have written you before, but was not able to connect. I like Dr. Stuart Hameroff’s theory of consciousness and microtubules. Do you know of his efforts and have an opinion?  - Yes he’s a noted Anesthesiologist. I’m familiar with his work at The University of Arizona. I especially admire his tenacity and frankness in  Quantum Physics with Sir Roger Penrose. However, not having the exact particulars of his work at my fingertips, it looks very interesting, and he has my respect. - Henri
  2. (USA- University Educator) Excuse me, but do you have a real opinion on the “life after death” issue? Some of my friends have mentioned you. I am not a believer and have not studied it in depth. Would you enlighten me? – Professor, where have you been hiding? Millions are talking about this. I have so many new requests for more information on this subject I’m saving it for last, with a bit more attention included. Stay tuned. – Henri
  3. (USA- University Educator) Good article Henri. On the consciousness issue, why do you think it’s so difficult for experts in the field of Psychology to identify and name the exact mechanism that produces consciousness? – First, I am not a psychologist, but in my view, as long as reality shows us one world view inside the head of one respected psychologist and a different view inside the head of another, we cannot adjudicate why we may see two different images instead of one. (E.g. in the rare case where one see’s black, and the other see’s white) Of what then are they conscious? This is because in order to work properly, consciousness requires a standardized mindset of ever-changing determinable circumstances of which to be aware. If I think something is good, and you think it’s bad, again of what are we both conscious? Therefore one of us must be unconscious in some way and may not survive whatever the input or advice. But which of us is correct? Your guess is as good as mine. This is where God enters my hypothesis. In concert with our inherited species specific mental development, God clarifies many intangibles through His prophecy, historical wisdom, (through scripture) and faith. (See article) I believe what we can now know about human consciousness is that it is genetically passed on from generations of progenitor trial, error, and all manner of diverse experience. (Not to be confused with the Soul) – Henri
  4. (USA- University Educator) Henri, what do you mean “children taught to disproportionately respect the wishes of a people different from themselves? Henri, that sounds racist! Does this caveat include teachers?  – In some cases it probably does, but not frequently at the university level. But you’d have to “live it” to best understand it. Unlike most, I come from a family that could clearly see and instruct from both sides of the blood equation. From childhood I was made acutely aware of the subtle, (hidden) racial agenda’s out in the world that can “worm and sneak” their way into some educational systems. (Let’s not fool ourselves) However, in this case I was mainly referring to some longstanding policing methods used by various law enforcement agencies while handling minority citizens. These “caveat’s” are usually delivered by concerned parents who fear (unfortunately due to horrible, untoward experience) for the lives of their teenaged children. - Henri
  5. (France- Engineer) Hello Henri, would you please enlighten us by giving your definition of “Ultraviolet Catastrophe? – I believe the ultimate answer to this question may be beyond average human comprehension. This is next to impossible to satisfactorily explain here. I was speaking in the metaphysical. It would be best understood using quantum electrodynamics. But obviously I cannot entertain the idea of transcribing those hieroglyphics here. But let’s just say: At thermal equilibrium, it would be the emission of “infinite” radiation power! This represents a more “powerful cataclysmic force” than most imagine. As frightening as it sounds, it’s simply the best way I have of conveying the true power of God. (As I understand it) - Henri
  6. (Greece-MD) Hi Henri, I have a serious question. Perhaps you can explain to me how you came up with the power of God section of this article? –Hello Doctor, it was relatively simple. The Bible, Quran, Torah, et.al.  gives us the basic parameters of God’s power. While the actual words omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence are not written in scripture, numerous descriptions of the power or the aspects of that power are described and detailed throughout some verses. Quantum Physics research gives us the details into which physics terminology best fits the manifestation and implications of that particular power. -Henri.
  7. (United Kingdom- University Educator) Hello Henri, will you please clarify something for me? When Monica left Dave in your article, were you implying there is something inherently wrong with him because of his profession? Or was this just a “life example” or charade? – No, it was not. It actually happened. Of course, I cannot say where, when, or who. But the example of what happened to this couple was real. I’m not a psychologist, nor am I trying to be, I’m a chemist. The answer to this kind of problem is for the astute reader to solve. And hopefully, “common sense,” won’t allow this kind of tragedy to occur in their lives. – Henri
  8. (Japan-Engineer) Excuse me Sir, but many here would like to know what race you represent? Some think you are at least part Asian. And where did you get the name “Unworldly Scientific Genius” for God in the article? -The intent here is to inform, not to proselytize. My articles are read in well over 100 countries. At last count there were over 4,000 religions in the world. In view of the science involved in our universe, God (without giving a religious Name) in most concepts and languages is more than worthy of that “scientific attribute.” As for the race question: It appears there is nothing I can do to rectify this need to put each other into a preconceived “box” of some kind. First of all, it really shouldn’t matter. But I guess that’s just “wishful thinking.” With extensive review involving heterozygosity, polymorphism, and then studying all of my DNA graphs and charts, it becomes clear that one must either be uneducated or “brainwashed” not to realize we’re all simply members of the same species, and the race is “human.” (I’m sure you know this) We are “set apart’ (or joined together) by 223 genes on our DNA that appear on no other species on Earth! (This is where many Alien Intervention and transplant theories originate)- Henri

More on DNA & *Life after Death*(By Special Request)

I literally have “hundreds” of requests for clarity on these subjects. In my view; along with your present general familial inheritance (and without any “outstanding” previous life memory) you are a recurring, recycled, amalgamation of your composite past. Your present variation (race and sex) has no bearing on this phenomenon! However, your current life behavioral record will have major determinate effects on your future birth circumstance. Your selection is eventually taken from the soul’s temporary condition that I call “Tartt’s Quantum Alpha State.” (Part of my interpretation of the Quantum Soul) Evidence for this ethereal mechanism is overwhelming! This concept of understanding was spawned by the collective power of prayer, hope, and morphic field of many billions of the living (and deceased) in wave conjunction with their spiritual conviction, impenetrable faith, and belief. On the rare occasion when one’s footsteps may cross those of a previous life’s traumatic experience, certain “indelible” memories may attempt to surface, giving rise to moving, but ultimately unprovable speculation. Note* (In some cases, both evolution and creationist data is used)

I share this particular concept with many, and It is being studied by very credible academics the world over. String theory gives us many more dimensions from which to draw more than the ones we customarily know of. A parallel universe could be less than one trillionth of an inch away containing many times more of everything we know of including lost loved ones. In my view, while no one will ever “commandeer” the same physical amalgamation they have now again, every mind (according to merit) will get the opportunity (or task) to experience a life view from the top, middle, and bottom of human existence. This includes living as a member of more than one variation (race) and sex. In my view, while some of these concepts are scientifically unproven, they represent sound research.

The article *Tartt’s Quantum Theory of Life after Death* (www.henriwtartt.com) is one of the most acclaimed and accepted articles written on this subject. (Thank you) I believe our universe is laden with the quantum information of everyone from the span of all ages. Space and much of the Cosmos may appear to be empty. However, I assure you, it is not. It may in fact be (among other things) a multi-dimensional grave yard. Dark matter harbors far more than we know today. Tartt’s Quantum Alpha State (a thriving contemporary theory) occupies some of this space. Also, Black Holes are seen containing the colors Red and Blue. (Perhaps indicating Soul status?) Some of these Holes can be billions of times the size of our sun! And many unknown neighboring dimensions may contain these as well as their own universe.  

This corresponds to an electromagnetic frequency shift and color hues seen in (questionable) “Kirlian or Perturbation” grave photography. This process can show a “bluish aura” over the grave of a “good person,” and a “reddish aura” over the grave of an obviously “evil person.” Current astronomy has documented “black holes” travelling toward us emit a bluish aura,” (as if in a “continuation mode?”) While other black holes seen travelling away” from us exhibits a reddish aura.” (As if in some kind of “rejection” or separation mode)

The major question here is not does this happen, but what it means, and Who(or what) is *Managing Editor* of such a momentous process? Is there some kind of interplanetary or dimensional mediation going on?  (I’m a scientist, and I know this does not sound possible) Of course, the most acceptable public answer today would be it is one (or more) of the recognized religious deities worshipped all over the world. The more we study and observe our universe, there appears to be more convincing evidence of the existence of a God. However, today it is far easier to just say one is “dead.” But many scientists say that fact no longer supports such a simple assumption or minimum assessment as complete and total finality. And so, the research goes on.

Let’s briefly look at a little of our past history that we do know about ourselves. Without doubt, the African continent gave rise to our species. (Homo sapiens) Almost everyone knows that. However, over time DNA can change. And the subsequent change and slight differences found by modern DNA testing reflects time, isolation, environment, diet, reproductive variability, and genetic mutation. This evolution (and our need to be different and run away from ourselves) eventually led to our >150 human haplogroups. Various genetic changes were necessary or some surviving groups may have disappeared. (As some have) Modern autosomal DNA testing (which most use) cannot genetically place all of us in the same “playpen” forever. As though all groups or tribes stayed in one spot, never migrated, and spent their entire lives eating hamburgers and fries. That viewpoint is absurd! Modern autosomal DNA testing may reveal family relationships and genetic trends but can also limit the scope and reach of ancestral recovery.  

It is also my belief that (in some cases) genetic surprises found during DNA testing may not be conventionally or immediately publicized. (History documents some time periods as more socially engineered than others) Some DNA testing companies may only analyze back a certain number of generations. Others may put “questionable” findings on a separate sheet! It appears some customers want to know only of “certain” ancestors going back to “safe, knowable” time periods. Generally, DNA will not “hide or disappear overnight.” (On its own) Unfortunately, as in most scientific procedures, the personal bias of the scientist performing the analysis can also influence the outcome of that analysis. While I’m sure most DNA labs today are totally honest, it seems there is always a way to “slant or compromise” (almost any) analytical work.

Y and mtDNA testing on the other hand can retrieve genetic information dating back ~ 10,000-50,000 years. But this would also include more “uncontrolled” time that may reveal more normal  rather “indiscriminate sexual interaction.” If we compound the time period when the SLC24A5 gene mutation (located on chromosome 15 position 21.1, from base pair 46,200,461 to base pair 46,221,881) first began to raise its head and the migrating people’s skin started to “lighten up” we have the basis right here (the skin color change) for another article, but that will be for another time. “Smoke & mirrors, ingenious efforts (by some) to rewrite the genetic history of Man have not been successful. All men and women are products of Y-chromosomal Adam, and mtDNA Eve. (Pictures of these two original people can be seen on the ”Articles Page” under the title; “Imitation of Life and The Science Behind Beauty” at www.henriwtartt.com)

From there, the skin complexion of the migrators (Europeans, Asians, etc.) evolved from shades of brown to pale (in part) by way of sexual unions involving the SLC24A5 mutation and vitamin requirements. All migrators experienced hair and other phenotypical adjustments due to their chosen environments. Overcoming difficulties finding and hunting food sources gave some groups strategic technology over others. This ability was also used in tribal conflict. Eventually, “conflict superiority” led to enslavement. But If we could (somehow) remove these two original people from our genetic ladder, (as some would) extensive research has shown that All of us, (haplogroups included) would simply vanish!” We are still scientifically found to be the same human family we have always been.

In my view, all of our ability, effort, and progress is not forever condemned to the grave. One of the laws of physics teaches that information cannot be destroyed. And we have a whole universe full of eons of information being stored somewhere in vast vaults right above our heads, just waiting for another chance to “make it right.” I think science like “String Theory” is discovering more data every day that points to the prospect that many may indeed get another chance. And when they do, I’ll bet they get exactly what they deserve! You see, many scriptures (most Holy Books) teach “one never really gets away with anything!”

As I see it, the scriptures and (unexplained) physics alone more than *proves* the existence of God. All of this exactness could not be some kind of almost incalculable mathematical accident! This will make some very happy and grateful, while others will “tremble” at the thought of having to pay for past misdeeds. But once again, it looks as though some “Laws of Physics” were underwritten by our parents and still others by “Aesop’s Fables.” It also appears everything Grandma ever told us about the scriptures seems to be slowly coming true. Her Biblical, “colloquial” way of analyzing the laws of physics was/is uncannily accurate! And as for the skin color oriented race supremacists, “next time” (if there is one) when they’re passing out looks, former members of “hate groups” and others like them (of all variations) may be placed first in a long line of bigots designated to come back looking exactly like the “ugliest victims of their bigotry!” (Or worse) Remember: “Vengeance is mine sayeth the lord.” (Romans 12:19- Holy Bible) Stay well. ……(And be good)

*Man is the happiest who is most thoroughly deluded* - Erasmus

Henri W. Tartt,

Supervising Chemist &

Chief of Microbiology (Retired)

City of Cleveland, Ohio (USA)

Email:  henri@henriwtartt.com

Website:   *Tartt’s Scientific Approach*

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