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Life and Racial Provocation

Greetings to you, it is good to be with you again. I’ve addressed this subject before, but never as direct. According to my DNA analysis, I am of multiple ethnicities. I am also a scientist. A scientist that has nothing to gain from racial prejudice or propaganda. And I will not answer or ascribe to any of the “silly color descriptions” so inaccurately “tossed around” today. This is science, not politics. Besides, I know better and “this is how I see it.” (Note: Sufficient UV radiation in the presence of Melanin will darken natural skin tones)

Let’s face it. We all have opinions about race. But will we truthfully reveal them? One of the questions I’m continually asked about this subject is; “Henri, scientifically how many races are there? Well, let’s get a major part of this argument over-with now: “Scientifically, there is no (or has there ever been) an actual black or white race!” No one’s skin coloring is actually (spectrophotometrically) black or white. Mother Nature has yet to give us pure black or white people. In Quantum Mechanics, we use the name “Gustav Kirchhoff” for nonexistent Blackbody simulation. There are five (recognized) racial groups. Theoretically, there are as many as 300. But scientifically there is only one. The human one. This is a brief study of basic problems caused by ‘inaccurate’ human perception.

All Human skin colors and physical features are environmental adaptations*

But before we get to my points on racism, let’s look briefly at life. Unfortunately, some of us feel superior to others. Why? Most were conceived and born the same ‘basic’ way. First of all, there are almost 8 billion people on this planet. You and I are only one of them. But how did you happen? Well, one day (or night) your Mother and your Father “got together” and bonded not only themselves, but every ancestor both of them had to you. How? There are four levels of sexual arousal that happen between people. Excitement, plateau of arousal, orgasm, and resolution. Following initial arousal, the brain stimulates blood flow to the genitals. The heart rate and breathing increases. At this point, the central nervous system is fully engaged.

During coitus signals of enjoyment are sent to the brain until orgasm literally “erupts.” The orgasm in men lasts for about 15 seconds and is generally not immediately repeatable. On the other hand, women’s orgasm can last twice as long (about 30 seconds) and can be repeated. The hormone Dopamine present addictively reminds both subjects they want to “do it again soon.While Oxytocin (also present) assists in a bonding or love facilitation.” During this activity, the “Lateral Orbitofrontal Cortex (which controls reason and common sense) is turned off! This helps to explain some of the poor decisions that can be made concerning this activity.

Soon after orgasm, the relaxation of the Amygdala and the Hippocampus reduces emotion. This results in a trance-like state in women and a less aggressive state in men. This is followed by a deep relaxation for both Mom and Dad. And 9 months later you were born. The chances of you being born and being who you are is between one in 400 trillion and one in 400 quadrillion! (That’s 1/(100,000)(4 trillion)= 1/(105)(4×1012)= 1 in 4 x 1017) You, (no matter who) are indeed a miracle! So instead of being racist or bigoted one should be grateful they were not born a worm! And seriously consider how lucky one is to share in a human genetic structure. (Of any color)

This is how most of us got here. While mathematically you are a miracle, chances are there was nothing unusual about your conception or birth. The “inherent instruction” given to us by reproductive hormones to “engage” with others is so powerful that no variation of ‘Man’ has refused to comply. And so “here we are.” But ignorance keeps some of us thinking at rather ‘moronic’ levels. And these ‘unfortunates’ don’t see all nationalities as equals. Why?

Comparatively speaking, because of its meaning, the word ‘white(Johann Blumenbach 18th century) is so desired that an entire section of proud human beings has chosen to project’themselves into this lofty classification. Knowing full well the definition of the word “white” is one no human being can consistently exemplify. Conversely, not only is ‘black’ the absence of color, but the word exemplifies everything bad from ugly to “The Devil.

But whiteis a color and “black” is not! It seems we have some things a bit backwards. But because of these ‘less than accurate misnomers,’ we have blacks that are “whiter” than some whites, and whites that are “blacker” than some blacks. Note: This is an easy way of continuing to recognize the “One Drop Rule!” (Still in use today) As far as the “One Drop Rule” information goes, for this study (because of slavery and natural activity) we looked at an 89% African ethnicity. (Common African American genetic mixtures often include some Caucasian ancestry)

If blood volume was the only parameter used to quantify ethnic percent purity, (and it’s not) we still calculated it would take ~ 18.6 ounces (1.1 pints) of “other” blood presence to produce an 89% percent African blood ethnicity. (That’s over 9,000 drops of blood) One cannot always physically ‘see’ small or trace ancestral relationships. But without all of them, we may not be ‘exactly who’ we are today. You are truly ‘one of a kind.’

Since mature red blood cells have no DNA, white blood cell or saliva/swab DNA testing is necessary. But generally, I’d like more than “One Drop” of blood to study race. It can be shown we all share about 50th cousinhood and possibly some molecular connections as well. But the clear lines of human demarcation ‘some’ seem to be searching for {e.g. questionable haplogroup study) simply do not exist. (Only variation) I won’t bore this readership by explaining reasons why a healthy true black or white skin is nonexistent. But let disease suffice for now.

As for the mislabeling and complete transformation of an entire segment of humanity from various shades of brown to “imaginary black.” (Johann Blumenbach, 18th cent.) I blame politicians. They were led in this malignant direction either by the uninformed or the unscrupulous. But no thinking leader should have ever allowed such a discriminatory, incorrect word as “black” to replace a brown skin. It’s as if all African Americans evolved singularly from only “jet black” ancestors. Of course, this is not scientifically possible. Where are these actually “black” Black People?I can’t find any on this planet! Evidence shows even Y-Chromosomal Adam & Mitochondrial Eve were brown people.The word “black” (instead of brown) seems to be used more for ‘separatist reasons’ than fact.

I believe ‘some’ with power and influence realized the word ‘white’ has an increased authoritative and “psychological grip” on a darker people when called by its antithesis. Namely “black!” And they were right. After all, what is “white” without “black?” In reality, the so-called ‘races’ (in many cases) are barely separated by blood. This fact has always been a “bone of contention” with racists, who I suspect were somehow involved in the “Black Choice” decision. Then along came James Brown’ who sang his popular hit song; “Say it Loud!” “I’m black and I’m proud!” (Which became the 1968 “black mantra”) And Blumenbach’s “color coded” anthropological scale (which had long been ‘pushed’ by separatists) was finally adopted by this minority.

It was just that simple. And it looked as if this word was chosen by “The People!” Whites were secure with the best of a descriptive identity, and young “Blacks” had accepted the absolute worst by following the ‘dictates’ of a hit song! but who really made this decision?” It should have been the elders, but older people of color would have never fallen for such an obvious trick. After all, they had “vehemently” rejected the word “black” (commonly used in four infamous2-5 word ‘cuss’ phrases) and they had even shed blood denying it for over 300 years!

What’s the problem now? Please listen, I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but the original African people were (and still are) many shades of brown. (Even dark brown to ‘bluish’ is still not black) Scientifically, there are about 36 shades of complexion between peoples of various world locations. (Von Luschan’s chromatic scale) Black and white are not included on this scale because they are not human skin tones. Black absorbs every wavelength of light generated without reflecting any back. White reflects all wavelengths and absorbs the least light and heat. In other words, a black skin would tend to “cook” the owner, while a white skin would easily “freeze” or let one radiate him/herselfto death. Was the conceptof ‘white people’ an ‘imaginary goal,’ inserted into history by mistake, or was it seen (by some) as an ‘insurmountablegenetic advantage over darker-skinned people worldwide?

“The Word White”

Now I ask you, “what does one think of “Black” when one continually see’s the word Whitedefined by a dictionary as: Pure, Bright, Moral, Good, Snow, Sunlight, Wonderful, Clean, Innocent, Beautiful, Light, Angelic, Sinless, Without Spot or Blemish, the Opposite of Black, or a White Person?”(White has a ‘superior’ (human) definition to those of Blumenbach’s four other skin colors. (Yellow, Brown, Red, and Black) I believe the entire family of man is actually various shades of brown.” (Pale – dark) I also believe skin we have come to know as “White” is due to a SLC24A5 skin mutation and environmental adaptation. In my view, this skin color is closer to “Isabelline” (a shade of very light brown) than white. Still, one must be quite satisfied with such a “lofty” definition. The examples and word descriptions given here may vary with dictionary.

“The Word Black”

In juxtaposition, we see the word Blackdefined by the same literary systems as: Contaminated, The Absence of Color, Spoiled, Dirty, Wicked, Sinister, Evil, Demonic, Grotesque, Filthy, Contagious, Dark, Hopeless, Criminal, The Devil, or a Black Person. (A horror movie?) Interestingly, at first glance, Blumenbach’s three other ‘man colors’ appear to be “sandwiched” between ‘white and black.’ (Good vs Evil?) After 349 years of rejection, (1619-1968) this word ‘hung around(usually as an insult) until acceptance (partially) as an answer to the word ‘white.’ Scientifically, (on average) Caucasians” are no closer to actually being white than “Africansare to actually being black. In my view, the average African American is closer to Umber,” (a shade of brown, not black) I believe (over time) ‘skin color perceptioncan be/is politically “manipulated.” (E.g., many now see brown skin as black)

There are about 7,000 languages spoken on this planet. To my knowledge, the definition of the word “Black” means relatively the same in most. To say this word has somehow “changed” or been “adjusted” to accommodate “people” is blatantly condescending. As an example, Whites surveyed some years ago said they would have never accepted such a description (as black) for self-identification. In my view, it would be easier to correct this mistake than to “adjust” language. E.g. “African American Brown People!” The name “African” (or other) would auto-adjust the huge array of colors and other ethnicities contained in the massive color brown. (Pale – Dark)

Psychologically, over time what do you think the historic treatment and “toxic” atmosphere here has done to the mind of these minority individuals? (Especially the mind of a child?) Please remember, *the word black* used in front of the word people” does not change the meaning of black. In my view, this is the most potent “mental yoke” continually following this minority. If one is continually indoctrinated daily with subliminal concepts of inferiority and ugliness, (and the concept of black is definitely inferior to that of white) then what is expected? The fear is ‘sooner or later’ many will act outthe black definition with educational problems and crime. This has happened. E.g., never before have women and children become common victims of such horrendous crime.

Since black is the absence of color, and (blacks) are also known as “people of color,” perhaps calling themselves by a color on the human color scale would help. A color which more closely matches and incorporates the wide range of complexions involved. And that’s the many shades of Brown. This would eliminate the deleterious effects and self-condemnation of a “guilty sounding” description. Example: When a police radio says; “Black male!” (in my view) this word by definition prompts a preconceived concept of “guilt” where confusing ‘word association’ with ‘character’ may turn even a simple ‘traffic stop’ into tragedy.

Johann Blumenbach’s (18th century) decision that a Caucasian skull was the most anatomically “beautiful and handsome” of the five human groups has produced much tumult. I believe his “Colors of Mankind” decision (White, Yellow, Brown, Red, and Black) has resulted in some ethnicities (worldwide) where the ‘lightness’ of complexion has often turned into a kind of ‘silent measuring system’ of worth.

*Tartt's Black Synopsis*

“In my opinion, “Black” People have always known they’re a brown nation. But they’ve been slowly psychologically programmed by bad advice, racial hatred, and genetic ignorance. (E.g. “The One Drop Rule”) They’ve been mistakenly led over the last 150 years to believe their brown skin (of any shade) is actually black. All brainwashing takes is repetition and time. And we’ve had both. People are not that ‘starkly’ separated. I believe self-denigration is a prescription for ineptitude and crime. Language appliance is terminal.

To some, every time someone refers to themselves as “black” also relegates them to the ‘least desirable position’ on the evolutionary ladder. This is not true. But to that end, all ‘other’ groups benefit. Unfortunately, many tend to be “loyal” to their own dysfunction. “Because I’m black” has not only become a common excuse for failure, but can also put one at professional disadvantage. The word ‘black’ can imply far more than color.

If you think you’re black, pick up a black crayon and look in a mirror. Except for some still pictures, movies, and television where complexions can easily be “manipulated” no one (in “real life”) is actually that dark. But “black” has been ‘drilled’ into the heads of this minority for over thirteen generations. (August 1619) I believe this word has severely hindered the progress of a ‘great people’ in innumerable ways.” - Henri W. Tartt, Chemist

This article was not written to “stigmatize” the rights of or to accuse White People in any way. This is simply an effort to reinstall self-respect and self-esteem where it may have been lost. And to help correct a human imbalance sometimes felt in many minority communities. I believe a lack of self-respect, self-esteem, and crime go hand in hand, and something must be done. The average Caucasian of today has little or nothing to do with this development. I believe the intrinsic equality of all people should be one of our highest objectives.

A good number of this readership represents excellent educators from the finest universities in the world. I look forward to their comments as well as those of the scientific community and general audience. Stay well

Re: *African American Brown People*

“Shades of brown are mistaken for black and white daily, but they are still shades of brown.” - Henri W. Tartt, Chemist

Respectfully Submitted,
Henri W. Tartt,
Supervising Chemist &
Chief of Microbiology (Retired)
City of Cleveland, Ohio
Email: henri@henriwtartt.com
Website: Tartt’s Scientific Approach

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