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Comments: *The First Anthropological Enlightenment* & *Imitation of Life* and The Science Behind Beauty*

Greetings, it is good to be with you again. There are probably very few subjects that could generate quicker levels of curiosity and interest in both academia and the general science public. Since the common denominator here is “Adam & Eve,” I chose to shorten and combine the two sets of responses. Both of these articles can be individually found in their entirety at *Tartt's Scientific Approach* www.henriwtartt.com. I thank all of you that wrote with your comments. Dealing with this kind of material (where subjectivity and science must be separated) requires careful study because one subject has proven to be a constantly evolving anthropological study and the other appears to be a completely subjective issue. The basic problem in this case is that subjective evolution can easily camouflage and distort the scientific facts. Obviously, (as you will see) some readers were a bit disturbed by some parts of the articles, but according to reliable psychological data, inaccurate and unconscious preconceptions are two of the building blocks of unintended or unconscious prejudice. Of course that is assuming one's prejudice is unconscious. Good luck with that one.

The variation (race) of the contributors to this consortium (when voluntarily revealed) includes all of the major labels and many honorable professions. As most of you know, one of the primary objectives of my work is to find usable instructional veins in my subject material. To that effort I have limited the majority of the responses listed to those whose professions reasonably correspond with the majority theme of our readership. However, in fairness to all participating parties the list of responses also includes a science related submission from our general audience as well. These two articles (when homogenized) have been found by a respectable number of varied professionals to have effectively addressed some of the more difficult questions pertaining to the continuing Adam & Eve mysteries. In addition, my views about some of the psychological mechanisms, by which we recognize and evaluate aspects of both personal and public visage, were also respectfully submitted for your examination and appraisal. The personal inclusions, insights, and perspectives given are those of a chemist.

(Comments used were delivered in English, and reproduced only with senders permission)

Comments: *The First Anthropological Enlightenment*

  1. (USA-University Educator) Hello Henri, as you know, I have read your articles for a number of years. But once in a while you surprise me with some exceptional content. This article was one of these. I have never paid much attention to questioning the analytical structure of our evolution. Perhaps a qualified anthropologist will write in and comment on the problem you have with “Homo habilis”. We all know “something” started all of this. I must however confess, I have also thought about the possibility of human evolution being tampered with by some kind of “other” influence, but dismissed it as yet there is insufficient proof. I also appreciated the segment on human hair. It answered many of my wife and daughters questions. I think this was a very good article that will initiate more thought on lots of human existence issues. – Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. And that's a good thing. - Henri
  2. (USA- University Educator) Henri, I believe you are wrong on this one. “Flying saucers, missing people” and the like have been debunked for decades. Modern anthropology has decisively shown the evolutionary steps taken by early man from antiquity to the present day as exclusively human. I see no gaps in their technology. Most of my constituents (me included) have discounted the God issue and agree with modern atheistic assessments. Seriously, don't you think you are doing your profession a disservice by writing about aliens and other nonexistent fairy tales? I am also a bit troubled by your assessment of the late Pope's involvement in the alien issue. I find it difficult to believe that a man of his stature and resources would believe and write such incriminating material in light of his position and world influence. – Doctor, I do not write falsehoods! All of the statements and decisions about aliens that I ascribe to His Holiness are completely true and easily verified. You've told me that you teach. And you have university credentials and obviously, you have a computer. So “look it up” yourself. I believe the Pope's responsibility is first to truth, not to image. Millions of innocent people go missing every year. (Worldwide) Perhaps you can tell us where they are, or what keeps happening to them? I'm not speaking about the sexual “slave trade” or monetary kidnappings. Those numbers and profiles are another issue altogether. - Henri
  3. (Switzerland- MD) Hello my friend, I always enjoy speaking with you. I might ask: how do you come up with your subject material? I find this one to be quite remarkable. I have a medical question about your ‘simulated surgery' on Adam. Your genetic technique was very intriguing. But during the implantations, was it necessary to enter the cranium at all? If so, what procedure did you use? – (Lots of curiosity here) First question: I'm not exactly sure how my article subject choice happens. Second: Re: Adam's surgical simulation: (Legend; In my view, after a 4 million year passage of time, Man (As Homo erectus) would not have “suddenly” experienced the “amazing' advancement in brain development, technology and imagination sufficient to travel from the “jungle to the moon' (and beyond) in only a short 6,000 year period. That is, without the kind of assistance you are about to witness). As I previously wrote, Chromosomal identification and gene selection was first acquired. (The following extended procedure was left out of the article due to time and space). Restrictive enzymatic gene splicing and genetic code manipulation was selectively performed through insertional mutagenesis and transfused. The cranium was then opened by simple craniotomy. (Saving the bone fragmentation) An incision was made to the Cerebellum, integrating heritable, comprehensive, and complexity implants. Rejection immunizations were made through the Limbic System. Nuclear Resonant Scattering was applied with electromagnetic diffusion systemically. A gene-specific cell enhancement was followed by reconstructive cranioplasty, feature adjustment, and a short epigenetic recovery period. And Adam, (Homo sapiens) was born. (By who's assistance is the question). This was *The First Anthropological Enlightenment* - OK? Good to hear from you. - Henri
  4. (Australia –Lab Tech.) Now I've heard it all. Before there was so much UFO controversy and convincing material in movies and on television, I never considered the possibility of alien existence. Now, with this additional information, especially the Popes input I just don't know. I did like your human speciation entry. (Not that I totally agree). And I'm not that familiar with the Bonobo monkey. I always thought he was just another chimp. Thanks for an interesting and thought provoking article. – Thank you, I try to explore many of the inadequately explained enigmas. The Bonobo (Pan paniscus) is the rather “civil” cousin of the Chimpanzee. In my opinion, Pan paniscus is a small but definite “step-up” the evolutionary ladder from the traditional, “wild” (Pan troglodytes) chimp. -Henri
  5. (Japan – University Educator) Thank you sir for an above average piece of work on a rare topic. I have spoken to you once before. You were very gracious. Please pardon me for asking this question. But do you actually believe what you write? Is it fact or fiction? I find myself actually thinking that you are serious about this alien presence. Will you please clarify your personal position? You are popular here in Japan. As you know, English is taught in many of our universities and your article on “Life after Death” is very popular. - Thank you for the compliments. Yes, I remember you. Mathematically, I believe Alien (extra- terrestrial) existence is not only possible, but probable. Thousands of eyewitnesses over centuries should not be continually viewed as mistaken, confused, or irresponsible. While I have never seen an alien, or a flying saucer, there are billions of planets and opportunities for their existence “out there.” Conclusion: Either I believe the mathematics or stop using them. - Henri
  6. (Great Britain- statistician) Hello Henri, I have just finished reading your article “The First Anthropological Enlightenment”. I have never read research like this before. Are you being intellectually dishonest? It graphically explains things that no one can know. Where did you get these concepts? Do you claim abduction? Or have you ever seen living evidence of your writings? Are you a fictionist? This is not the kind of material I would expect from someone with your professional background. – Fair questions. Extrapolation is a mathematical term. There is nothing fictional about it. In my view, the ability to intellectually go beyond the immediately observable is not intellectual or scientific dishonesty. (You must know this). Take a Physics class. Besides, you guys extrapolate all the time. And you do it with “numbers” no less. Perhaps you should reconstruct your question. - Henri

Comments: *Imitation of Life* and The Science Behind Beauty*

  1. (USA- University Educator) Henri, this work was well written and insightful. I think most of us know the basic relationships we have with each other, but perhaps not to this degree. As a white person I have always believed there is a bit more separation between us and other races than much of your work indicates. I still want to believe this, but now I'm not so sure. Not being one who is easily convinced, I did some research on DNA and the genetics of the human family. I also had my own DNA tested. The results were a bit surprising. It certainly appears that you may be right. Thank you for this article. It is one that I will keep. It casts lots of things into a different, but clearer light. – Thanks, you are very kind. -Henri
  2. (Germany – Engineer) Henri, your comments about Dr. Blumenbach appears to be in order. In my opinion he was everything you said about him and more. But I don't think he knew that his experiments would be as profound and prolific as they have come to be. Not living in America, I cannot evaluate how his work has actually affected the lives of so many along racial lines. We don't have the concentrated diversity here to compare with yours. But you are right the whole world recognizes Germany as the model for human excellence. – I never said that, and such an attitude is a bit “chairman-esq” don't you think? -Henri
  3. (India –Engineer) Henri, what a wonderful article! I am very impressed. Thank you for exposing such a worldwide travesty. I have often wondered why dark skinned men and women here in India continue to suffer second-class respect when it comes to marriage and beauty. Now I have a better understanding. In India this rating system is prevalent everywhere from poverty to elegance. At times the upper class refers to us as blacks or subtle, but vile names. Besides America, I‘ve also read that South Africa, Brazil and Australia have many of the same problems. What is your opinion about this? What can we do? - Thanks for the compliments. Any country with diversified complexions is going to have people that harbor skin color prejudice. This die was cast long ago. Unfortunately, in your society the word “white” (Gori) also means “beautiful” while some words for black or darkness (Dalits, Kalu) mean the exact opposite. If you take into consideration that some of your scripture (e.g. The Rig Veda) also has references to light skinned gods with yellow beards, one can see why the light color preference system still exists. This kind of symbolism has taken root all over the world. Today, many countries are beginning to make reductive discriminatory practices punishable by law. Hopefully, it will only be a short time before such laws will be better enforced in your society. This problem finds its root in a lack of education and (or) intellect, both of which occur in all nationalities. I would completely ignore them. In my view, this will hurt them far more than any other action you could legally take. - Henri
  4. (Italy – University Educator) Hello Henri, this article was quite interesting. In Italy we “run the gamut” of complexions, both light and dark. I remember when growing up there was somewhat of a color problem among those of us with darker skin. All the boys were always looking for the Northern Italian girls to date (and marry) because they were fairer than many of those in southern Italy and Sicily. But sometimes when tourists or visitors to the country would refer to us as white, we would proudly tell them “we're not white, we're Italian!” Today, most are proud to be referred to as white Italian people. I enjoyed the article Henri, and found it to be scientifically fairly accurate. -Thanks, you're very kind. I first heard that “Italian Pronouncement” from a colleague many years ago. - Henri
  5. (London– Physicist) Hello Henri, when I first heard about you from one of my friends, I thought you were just another scientist on a familiar ego trip. But I've read your last five articles and I must say, your expertise in the inner workings of prescription drugs and their manufacture is impressive. I particularly liked (and agree with) your medical statement in “Tartt's Law of Sensory Discernment”. (*Article-“Did You Take Your Pills Today?”) However, when you get into the God, alien, and race issues, you lose my interest. You obviously have a good education, but don't you think you are doing your profession as a Chemist a disservice by writing about nonexistent figments of the imagination and antiquated skin color issues? – Thank you for the compliments…I think. Listen, you're a Physicist, give me a chance here. Briefly try and look at it this way: Particle Physics and Frequency Probability give us more reason to believe in God than aliens. Conversely, some statistical probability shows the existence of aliens is more probable than the existence of God. Divide these probabilities by the partition function and you get a positive (+) existence probability for both. (However small) (E.g. the Anthropic Principle) This is not imaginary. I believe this is an error of the first kind in your statistical hypothesis testing. (Are you using actuarial mathematics?) On the other hand, todays skin color and human discriminatory issues undeniably still pose a clear and present danger to those least able to facilitate change. - Henri
  6. (USA – Waitress) Hello Henri, my sister who is a teacher had me read your article about black women imitating white women! Well I'm a black woman and I own two blond wigs. But I would never dream that my wearing them would be considered some kind of a white girl imitation! I have dark skin and blond is not my natural hair color. But I notice that as soon as I put the wig on, I do look a little different, I get bigger tips at work, and my boyfriend likes it. Is that what you mean? And since I'm asking the questions now, are you black? I think you are, but I'm not sure. We are making bets on you. Don't you know that if you have one drop of black blood you are black? I mean, everybody knows that. One more thing, is this a black or a white website? I don't expect you to answer me. – Thank you for answering the beauty question. That is exactly what I mean. Our primary readership consists of exceptionally gifted Educators from some of the finest colleges and universities in the world. Also included here are general science enthusiasts from the United States and abroad. All nationalities are welcome. Now, in answer to your article interpretation and genetic bloodline instruction (to me):-
    What we are dealing with in this article is more of a psychological phenomenon than a conscious one. This article was an attempt to inform or remind all women and men of this tendency, and not to any particular segment or group. I briefly addressed “The One Drop Rule” in the article. But please consider this: Simply put, the human body contains approximately ten pints of blood. After careful calculation, that's approximately 94,640 drops of blood. All variations (races) of Man are generally one of four major blood types: O, A, B, and AB. Understanding these types, it is genetically impossible that one drop of any naturally inherited or transfused healthy blood type could have any “Abracadabra” or contaminate effect on the other 94,639 drops of blood. (Or the inherent variation (race) of any born or unborn individual, this includes the Mendelian laws).

That one drop of blood could alter the variation (race) of an individual is a mathematically absurd, genetically incorrect attempt to frighten the masses away from sexual and societal integration with minorities. This is a cheap segregationist trick. Please never believe or repeat this lie again. It's simply not true. Case closed. This “sneaky” psychology leads people to falsely believe that the African bloodline is so potently different and aggressive that any amount of their blood no matter how small overtakes and will somehow, “Black Africanize” an entire otherwise “pure?” individual from “head to toe.” This was / is an effort to somehow “dehumanize” the African bloodline. Scientifically, there are no black, white, red or yellow colored people on this Earth, and all global variations have genetically crossed paths. Because of the mixing in man's past (and present), ultimately we are all related. Ignorance and today's affordable, easily obtained genetic testing has without fail, caused multitudes to destroy their DNA test results. Even James Brown's historic hit song (and national black manta) “Say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud” cannot destroy scientific facts to the contrary. (I hope). - Henri


In addition to reminding everyone that “natural evolution” would not wait four million years and then (unassisted) suddenly take man *from the jungle to the moon* in only 6,000 years, it is hoped, these articles will accomplish at least two other things: 1) Help to eventually, “open the eyes” of those who regularly like to camp out alone in darkness in the deep woods or jog alone on desolate, deserted paths late at night. This practice is not smart. People continue to inexplicably “vanish into thin air” and are never seen or heard from again. Why tempt fate? 2) For others who still think they are members of some kind of superior species than the rest of us, this is a “wake up call” for them to revisit their 2nd and 3rd grade math class and this time, “pay attention.” Underneath the fine silk and exotic leathers we may often wear, still lurks the same African mtDNA (L) and biallelic chromosomal marker (M168) that ancient African ‘Hunter Gatherers” carried. The only difference being we're not in the “jungle.” We're in Saks Fifth Avenue and Walmart. Listen, as I've always said, “No matter the complexion, how beautiful, handsome, smart or rich, anyone that still has to die is superior to no one.”

The responses listed here are but a small composite of the many comments received. Sorry, comment space is limited. But in quick answer to the recurring “skin color questions” that keep resurfacing in comments that I have not listed: Please make no mistake. Personally, I find acceptance of the words Black, White, Red, or Yellow as ones identity, an agreement to endure civil treatment commensurate with the definition of the accepted identifying word. (Which historically is what has occurred). The word “Brown” is excepted because visually, all people are various shades of brown. From very pale beige, to very dark brown. Fully 100% of all people are shades of these browns. (No one is actually black, white, red or yellow). The original past (and present) complexion of Man (in Africa) was/is brown, not black! The definitive use of these identifying colors triggers predictable psychological responses in people. Charles M. Blow, a columnist for “The New York Times” has just written an article titled “A white firing a gun is safer than a black holding one.” As you can see, these two words do not promote equality! Most Caucasian (white) people don't like the word “black” when speaking about African Americans either. A recent study published in the “Washington Post” by Assistant Professor Erika Hall, of Emory University showed that whites preferred the name “African American” to “black” when referring to African American people. The study further stated that “crime” was psychologically more associated with (e.g.) a “Black male” than an “African American male.”

Employment success, societal position, educational achievement, and income level speculation also improved with the “African American identity.” And the study also found the word “white” carries no such racial stigma. And I of course concur. Please listen; this is science not racism! And I have tried to compete in this fight (scientifically and religiously) for over 30 years. If we all lived in the same habitat (undisturbed) in excess of 5,000 years, we'd all be forced to mutate, (or die out) be of similar complexion, and look very much alike. If people continue to “fraternize,” and intermarry (and they will) this 5,000-year transformation period will take only a 9-month gestation term for different variations to “appear.” And these barriers of ignorance will continue to fade. This is why so many African American children today (and other variations) continue to be born with “unexpected features.” How smart does one have to be? This isn't rocket science. It's simply the result of inevitable “evolutionary behavior.” By conservative estimates today, over14 million African Americans also have European ancestry. However genetically, this number is actually far higher, (on both sides of this equation).

Adam & Eve were far more than just “Paradigms, Models, or Prototypes” of modern man. Let's face it, with all of the MDs, PhDs, and Burger Flippers in this world, one would think that someone (by now) would actually be able to prove what happened to cause all of this humanity to run around the Earth continuously “goosing and killing” each other. Since we are all ultimately made of the same common elements essential for life, and these same elements are spread throughout the universe in the form of atoms, protons, neutrons, quarks, neutrinos, etc. Isn't it strange that the radius of a quark and a neutrino is less than zero, yet the center of a “black Hole” has a singularity with zero volume but an infinite density?” If this nothingness is actually real, then where does all of this life come from? Let's take a quick look: Can all life come from “zero” or perhaps “Quantum Entanglement?” No! Perhaps we're all just computerized dreams or illusions from random DNA, RNA, and TNA encounters? No!

Then let's take it further: Extrapolate to this: Did we evolve from “The zero-point theory” where all the information from everyone that ever lived is theoretically stored in the universe forever? No! Then, how about the many views from our present three-dimensional (height, width, and depth) physiological mechanisms? No! What about down at the “The Planck Scale, or up to Quantum Gravitational M-theory?” No! OK, then lastly, let's peer over into the 11 dimensions and parallel universes indicated in String Theory? No! Even after all of this study and research, the “Unanswerable Question” continues to be: “How did mixtures of non-living chemicals miraculously turn into a world full of living, thinking consciously aware beings?” Todays most gifted Physicists, Complexity Theorists, Biochemists, and Neural-Engineers still cannot give us a definitive answer to this simple question. (Without God, that is...but that would be too easy…)

It seems that you and I are just the latest chapter in a book that's “billions of years old.” The Adam & Eve Series that we've just completed, (*The First Anthropological Enlightenment* and *Imitation of Life* and The Science Behind Beauty*) according to readers,are two very entertaining, educational articles on the subject of man's evolutionary progress. It appears the prejudicial instincts outlined may have lessened, but in many areas they are as strong as ever. I believe the application of the articles subjects to daily life contributed to their readable success. While some of the comments received were fairly critical, most were intellectually honest and therefore quite relevant to the discussion.

So is life just basic animal biology or is it pure inexplicable consciousness? I'd like to get some of my strict analytical colleagues to make sure they are not always completely cerebrally driven. I believe there are times in life (and work) that we should use some of our personal human wisdom (e.g. common sense). Adjustments cannot be continually made in an effort to rescue hypotheses that are so obviously flawed in the first place. To whoever first perpetuated our virile longevity, in plausible reality we owe our sincere gratitude. And at this point, it appears to be the overwhelming intrinsic balance and talents of both Adam & Eve. We should at least know and agree on this as a reasonable starting point. As for how the lives of all the worldly variations defiantly continue in the face of severe evolutionary threat, please allow me to leave you with this very basic but very real synopsis:

Man and Woman's existence is primarily justified by their tenacity and reproductive ability. Therefore, sexual activity whether it is productive or barren, will continue as long as it is physically and emotionally possible. After which, this wonderful gift though handed down to us *from the beginning*will last from the night we first gave our best, to the days we slowly begin to thaw. And because human love is both timeless and inexplicable, these permanently ingrained callings will remain within, lovingly treasured and gratefully remembered, (as no other) *for as long as we shall live. * This is the real *Beauty* behind our evolution. Stay well

*Note: For actual numbers on variation (race) and its evolutionary inheritance influence, see *Tartt's Teachings on Race, Blackness and Whiteness* at *Tartt's Scientific Approach* www.henriwtartt.com.

*Honor thy mother and thy father, that thy days shall be long upon the earth*- Holy Bible, Ephesians 6:2
*To save a man's life against his will is the same as killing him*- Horace (1st century BC)

All The Best,
Henri W. Tartt
Supervising Chemist and
Chief of Microbiology (retired)
City of Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
Email: henri@henriwtartt.com
Website: *Tartt's Scientific Approach*

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