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*The First Anthropological Enlightenment*


Greetings, it is good to be with you again. This is a rather long article, but the subject is multifaceted. So sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee or perhaps your favorite beverage and prepare to enjoy an extended session of “serious intellectual contemplation.” But quickly, please allow me to clarify one recurring inquiry:
Question: “Who is your target audience, and is it exclusive?” (Santa Barbara, Ca.) Answer: My articles contain serious scientific and sociological research, the purpose of which is:

  1. To provide effective College and University Educators (and other Professionals) with relevant, pertinent, scientific information that is timely and suitable for the instructor to use at his or her personal discretion. As for exclusivity, I am a scientist, and I do not believe the designations black, white, red, or yellow when used in reference to people is respectful, kind, or descriptive. I would respectfully remind the reader that only one of these indicating colors can be definitively found to be flattering. All nationalities (around the world) are equally welcome to review my work. However, be advised, where I find recognizable problematic or offensive activity, be it scientific or otherwise, I will not hesitate to point it out fairly. I take no sides.
  2. The information contained herein is also directed at the educated, curious members of the General Public. This is especially true for those that no longer have convenient access to meaningful, enjoyable scientific discussion.

Because of necessary inclusions, and difficult scientific terminology, these articles are written using methodologies that help to accelerate the general understanding of unfamiliar parlance with no diminution of their scientific integrity. This is particularly helpful for those readers that have no particular proclivity for tedious scientific interpretation. As usual, viable speculation often accompanies controversial subjects that exhibit widely differing, debatable outcomes. I do this with the utmost respect and candor. And thank you for asking. Now let us begin.

*Was the First Man an Ape?* (Secular)

First of all, I am not an Anthropologist, nor am I a Medical Doctor. I am a Chemist, but this is a question, the answer to which many people think they know. Our college and university text books are full of historical, recent works and pictures identifying the origin of everyone from “Ardi” (Ardipithecus- 4.4 million years ago), “Lucy” (Australopithecus- 3.2 million ago) to “Sam” your next door neighbor (Homo sapiens 42 years ago). But something just doesn't seem right about the speed of Homo sapiens (Man's) rapid evolutionary advancement. Man is a Primate. Why haven't other Primates made similar progress? We've simply left the others “in the dust” of time as though something strange “boosted or assisted” our ancestors development. But just how did this come about? Wouldn't you like to know? And do we really know all the answers? Those of you who have followed my research over the years know that I have tried to cover this subject briefly before, but not to this extent. In my opinion, the level of truth that lies within this subject has remained hidden in the dark for too long. But we'd all like to know what actually happened.

DNA says that we all are far more alike than the prejudiced among us would like to admit. But is *Man* (as we know him today) the result of earthly sexual copulation alone? Unfortunately, for the best answer, we must start at the beginning.

  1. Ardipithecus ramidus aka “Ardi” 4.4 million years ago ( fossils 1992)
  2. Australopithecus anamensis 4.2 -3.9 mya (fossil 1965)
  3. Australopithecus afarensis aka *Lucy* 3.2-2.9 mya (fossils 1973)
  4. Australopithecus Africanus 3.0-2.4 mya (fossils 1924)
  5. Australopithecus robustus 2.1-1.6 mya (fossils 1938)
  6. Australopithecus boisei 2.3-1.1 mya (fossil 1959)
  7. Homo habilis 2.4-1.5 mya (fossil 1960)………..

  8. *OK stop here* Just how Human were all of these presumed prehistoric ancestors of ours? Should all of those thus far be counted as Man's actual PROGENITORS or were they still too submerged in the Ape species to be anything more than an extremely distant 93rd cousin? Let's move on to those groups that I believe may be “Man Enough” to be called our (evolutionary) ancestors, and not just another species of Ape. *Note* (In my view), the next mentioned species have no ability to reproduce with lower primates. And they are:
  9. Homo Erectus 1.8 mya- 300,000 years ago, (fossil 1893)
  10. Homo sapiens (Archaic) 500,000-200,000 years ago (fossil 1921)
  11. Homo sapiens neanderthalensis 230,000-30.000 years ago (fossil 1856)
  12. and finally
  13. *Homo sapiens Modern 200,000-120,000 years ago and into the present (Cro-Magnon Included-fossil 1868).*
But where is Adam? Where does he fit into this mix? In my opinion, both Ardipithecus and Australopithecus were more Ape than Man, but many scientists believe they were the First of Mans “Adam and Eve” ancestors. According to the written, drawn, chronological order of today it appears that the first “MAN was still basically an Ape!” Is that true? Well perhaps, but I'm inclined to believe this may be only a philosophical truth. Here's why:

*Tartt's Views on Human Speciation*

“The Human species are populations of Homo sapiens that reproduce with each other, but are completely reproductively sterile with other populations. It is my opinion that research suggests that sex between Homo habilis (types) and the Bonobo (Types/Pan Paniscus) was still sufficiently common that it produced fertile hybrids for a considerable span of time. (About 1.2 million years). In my view, anthropologically the Bonobo type is not a true Chimpanzee. It should be chronologically located between the Chimpanzee and Man. This productive union was after their initial “split” or divergence into separate lineages. Again, in my view, all species up to and including Homo habilis were more Ape than Man. Because of this successful paternity his classification as Homo habilis should somehow indicate that he was still capable of impregnating apes. The human species does not have this capability. Those that do are not human. Whatever mechanisms he retained to complete this process should disqualify him from the heritable human-like kinship that is given to H. erectus, H. neanderthalensis, and H. sapiens. If (as is scientifically taught) evolution was unassisted, then H. habilis was no more related to us than are the Bonobos, Chimpanzees and Gorillas of today.” – Henri W. Tartt, Chemist

I'm not singling out H habilis for undue criticism. I know that some research has indicated that early Homo sapiens may have attempted to mate with lower primates. But I would remind the reader that regretfully, even modern man has had sexual interactions with all manner of animals outside of his genetic order. Man has had sexual encounters with Monkey's, Horses, Cows, Dogs, Cats, Sheep, Birds, and almost any animal that he could get to “hold still.” So saying that Man had sex with apes is nothing revolutionary. But Modern Man could not get near the average Chimpanzee, Orangutan or Gorilla and escape with his life, (or his privates). The prehistoric man (mentioned in some research) had to still be “very much” an ape to get near enough to impregnate another ape. It's one thing to write something, but it's quite another for it to agree with believable common sense. I will not get into genetic issues now except to say that man has 46 chromosomes and all apes have 48. Extensive research has shown that Man and Ape cannot reproduce. We've all heard “stories” to the contrary, but we have no definitive proof of “Man/Ape” procreative success.

*Who Was the First Man?*


Obviously, there is some controversy concerning Adam here. At first it appears that either science is misinformed and confused, or perhaps a major segment of religion may just have it wrong. They can't both be right, can they? For once and for all, which is it? Well I think that Modern Man's progenitor Adam is to be found in the following time period: After the passage of about 194,000 years of the Homo sapiens 200,000 (or so) year existence this Adam & Eve suddenly “appeared” on the scene. This appearance is “documented” by world legends, and scriptural writings from three *Major* religious Holy Books. They are The Torah, The Holy Bible, and The Holy Quran. There are similar stories of creation in The Mahabharata, The Bhagavad Gita, The Guru Granth Sahib and Buddhist writings. Though we are examining total human evolution, this particular study is more specific to the Abrahamic religions. While the Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh religions are not often specifically mentioned, they are related.

Tartt on “The Average Creationist view of Evolutionary Adam”

According to “Abrahamic Traditions” and interpretations of the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, *Adam* was the *First Man* to ever walk the Earth. Many staunch Creationists believe that every Human mentioned before Adam is the result of *Bad Science* and never existed as described. Many Creationists believe the inaccurate assembling of vastly *dispersed animal bones* has resulted in chronological specimens of incorrect anthropological conjecture and mistakenly assembled amalgamation.”

Many notable religious authorities (past and present) claim that this Adamic odyssey occurred approximately 4,004 BC, or about 6,000 years ago. Of course modern scientists believe they know that *Man* (Hominoidae) is far older than 6,000 years. This Adam's DNA and his total heritable origin is my biological question and may ultimately be the answer to this controversy. It is my opinion that Homo sapiens definitely had some sort of “dynamic assistance” during the time of Adam's purported appearance. What caused the unusual rapidity of his mental development? (Remember, this Adam is also a religious figure).

This Adam went from the jungle to the moon in just over 6,000 years! That's quite a “Quantum leap!” This is not a legend nor is it a dream! The numbers and fossils indicate that primitive types of man/apes were here over 4 million years before this Adam! Why didn't they “evolve” like he did? It appears that this Adam (and his hominid group?) had some kind of help. But if so, from whence came this help? Many worshippers say God did it, but is this the only answer? What God? What do you mean by the word God? My question is this: If not generic God, then who…. or what? Do we really want to know? It's much easier to just say God did it. But one thing I do know is this: Secular evolutionary *Homo erectus* would have been the first true hominid ancestor of modern man, but alas…he was not Adam either… and he evolved as far as he could on his own. It doesn't appear (to me) that we are really talking about an actual first species to “walk upright, walk on two legs, exhibit independent thinking, or use tools including the use of fire.” That would have been “Homo erectus.” But H. erectus wasn't very attractive. In fact, he was still primitive looking. So cosmetically (or politically?) we still have No Adam!



“This evolutionary (Homo sapiens) Man was the first entirely acceptable and totally evolved, presentable representative of the Human race. He was officially declared as: “The true progenitor of Modern Man.” This is in direct opposition to the religious concept of “Created Adam” who is purported to have been created by God in one 24 hour day.

Most of us know the above story of Man's evolutionary sojourn and physical descriptions very well. But here is where all of modern mankind comes into our study. Generally I don't like redundancy, but if you remember, a while back, I wrote an article titled “What's Wrong?” and in this article I tried to show that all of us (no exceptions) may be “wired” to “Long for God.” If you look into our evolutionary development above, we see a very slow progression from Ardipithecus to Homo sapiens. It took these hominids millions of years to figure out how to use fire for cooking and protection. But it only took Homo sapiens six thousand years to go from the jungle to the moon. The increase in mental ability in this time comparison is nothing less than phenomenal. It took Homo erectus 1.8 million years to learn to use fire. But it only took Homo sapiens 6,000 years to get to the moon. That' a thought resolution time increase of about 300 times that of H. erectus. How was this possible? Historically, natural evolution certainly never worked this fast. Perhaps it was God?...Or maybe…?

*A Necessary Inclusion?*

Please remember, this is a “Science” article, it is not fiction. As controversial and at times “primitive” sounding as this aspect of the creation discussion may appear, I receive credible inquiries from many students and educators that are interested in my interpretation of the science behind this argument. When we travel around the world, we encounter people telling the same types of stories, with the same types of recorded histories. I don't have the space and time here to include all of the scripture, artifacts, drawings and hardware to validate all of these world-wide claims, but know this: I do not believe in soothsayers, palm-readers, fairy tales or ghosts. But it is not only my opinion, but also a surprising number of my colleagues find that *Extraterrestrials* have been seen by far too many responsible people for far too many years (thousands) to be figments of professional imaginations. “They saw something.” This subject is gaining significant ground in the scientific community.

Will those of you who believe in God and religion please answer these four questions?

  1. Do you believe in a God or a Supreme Being?
  2. Does your Holy Book speak of Angels or Saints that reside somewhere in the heavens?
  3. Do these Gods, Saints, or Angels ever visit this Earth?
  4. Does this God or Supreme Being, Angels, or Saints live anywhere on this Earth?
If you answered “Yes” to questions 1, 2, 3, and “No” to question # 4, then by definition all of these entities that you believe in are “Extraterrestrials!” In fact, very few of us believe that “The Heavens” (as defined by world cultures) are located somewhere here on earth.

But (briefly) referring to my previous article titled: “What's Wrong” I alluded to the fact of the chromosomal mismatch between Man and the Great Apes. We have 46 and they (Apes) have 48. However, it appears that either God or something else may have been operating in our DNA arena. If you believe in evolution and that we descended from Apes then it appears that we have lost two chromosomes somewhere. How? We all now have what is known as “The God Gene” (SLC18A2) Vesicular Monoamine Transporter 2 better known as (VMAT2). It has been said that this gene alone, makes us recognize that God exists and without Him we will always find that “Something is Missing” in our lives. In many cases it seems that we can only find relief from this uncomfortable emotion in Church, Synagogue, Mosque or Temple. But wait, that's not all, we also have a “Language Gene” (Fox P2) found on human chromosome 7 (7q31) on the SPCH locus. This gene assists our learning, communication, and general cognitive abilities. This gene is thought (by some) to contribute to the vast learning speed attributed to Homo sapiens and helped to “pique” his curiosity thereby prompting his sojourn from the jungles of Africa into the new world of Europe. I will be using this material in genetic transplanting procedures soon.

*A Little “ET” History*

For the sake of argument: Major religious books refer to “The Garden of Eden” as Adam and Eve's first place of residence. The legends of the remarkable Sumerian People, (Of Sumer) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sumer are known for their development of the first judicial court, the best recorded writings and educational school systems. (Circa 4,000 BC) and they are also known for their purported encounters with the Extraterrestrial visitors known as “The Anunnaki.” Some artifacts were dated to about 4,000 BC. According to Creationists this was about the time of Adam's miraculous arrival on earth from the hand of God. *Note* “The Anunnaki” are but one group of many. Sightings and writings are abundant, with recorded evidence from places such as: “Stone Hinge, Ave Bury, Easter Island, Bolivia's Tiahuanaco and Puma Punko, Sri Lanka's Sigiria, Palenque Mexico's King Pakal aka ”The Palenque Astronaut”, The Mayan Popoi Vuh's story of Creation, The “Famed world-wide plumed flying Serpent god aka Kukulkan (an early description of a huge flying elongated space vessel) and Central America's “Teotihuacan” aka “where Man met with the gods.” Please pardon me here, but there are literally hundreds of authenticated, professionally supported sightings and verifiable materials that I cannot introduce here. But rest assured, these cannot continue to be ignored like “Bigfoot sightings.” (Google any of the above places).

We have long had physical and written evidence of extraterrestrials close by. But for obvious reasons like the fear of embarrassment, people just don't use them. For example, few Holy Books document flying machines at war complete with Angels and ET'S like the Hindu Mahabharata, Vedas, and Sanskrit texts. For example, the Mahabharata states: (circa 800 BC).

*The Mahabharata Speaks about an Early Holocaust*

“Ghurkha, (Hindu god) flying a swift and powerful vimana (fast aircraft) hurled a “single” projectile (rocket) charged with the power of the Universe (nuclear device). An incandescent column of smoke and flames, as bright as ten thousand suns rose with all its splendor.”

It was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and the Asdhakas. (Ancient Indian people)

The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. Hair and nails fell out: Pottery broke without apparent cause, and birds turned white.

After a few hours all food stuffs were infected. To escape from the fire, the soldiers threw themselves into streams to wash themselves and their equipment.” - The Mahabharata

As I previously said, we have long known about ET'S (Angels, and gods) among us. The Holy Bible and some of the apocryphal writings like the “Book of Enoch” also give us a brief look. The Book of Enoch speaking of Fallen Angels and Giants visiting this Earth states:

*The Book of Enoch on Fallen Angels and Giants*

Enoch 6:1 “And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied in those days, were born unto them beautiful and comely daughters. 6:2 And the Angels, the children of heaven saw and lusted after them, and said to one another ‘Come let us choose us wives from among the children of men and get us children.

7:2 “And they became pregnant and bare them great giants…..” - The Book of Enoch

Yes, that's what it said, “The Sons of heaven” (ET'S) had sexual contact with the daughters of *Man* and the women bore them very tall offspring. But the Book of Enoch is not Canonical, (accepted) so here is what The Holy Bible says about this same story:

*The Holy Bible on Fallen Angels and Giants*

Genesis 6:1 “When men began to multiply on earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of heaven (Angels) saw how beautiful the daughters of men were, and so they took for their wives as many of them as they chose.”

6:4 “At that time the giants appeared on earth (as well as later) after the sons of heaven had intercourse with the daughters of man, who bore them sons….. - Holy Bible

You can see from this Holy Scripture alone that we (through scripture) have known about ET's for well over 5,000 years. The account of Creation and Adam and Eve is very similar to the Bible in the Holy Quran. One difference being it is said (in Islam) that Eve had 120 pregnancies, all of which resulted in sets of boy and girl twins, while biblically Eve had only three. (Cain, Abel and Seth) There are innumerable other examples the mention of which would not give us any clearer picture than we have now of a conspiracy to deceive and cover up a rather unbelievable conclusion. Some believe extraterrestrials may have had a hand in our rapid mental development thousands of years ago. (Circa 6,000 years ago) *Note* I am not saying or advocating that the following sequence of events took place exactly as I write, but here's how I think it might have been accomplished. The evidence is overwhelming that *something* like this did happen.

*Preparatory Science*

Today's Geneticists have made remarkable progress in the field of Genetic Engineering and Manipulative Gene Splicing techniques. It is not much of a stretch to extrapolate the genetic advances of today into the serious total organism manipulation of tomorrow. Books are written on this subject, but we have no time so “loosen your imaginative seat belts.”

For example: A scientist from some advanced civilization that visited Earth thousands of years ago, and needed help in accomplishing some tedious work that he was unable to finish on his own. He needed a “specialized work “helper” to assist him. A humanoid type that was both smart and strong. Homo erectus met all of the initial requirements, but he was a bit mentally slow.The Alien scientist discussed this with his colleagues that accompanied him on this voyage and they said: “Let us make Man in our image, after our likeness!” (Genesis 1:26). So they “garnered” an appropriate member of Homo erectus specimen to “adjust” in accordance with their requirements and exact specifications.

Because of the infamous flood, and the natural passage of time, no one knows the actual land site where “The Garden of Eden” was located. So for the sake of argument, we know the “Tigris and Euphrates” rivers in Africa are most often geographically mentioned in the “Story of Creation.” So we'll place this Garden somewhere in the area where both rivers meet, and that would be southeastern Iraq. This part of our story begins with the *Anunnaki*. One of the most written about and traceable “ET” characters “out there.”

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anunnaki (or other race of ET'S) like the notable “Greys” that seem to be scientifically capable and like-minded. But how was this done? The following is a scientific Implant and Removal “speculative” procedure.

*The Enlightenment* (A Necessary Scientific Speculation)

I'm sure the following description of laboratory events will not win a Nobel Prize in medicine nor will it represent cutting edge, or congruent techniques for genetic application. But I hope it gets the point(s) across to readers. Let's begin: “A suitable beginning number of Homo erectus specimens were found, brought to the Garden and immobilized. Then they were “fitted” with the appropriate chromosomal implants, e.g. “The God Gene” SLC18A2 Vesicular monoamine transporter 2 and “The Language/Learning Gene” Foxp2 installed on 7(7q31) at SPCH1 Locus. They were then prepared for an “addition and subtractive” genetic adjusting operation. A special growth hormone was introduced into a gene splice and swapping procedure. While also using Ga (genetic algorithms), and inoculating very small amounts of a different human growth hormone with aggressive enzymes. DNA string sequencing adjustments were subtracted. This made the chromosomal splicing, removal and swapping techniques engage much easier. Then mutates and slight aneuploidy rate (abnormalities) were suppressed and then eliminated. This particular type of action was found to be dependent upon lower numeric values being used as an integer instead of binary bits. These final steps were about to take place:

The Species Developmental Limiting Chromosome or “Limit Switch” (similar to ~RGS14 in mice) was split and the bit was attenuated and combined from two separate chromosomes into one. Lastly, the genetic code was sequentially altered. And Homo erectus then went from the 48 chromosome amalgamation found in all other primates to Homo sapiens 46 chromosomal sequence and string. The genetic work was successful and Adam was born! *Note* If you are a bit skeptical, some forms of DNA can be amplified millions of times, so this type of ability adjustment may seem entirely possible to a gifted genetic professional. This is especially true where the scientific knowledge involved is far superior to ours. Evolutionarily speaking, this type of activity may have been duplicated at strategic points around the world, helping to explain our many outward, physical variations. But one other significant question comes to mind. Was the Gift of Enlightenment “shared” equally among all groups? If not, wouldn't the “Enlightened Ones” have a clear advantage over existing peoples? Evolutionarily speaking, would first, second or 50th removed (and beyond) random cousinhood inheritance values be the genetic equivalent of first person copulations? Present day math and logic would say no. Unabated, could this lead to jealousy and the many forms of racism? I have no room here for this argument now. But let me say that Adam & Eve were probably not blond.

After his “close encounter,” Adam was comparably different and very smart. These procedures were continued and this procedure was performed on many of his contemporaries. They were then tested for fertility, heritability, and efficacy. (Biblically) After “The Enlightenment” they were then given these instructions and we read in scripture: And God blessed them, and said unto them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth.” Genesis 1:28. Human promiscuity did the rest... *Note* Some genetic processing procedures can and do produce “strange creature results” (in the lab) quite often, So much so that we can now look at ancient drawings and hieroglyphics of men with the heads of dogs and various “animals” (e.g. Horses, Birds, Reptiles, etc.) transplanted on human bodies with some genetic technical interest and less automatic disbelief. Fact (in this case) just may be stranger than fiction.

The “New Man” (Homo sapiens circa 4,004 BC) became more and more restless. With his increased curiosity, clarity of mind and now an unlimited capacity for comprehensive cognition (IQ), began to migrate from southern Africa to Zimbabwe, Congo, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia and into Europe, Asia, Australia and in time, the rest of the world. Along the way he copulated not only with members of his nation, but with all other closely related tribes that they encountered that might have broken away from them earlier in the migration. Thus they eventually shared their inheritable brain genetics with the rest of the world. This includes the Neanderthals who were soon biologically consumed in Europe by the hordes of advancing promiscuous Homo sapiens. Many people to this day still carry some Neanderthal genes. Note: As we see today, the genetics of appearance of the African was hereditarily compromised and “adjusted” perhaps by natural variation influences during the mating process, and the environments encountered during the sustained migrations. Over the years as they traveled from Africa to the rest of the world, some noticeable changes took place. Of course, we may need to look at those scientists who may have assisted with Man's *Enlightenment* (when and if it becomes possible) to see what of their physical visage (if any) remains with us to this day.

*What about Variation (Race) and Looks?*

The sun's ultra-violet radiation angle, the temperature, humidity, genetic skin mutations, and reproductive heritability account for the differences in skin color variation. But most importantly, because of mutant gene (aka “the white gene”) SLC24A5, located on long (q) arm of chromosome 15, position 21.1 from base pair 46,200,461 to base pair 46,226,881. It is important to note that Homo sapiens entire existence until the European migration was spent in Africa, and that being the case, all (or most) had differing shades of brown skin. The Neanderthals who had started to live in Europe earlier were slowly developing this mutant gene that lightened their skin and allowed them to absorb more vitamin D into the blood. Because of migrating Homo sapiens increasing numbers and natural promiscuity, the Neanderthals were soon overrun and genetically consumed by the advancing Homo-sapiens that were leaving Africa in droves for Europe. Over the millennia without the intense sunlight received daily in Africa, (especially in the south) the European environment “had its way” with the brown complexions of the African Homo sapiens. The genetic mutation that slowly whitens the skin was genetically found by evolution to be advantageous in the darker, colder European climate and subsequently this skin mutation became heritable. It takes about 5,000 years to develop a “gene pool” and this migration took place over many centuries. It is also important to remember that genes and chromosomes can and do change over time. The African genetics of today are not the exact same as those of 6,000 or millions of years ago.

If the *Anunnaki* rumor or “Myth” has any validity, the lighter complexion of the European Homo sapiens may have had some additional genetic assistance. Take a quick look at this video: (Skip the ads) http://tinyurl.com/mgIf5uf the image here (if still posted) is very Caucasian looking. If you know anthropological history, many ancient replications and carvings look very African or Asian. Other than artifacts from the Roman Empire, one doesn't see many really ancient Caucasian looking statues or renderings in antiquity. For example, on “Easter Island” and the like most statues have African-like features. This is true in very different parts of the world. However, It is very possible that during “The Enlightenment” this "Lightning Gene” might have also included some feature and cranial adjustments in the genetic procedures. Today many people, no matter their complexions have rather Caucasoid features. This is very interesting. But why is our *Hair* (in some cases) so different in appearance?

*What About the Hair?*

Few subjects bear the personal, sensitive weight that hair does. To the average female, the hair is one of the primary facial beauty features. To men, the problem is more about “keeping it” than anything else. But the primary job of hair is to “Protect the Brain.” This protection is most applicable to people under the age of about 35. (Natures concern is always about the reproductive years). All hair is basically protein. (Keratin) Animal fur differs slightly by double construction while human hair has a single construction. Also, animal hair stops growing at a certain point, while human hair does not. My research indicates that lower primates and other mammals with lesser determinative brain activity (than the Homo sapiens) have less need for sensitive selective, temperature protection, therefore most (mammalian) animal species fur generally varies more in color than texture, while human hair texture varies significantly with environmental requirements. Dry heat and acridity leads to coarse tightly curled hair, while frigidity and higher humidity leads to finer, curly or straight hair. My research indicates that desert's which are dry and acrid, have no genetic influence on genomic human mechanisms (yet) because (I believe) they are the result of past unnatural occurrences.

The Asian: The average Asian has about 140 to 160 hairs/sq.cm (per square centimeter). This results in an average head of about 80,000 hairs. The hair is usually very straight. It is the straightest hair (per capita) in the world. Because of the average skin color and contrast, it looks thicker and fuller than other types of hair. There is a beautiful dark sheen and often a flowing, stylistic “hair to skin effect” that has led to worldwide imitation. This also includes the Asian and American Indian, as well as many Polynesians, Hawaiians, and Eskimo peoples. It is thought by some scientists that humidity levels in the Asian environments led to the Asian hair chemistry insulating the head from cold, without loss of body moisture due to excess perspiration during hot weather. Some scientists believe, for this reason, the Asian hair is less dense than is, for instance, the average Caucasians hair.

The Caucasian: The Caucasian generally has more hair per square centimeter than other groups. They average about 200 hairs/sq. cm which nets them with about 100,000 hairs per average head. The Caucasian hair is generally very thin in diameter, so it doesn't always look as thick as perhaps the Asian hair. But it gives thicker coverage than does other groups hair. Because of the many variations in the hair, skin tone and eye color, the people can be quite “striking” in appearance. It is believed by many scientists that the extreme cold climate in most of the European environment led to the development of this dense head covering with the most efficient cold weather protection of all hair. Discarded Caucasian and other human hairs are very much in demand for a variety of products and applications.

The African/African American: The African and African American can have totally different kinds of hair than is popularly thought. African Americans are the most diversified genetically mixed group in the world. In fact in some cases the African American may have more than one type of hair on the same head. (Multiracial hair) That is because in America (alone) anyone with a small amount of known African heritage is classified as a black person. This is a genetic fallacy. Chromosomes 6, 11, and 15 (Hair) don't care what society calls him or herself. Genetics don't play those games. The majority of African American people (and everyone else) is an amalgamation of various ethnicities. You say you don't believe this? I encourage all of my readers to have their DNA analyzed and then write me. When you do, It is important to remember that unless *every one* of your relatives in the countries listed in your DNA report actually “copulated” with exactly whomever they copulated with, *You never would have been born!* Therefore, it is a “glaring mistake” to think that any one of the countries or ancestors referred to in your historical DNA report don't count! Without every one of these contributors your parents could have had more than 100 children, and you would not be among them! All of us are a very intricate, complex, compilation of not only our parents, but we are the amalgamated product of all parties listed in the report.

The current racial designations used today are political in nature and most have little basis in scientific fact. (Albeit their popularity with the uninformed masses). Traditionally, the African has the lowest hair density with about 120 to 140 hairs/sq.cm or about 60,000 hair follicles on a healthy scalp. The hair is not as short as it may appear because of its tendency to curl. If stretched out it is much longer. The varying textures and skin complexions involved make it an attribute that can be combed and styled for effect like no other. The “Afro” hair style is worn by many ethnic groups. The severe angle of the sun's ultra violet rays led to the sparse, dry, tight curly hair common in this group. This greatly helps to facilitate the dispersion of heat. This ability helps to protect the body from dehydration and the brain from episodes of heat exhaustion or stroke under certain adverse weather conditions.

The Hispanic/Latino: The average beautiful head of hair on the Hispanic head has helped to make them one of the most recognized peoples in the world. Those whose ancestors are from Spain generally have hair texture and follicle numbers very similar to that of the Caucasian. While those more generally classified as Latino or Latina have a common Spanish background, they may be of any variation (race) and depending on individual ethnicity, have hair texture and follicle numbers corresponding to any of the groups mentioned.

“A mortal lives not through that breath that flows in and that flows out. The source of his life is another and this causes the breath to flow.” - Kabbalah

*The Vatican Testimonials*

Most religious scholars know and respect the Roman Catholic Church for its knowledge of all things Christian. If you are Protestant, I cannot know what your Reverend or Minister has told you, but know this: Without the Roman Catholic Church, you would have *No Bible*. After 400 years (397 AD.) of teaching about Jesus from the authority given her by God, the Catholic Church diligently put those Scriptures together that were suitable for Biblical instruction, and discarded those that were not. They then inserted the Holy ones (of her choice) into the Bible and by fiat declared, *This Is the Word of God!* And to this day, the entire Christian world entrusts their Biblical salvation to the accuracy, fidelity, and authority of the Roman Catholic Church. This makes the following statements all the more authoritative. If any one institution knows the truth about this argument, it's *The Vatican*. Here is the expose'.

The Vatican's Monsignor Corrado Balducci (2005) (a close friend of the Pope) and Prelate of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples said that “Extraterrestrial contact is a fact, and that there are aliens among us.”

The Papal Head Astronomer Jose' Gabriel Funes (2008) said that “Life on other planets cannot be excluded. The existence of intelligent extraterrestrials poses no problem to Catholic theology.” Father Gabriel says “God cannot be restricted to our finite understanding.”

VATICAN CITY October 23, 1996: In an address to The Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Pope John Paul II said: “It is indeed remarkable that this theory (evolution) has progressively taken root in the minds of researchers following a series of discoveries made in different spheres of knowledge. The convergence, neither sought nor provoked, of results of studies undertaken independently from each other constitutes, in itself, a significant argument in favor of the theory. Pope John Paul II acknowledged that the theory that man evolved from apes is a valid one, but that human souls are created by God. He furthered the suggestion by Pope Pius XII that natural selection was a serious hypothesis by recognizing that humans indeed have evolved from apes, but without God, this living matter would not have been able to lay a foundation capable of preserving the dignity of the person.” Pope John Paul II

In view of this group of notable statements by the Vatican, I hope that my professional colleagues might agree that this subject is no longer to be viewed as “primitive scientific or superstitious ghost chasing.” In my opinion, the main problem that we are faced with today is whether or not we can face up to the question:

“Is/was God the supernatural divine source of energy that issued forth by fiat the instructive edict that resulted in everything we see? Or were these “gods” flesh and blood technologically advanced groups of extraterrestrial entities visiting in scientifically misunderstood space vehicles? Our comparatively primitive ancestors never having seen such devices or “magic” abilities understandably mistook them for “Gods.” Did they interrupt our natural genetic “Genesis” and development for other purposes? Or, did a supernatural *God* just say “Be” and it was?

That is the question. As we continue to try and understand or make sense out of the phenomena of our existence, let me attempt to “soften” the impact of all this just a little. Alien? No alien? Personally, I don't think it really makes much of a difference. Here's why.


As far as the “Great Religions” are concerned, all of the evolution and creationism that we are speaking about took place long before the advent of Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism. In fact, the glory and wonder that brought many to the point of belief and adherence, namely Lord Brahma, Moses, The Buddha, Jesus, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and Guru Nanak remain intact and unblemished. The concepts of these religious teachings, their intent and lessons taught in the Holy Scriptures also remain unaffected. My reenactment and biblical interjections were written for “continuity of subject” and reader contemplation. In stark reality, “No One” (on Earth) actually knows and can authoritatively prove exactly what happened. I'm sure the Educators among us (Physicist's included) are aware of this.

What actually may change is the realization that *God* (The Father) may be far more powerful than most ever imagined! The existence or nonexistence of extraterrestrials has no bearing or diminutive effect on the existence or power of God. These beings however technologically advanced would still be under the power and mercy of a “Supreme Being” because “who made them?” (M-Theory, Quantum Physics, etc.) In fact, if extraterrestrials do exist, perhaps God sent them to help further our societal efforts, not to replace Him, and have us for lunch. Again, we are not equipped to understand the ways of God. Please remember, until further notice, only God is all powerful. As advanced as modern Man is today, there is still more that he doesn't know and understand than that which he does know. There is still a “Limit Switch” (though attenuated) in Man and every living “Thing” in the universe that keeps them within the boundaries of speciesism. This internal “Switch” keeps Man from possessing the knowledge of God. In the long run, I believe this to be a very good thing.

In my view, Racism can be a natural reaction to the unfamiliar. But with today's modern understandings it is a diabolical, intentionally spread disease. A disease designed by the influential to isolate certain groups from the sources of naturally delivered “Enlightenment Updates.” Unencumbered reproductive diversity fairly guarantees such delivery. Remember the scripture, “Go ye into all the world?”, “Be fruitful and multiply?” Listen, to love one's self doesn't mean to “Hate or not touch anyone else.” In my opinion, “Black History and Hispanic History Month celebrations are a psychological trick used to ingrain a “preference” for minorities to “Stick with their Own Kind.” Thus insuring the only benefit they receive from their indigenous inheritable “genetic reservoirs” are the same ones they have already made use of long ago. This and the practices that try to control where those of active sexual years live (ages 14-35) determine the ultimate range of their influence. Let me make myself clear: “Scientist to Scientist” listen: Diversified copulation does not lead to the “mental degradation” of the intellectually superior donor's 23 chromosomes. Natural Selection needs biodiversity in order to work more efficiently. And because of this genetic natural selection mechanism the offspring of diversified variation are often superior to both donors in very desirable ways like reinforcing and at times eliminating inherent genetic weakness.

The ruling class world -wide has never stuck exclusively to their indigenous groups sexually. However, diversity is especially easy for the Caucasian to accomplish because of the unprecedented welcome that their promiscuity receives in all parts of the world! No other foreign people have such acceptance and immediate access. Unfortunately, whether God or Aliens gave us our present gifts, man's capacity for selfishness and human domination is still in full bloom. This graph (below) is what I think may have happened to the extraterrestrials that made them have to visit us periodically for genetic infusions that they no longer physically have. Thanks to racism it appears that we're headed for that same genetic suicide. Deliberate genetic isolationism causes some very serious problems. (In the long run). First, mating blue eyes only to blue eyes, eventually leads to blindness. Second, once you've updated yourself in one direction for too long, you've gone too far. This “love only your variation” philosophy will eventually backfire. And one can't get back. Because there is nothing (possibly on the planet) where one now lives to get “back” with. This genetic insanity eventually leads to sterility and “extinction.” What's then is the answer? It's very simple, “Reproductive diversity” Take a look at the brief “Genetic Danger” example below.

“Single Direction Reproductive Results” (Over Millennia)

*Mating >>> Calculated Mating >>> -one direction >>> higher>>> higher *SAFE ZONE* > >> one direction >>>> Calculated Mating > one direction >> Danger!>Danger!>…+++ 000?* sterility>>>extinction? (You don't believe it?).

*97% of all life that has ever existed on planet Earth is now extinct!*

In my view, God gave us everything that we need to survive together on this planet. We continue to ignore the obvious to our own peril. An African “Pygmy” male can impregnate a Swedish female as easily as a Swedish male and vice versa. This is a lesson that many refuse to learn. It is plain to see that isolationism or racism was never in the plan of “evolution or Creationism. If most of the members of those (racially) exclusive “Think Tanks” attempted to run a 100 yard dash, few would get to the finish line before winding up in a hospital. Throughout Man's history *Aliens* have been accused of performing genetic experiments on “captured” human subjects. Personally (if true) I think they were retrieving some of our genetic material to use in building up and reinforcing their atrophied, wasted bodies. Are they somehow genetically related to us? Are we headed in the same direction?

It is my opinion that unless existing exclusionary practices are discontinued, lower economic class and societal positions will never change. This is true because. I.Q. cannot be taught. All the schooling techniques in the world may teach wonderful subject matter, but the rate of “aptitude” or natural ability for subject comprehension cannot be taught. One student will “get it” and one will not. (Without additional assistance) One is born with whatever level of “natural aptitude” (right out of the box) they are ever going to have. I.Q. is genetically inherited through sexual reproduction. Control the genetic reproductive distribution (somehow, e.g. apartheid, ridicule, tricks, etc.) and you control the intellectual advancement of the people involved. (To a degree) Of course, there will always be exceptions. Actually saying this today is “Tough Love” but this point must be understood. For all of you scientific racists, this *is* science! Didn't "Adam” receive genetic help? Isolationism literally guarantees eventual genetic issues and class limitation. Suppression leads to developmental problems of all types. This is especially true in urban areas where hopelessness and the lack of a quality opportunity often leads to dangerous criminal activity. (Sociologists take note).


As we massage our daily psychological ego's to the rhythm of that best- selling album of all time: “I want this and I gotta have that” which was written to keep us all greedy and feeling underprivileged. We continue to fight with those that love us and love those who hate us. And without guilt we dutifully complete our daily tasks of teaching others lessons that they do not practice, and issue instructions that no one follows. But as unpleasant, unbelievable, and disconcerting as much of this information may be, in my opinion this is still a valuable “need to know issue.” This is information that tells those groups that may dislike minorities that it is these demeaned groups that possess an abundance of genetic materials that may be essential to the long term survival of our species. It seems that once again, we do not know how really “well off” we continue to be. This is science, not racism.

When I look around the world and study its geology, it is difficult for me to look at the “deserts” of the world, without noticing that most are surrounded either by water or lush vegetation. This dichotomy “prompts” me to visualize or conceptualize the possibility of previous “nuclear holocausts” (or the like) destroying everything within the desert area. In other words, has all this happened before? The Aliens (if they exist) might be from our future (Quantum Physics?). That being the case, had they not shunned and annihilated the source of their original birth genetics they would not be visiting Earth (over the centuries) seeking to replenish what they so callously left behind when they departed from their home planet. You say you don't believe it? Then where have our missing millions of people gone?

Disappearances happen to us daily. Case in point, five years ago a young couple was travelling home to show their new baby to their parents. They rented a motel room for an overnight rest. They stayed up most of the night talking and enjoying their marriage. Shortly, after only about two hours sleep, in the morning the young wife arose only to find that her husband had suddenly disappeared! His clothing, watch, wallet, and car were all still in place. *Untouched* All the doors were still locked. And he was never heard from again!

There are millions of people that go “missing” from around the world each year. Over 900,000 of these are from America, that's 2,300 per day. More than 500,000 are never heard from or seen again. (Are we being genetically farmed?) The Alien group known as the Greys are purported to “appear” inside locked doors…. There is a lesson here, but knowing our history, I doubt that we will learn it until it's too late. As a scientist, one thing is as clear as a bell to me: Our “isolationist, separatist, racist philosophies must change. The prognosis for such continued ant-social future planning is no less than malignant. This caveat is for all peoples around the world. Please don't be unduly alarmed, just advised.

Some of you may say, Henri, you've spoken too much about racism. We know all about that issue. But you see, many of us do not know what real, horrific *evil* racism can inflict. For instance, one day this evil caused more than 185,000 soldiers to take up arms and fight with each other. When the battle was over 45, 000 soldiers lay dead and 56,000 were wounded. By the time the war was over, some 600,000 men had lost their lives. What war was this? It was The Civil War. This was the bloodiest war in American history. The date was July 1, 1863. The conflict was the “Battle of Gettysburg Pennsylvania” Really not that long ago. And what was it fought over? …Slavery. And don't forget the Rwandan slaughter by the Hutus of one million Tutsis April 7, 1994. What was the cause of this senseless massacre? Besides the obvious political differences, one people were purported to be “taller” than the other, and had “big noses!” (A clear form of Racism.) Our subject today is supposed to be about “Man's Enlightenment.” But it seems that (at times) what we are finding instead is “The Making of Monsters!” In these two cases, Frankenstein could not have created a more diabolical form of evil. Of the men that signed the Constitution of The United States that declared to the world: “All men are created equal,” seventeen had slaves. And Thomas Jefferson himself had over 100. These are only two small rather graphic “snapshots” of the evils of racism.

All malignant illness starts with a “sniff, or a sneeze” but may end in the organism's total destruction. I did not write this article for the benefit of any one group or people. I wrote it to help remind us of the serious genetic direction in which we appear to be heading. Every one of us is important and needed to accomplish this change of direction. But this is going to require a resurgence of our moral character. Diversity should not be looked upon with “traitorous or disappointed eyes,” we're all just plain human.

Whatever the true origin of our ancestors or the identities of all those involved may be, human nature being what it is, there are many that will not accept or agree on any one answer concerning our human origin. No matter how plain or apparent the answer may become. After all is said and done, and the final examinations have been completed and finalized, the only aliens left on this planet just may turn out to be us. I believe that many governments around the world know far more about this issue than they are admitting. I believe this is because they can't do much about it. Today, (as earlier) in my career, I keep hearing a hauntingly prophetic scripture echoing in my ears, and that scripture is: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” Holy Bible: Romans 1:22.

But where does this information leave us today? (Let's put our intellectual arrogance on hold for a minute). As we continue to play “Hide N' Seek and Peekaboo” with our Alien (relatives?), Let us learn to “calm down” and not repeat the kind of recidivism that may have occurred many times in our ancient past. Here is my “healing prescription” for much of life's ills and sleepless nights: Try internalizing the words of Jesus in The Bible's Mark 12:31 where it says: “That thy shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”, and then: Matthew 6:34: “Do not be anxious about tomorrow. Tomorrow will be anxious enough for itself. Let the days own trouble be sufficient for the day.” Using just these two methods of approach to life, you may be amazed and gratified by your almost immediate results. The four other Great Religions offer similar comfort to believers. *The First Anthropological Enlightenment* is science, not fiction. Hopefully, you've just read the second.

“Namaskar, Shalom Aleichem, Namaste, Dominus Vobiscum, As-Salaam Alaikum, Sat Sri Akal, and God be with you.” Stay well

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“We have become the teachers of other men in the greatest number of things” - Flavius Josephus
“No matter how far you ride a jackass, he'll never turn into a horse.”- Henri W. Tartt, Chemist

All the Best,

- Henri W. Tartt

Henri W. Tartt

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