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*Tartt's Teachings on Race, Blackness and Whiteness*

Greeting's, it's good to be with you again. I did not write this article to make African American or Caucasian people angry, but since I am inextricably related to both, I believe I should make some necessary points clear. There is a difficult problem that needs to be visited again. Apparently, there is yet no solution to this problem and in some cases it appears to be getting worse. This article is based (wherever possible) on scientific facts and not on politics. Again, if you are offended by any of my comments, I apologize in advance. The article is rather long but this type of information requires considerable exposure and explanation that brevity will not permit. (Note: This article does not apply to Surnames) .

Besides my being a scientist, what qualifies me to teach on the subject of Race? After all, there are lots of scientists out there, and racism is everywhere. Well, let's see what you think. This article begins with my story about Racism. I have temporary infantile “sporadic” memories of events starting at about age 6 months. But my age of clear, cumulative recollection, is about age 5 and so I'll start there. It seems that no matter what science has to say about “Race” no one is listening. And those who are listening and do understand the issue have either become complicit or are satisfied with the status quo. It is also both possible and probable that some have held their true opinions back out of fear of some type of “reprisal” against them for “interfering” with social progress or what they believe to be the public will. But I know better. Literally millions of people, professional and otherwise from all over the world have problems with Black/White race terminology and it's implied gradation interpretations. I know because people from many countries have written to me about their racial problems over the years. People from North America, South America, Africa, Australia, and India have written. And there is still a problem with skin color sensitivity among some Americans.

I know racism from personal experience. I've been the victim of both black and white racism here in America. My family finds its roots in Africa, Ireland, England and Native American heritages. If I was not a chemist and scientifically aware of this Black and White racial absurdity, by simply living in America I'd think I was 100% Black. (No matter my actual skin color.) I don't look particularly African, and I do not have dark skin. Without going any further, the Merriam-Webster dictionary says that I'm not black. I'm not speaking about what some will say about these terms like: “This word has evolved to mean other things.” It most certainly has not! That's something a student might say when they get an answer to a problem wrong. The dictionary defines *Race* as “A people or nation of the same stock.” (The same basic physical and genetic characteristics) That definition leaves plenty of room for lofty, false intellectually dishonest interpretations. (As we have seen for decades).

Using this definition means that many racially mixed celebrities (you know the major ones) and millions of others worldwide are in fact, disqualified from the Black race.” Why? Because these people are obviously not (according to many dictionaries) Black looking People! Growing up (from the age of about 5) there were no African ( looking) people in my household. These members consisted of my Grandmother, (on my Mother's side) “Henrietta” (who I was named after) was half Irish and half American Indian. (Note* My Grandfather was an African American school teacher and author who died before I was born.) In the late 18th century and early 1900's marriage of white men to Indian women (my grandmothers Irish half didn't count) was “frowned” upon and so my grandmother was allowed to be legally married to my grandfather. However, this posed racial problems back then (early 1900's) because my Grandma appeared to be a white woman. My father had similar problems a generation later with his marriage to my mother. Racism in this country never sleeps, it's rampant from the newborns nursery viewing room to the older aged nursing home.

My Mother looked mixed ( Mulatto) . My Father had a really unusual background. His mother was a very light skinned green eyed Mulatto woman and his father was of English descent. My Dad had reddish blond hair, blue eyes and what would today be called “White Skin and sharp white Features”. (See picture) Actually, he looked very “Germanic.” We used to kid him about his striking resemblance to Zbigniew Brezinski (The 10th United States Security Advisor). (Google him) Dad and Grandma both looked totally White. At the age of 5, I was a light skinned redhead kid that looked Mixed. I must confess that I was much lighter as a child than I am today. But no matter, it is almost universally purported (and accepted?) that in America anyone with any amount of non-white African ancestry is considered to be a member of the black race, no matter what their skin color might be. In other words, according to the “imaginary laws” of this land, my immediate family consisted of four Black people! Keep in mind that my Dad was actually “whiter” than about 90% of the so called Whites in this country and my Grandmother appeared to be the average White woman you'd see at the mall. My parent's pictures are on my website at: www.henriwtartt.com . They are located in the margin area of this article. You be the judge.

One's actual skin color or features don't matter. Many in this country still claim there can be no such thing as a Mulatto, Bi, or Multiracial person. If they have any Black ancestry, these mixed people (according to history and the black brainwashed) are all totally Black! I believe this stems (in part) from a brilliant “scare tactic” involving the use of “Mendel's Law of Segregation” (taken from Botany) that when Whites copulate with Blacks and have children, then three of their four children will be Black, (in color) and only one may be White. And of course we can't allow that to happen to (unsuspecting) white people. Chromosomal trait selection has some 8,388,608 possible unpredictable combinations available. And when the Black parents aren't actually that Black , and the Whites aren't that White , then what do you get? This is not Botany. Many traits are polygenic meaning multiple genes affect the phenotypic (physical) manifestations. Genetic results can be unpredictable.

Many think that If an impure (tainted?) white looking black person procreates with an unsuspecting pure ? white person they may produce children that mysteriously, “out of the blue” look like “Idi Amin!” One couldn't make up a more ludicrous scientific fairy tale if their name was Frankenstein! But it works. What they should understand is that these (tainted?) people are only “Politically Black.” However, that's not “The Shadows Objective.” And many minorities agree. They'll gladly tell you “Well, you might as well be “black as coal,” “ The Man” (Nicknamed by me as “ The Shadow” because he often invents these scandalous standardsand then “innocently sleuths” backinto the shadows) will never recognize you as anything but a black! To this I say, that's giving “ The Man too much present day authority! This is not Mississippi 300 years ago! (I hope) Stop being mentally manipulated by old outdated racist propaganda. But sadly, in some cases they're probably right. Also, due to lingering racist practices, many qualified minorities are unemployed or underemployed. Caucasians also suffer from this problem, but for different reasons.

Do all of these Brown skinned people (of many shades) now enjoy being called black or being referred to as black simply because they are not Hispanic or Indian? Why? They didn't used to. For the most part the grandparents and great grandparents of the present day African American community fought against allowing anyone to refer to them as “ Blacks.” I know that many Hispanic, Polynesian, and Indian people currently occupy the Brown classification, but this fact still doesn't make all other nonwhites Black. It seems that racial continuity in America when it pertains to the African American people is “static,” but it remains in a state of “flux” for others. Why? Did they actually think that African Americans would never be smart enough to see through these phony “Smoke and Mirror” barriers?

Calling someone Black used to bring one a fat lip! But rather ingeniously, without this demeaning Black classification, today an African American has *No* Political Power. He stands alone! Nobody has to listen. That was a brilliant move. (“The Shadows Trump Card”) Once again, fiction has triumphed over fact. But the facts mean nothing in this case. All Pseudo Black People should be disgusted with the political leaders who are responsible for allowing this “glaring” falsehood and insulting setup to take root uncontested! I believe this word continues to demean the African American people every day that it is used for racial self-identity. I know this is an extremely difficult uphill battle.

*The meaning of a word does not change simply because you want to use it*

When I was a child my family and I lived in an all-black neighborhood. But as black as I was “supposed” to be, this pseudo fact was “lost” on the darker kids in my community. I was beaten up, verbally abused, and rejected on a daily basis. My family was called dirty white names by various black neighborhood groups. That “One Drop” rule didn't help me one bit! This fallacy is laughed at in many other countries. As a matter of fact here in America I'm still continually told that I'm black. Mostly by those seeking to finally “straighten me out.” Many who tell me this are friends, some of whom are highly intelligent educators. But I harbor no resentment. Actually I'm quite fond of them. I know they mean well.

I believe the results of decades of using the term “Black People” to describe people with any African ancestry has (quietly) and almost irreversibly psychologically damaged the self-esteem of minorities and especially young minority adults in America and around the world. Our daily crime statistics tend to agree. Using the term “White People” has had the opposite effect on Caucasians. Of the 6800 known languages and the 12 major ones in use all over the world, most of them have similar negative, unattractive interpretations woven into their language meanings for the word black. These meanings do not disappear when one puts the word *People* behind it. I believe that any association a people have with this word identifies them with all of its negativity. I am not a psychologist but I believe that inadvertently, after brainwashing amounts of repetition, many younger people tend to “live up to” and may even start to “act out” this negative perception of themselves in their daily lives.

There are undoubtedly some that will read this article and accuse me of trying to divide or separate myself from Black people. The opposite is true. I'm simply trying to show and prove that: On this side of a hospital bed: (1) Africans and African Americans are not black. (2) Caucasians are not White. (3) American Indians are not Red. (4) Chinese, Japanese and other Asians are not Yellow. (5) All Homo sapiens are members of the same race, The Human Race. That's all! The current state of mind of the public concerning the race issue is due to a political, psychological trick. And it's being played on unsuspecting, trusting people of all nationalities around the world. And sadly, it works...it really works. And it has worked in this country. The word White “Deifies” its recipients, while the word Black “Demonizes” theirs. I can't be the only scientist that recognizes the dangerous pathology contained in this word. But you might say “this sounds too simple.” Is this word the total problem? No, but it's definitely part of it. And rectifying its historical damage is no small task.

Anger is a chemical reaction triggered by emotion. Reactions need a catalyst to aid in driving that reaction. In this case, the word Black is such a catalyst. Especially when it's used in conjunction with other words like “Bastard, Son of a.., or … well, use your imagination.” Also, have you noticed that most of the Leading ladies that play the “love interest” in most major movies are Caucasian, Hispanic, or Italian ( looking) women? This is true even when the star is an African American male. I believe *The Shadows Scale* has influenced our concept of beauty, talent and ultimately the box-office receipts. This exclusionary snub of darker African American women is not only unfair and untrue, but also a bit diabolical! I believe this practice ignores and may reduce the sense of self-esteem in junior and teenaged African American girls. This continuous “blind-eye” is not accidental. Considerable damage has probably already occurred. In this political arena, African American leaders have let the people down. Judge for yourselves, over the years, I have not.

Note* Henri W. Tartt is regularly read by Distinguished Educators at over 150 of the finest colleges and universities in America and around the world. Professionals of many disciplines and members of the general public in more than 75 countries often visit his website: “Tartt's Scientific Approach” www.henriwtartt.com

“What the Word Black Actually Means Today

Now please don't try and tell me this word has *evolved* into a nice, respectful description of a beautiful people! It has not! Psychologists and Sociologists please pay close attention to the following descriptions. Here are only some of the dictionary meanings: The word Black also alludes to: “darkness, ignorance, ominous, ugly, sadness, anger, fear, dirt, waste, solitude, contamination, taint, death, sorrow, demons, the devil, rage, evil, murder, guilty, kill, horror and contagion.” Here are some popular secular uses: “Blackmail, Blackball, Black Market, black Economy, Black Heart, Black Monday, Black Sunday, Black Cloud, Black Sin, Blacklist, Blackjack, Black Day, Black Eye, Blackhead, Blackout, Black Sheep, Black Widow, Black Deeds, Black Thoughts, (or a Black Person!) Historically, there was a disease called “The Black Death!” (Bubonic Plague 1348 CE) it killed 75-200 million people. This disease turned the skin a gangrenous Black color (Acral Necrosis). This is just one more reason for disassociation from this term that is used in so many horrible associations.

If you are African American you know you are not evil or ugly. Does the word Black suddenly have a new meaning when the noun “People” is placed after it? I think not. And it's a “sneaky way” of intensifying intent!If African Americans were actually “Black” in color, I'd have no case, but no one is actually Black! Years ago, the dictionary's used to list the many meanings for the N-word in their texts of definitions. But it is considered to be so offensive today that some only use three words to define it. What three words? You guessed it, “A Black Person!” One dictionary has it complete with Slave-Like pictures of Blacks in the fields picking cotton, and planting potatoes.

But “The Shadow” will say “Isn't this is ( Black) the term that you asked for?” No, it's a term that African Americans have been repetitively referred to as being for over 450 years. After fastidiously fighting against this word for about 150 of those 450 years, what miracle occurred to make the African American people suddenly “Embrace, Hug and kiss this term?” Please know this: “Repetition is the most effective form of Brainwashing!” In other words, “If everyone else is using this word, it must be correct, right?” And in the last 25 (or so) years much of the communication media has really “stepped up” its use of this term for describing African Americans. Other than this repetitive method I can't imagine how it was finally accepted. I cannot assign this unfortunate accomplishment only to the R&B singer James Brown with his 1968 hit song, “Say it Loud! I'm Black and I'm Proud!” … or I hope I can't.

And I've only listed some of the word Black's hidden meanings and definitions. Read them again! The next time you're called Black this is what you're (unknowingly) being called! Most people have no idea about these facts or what they are actually saying. The overwhelming majority of people use this word innocently. And many nonblack people use it with genuine affection. But I'll bet the house they would have never accepted such a term to describe themselves. And you can take that to the bank!

When a police officer broadcasts on his car radio that a crime has been committed, all he has to say to “charge up” the responding officers is a description of the perpetrator. Just these two words, *Black Male* and all hell breaks loose with the responding officers! Why? Because the term “Black” reeks of evil and malevolence to all that hear it! Why not “Brown Male?” After all, they are brown! The word Black is also an unwrittenwarning to all non-blacks to “Beware” of potential danger!Many eye witnesses to black on black crime have told police that the last words communicated to victims before they were shot and killed was “vehement, angry recitations” of the word “Black” followed by the N Word! I believe that the constant use and derogatory meanings of this word is a contributing factor in diminished self-esteem and helps to promote the proliferation of voluminous Black on Black Crime today! No? Can you explain what's happening on our streets today any better? Do you actually believe this word is helpful and uplifting? No! It means guilty! Before we get to the “Word White” section, let's take a brief look at how those who carried this Black classification were treated a scant 150 years ago. (Far more recently -1950's, 60's and 70's by the KKK) I still find this information disturbing.

*A Brief review that Young Adult Caucasians (and others) may not know about Slavery*

Various State Codes for Black Slaves: A Black slave could not (1) Point a finger at a white person (2) Use abusive language towards a white person (3) Strike back when hit by a white man (4) Beat drums (5) Blow a horn (6) Possess guns or liquor (7) Administer drugs to whites (8) Practice medicine (9) Swear (10) Smoke (11) Walk with a cane (12) Gamble with whites (13) Raise animals or crops for himself (14) Attend a gathering of more than five unattended slaves (including himself) (15) A slaves willful or intentional failure to step out of the way of any white person was considered “insolent” and would draw instant and harsh punishment on the spot (16) Being “at large” without a pass or failing to show the pass to any white man upon demand drew severe instant punishment (17) If a slave failed to heed a white man's order to stop, the white man had not only the legal right, but in some states had the obligation to shoot him! Does this disgraceful mentality still exist?

They also had what was called “N-Word Dogs!” These dogs were trained to hunt down only Black runaway slaves. When these “errant” Blacks were caught, the slave masters often let the dogs kill them to punish them for running away. According to historical records during the beatings and punishments for these “invented” violations, the language “You Black this and you Black that” was vehemently screamed and shouted at the poor victims! More codes against Blacks existed under the name: “Codes for Black Slaves.” Look them up.

“Some Psychologists have said that when individuals are constantly abused, those individuals eventually find ways to attenuate the pain and live with the abuse.”

“What the Word White Actually Means Today”

Again, Psychologists and Sociologists, please take note. The meaning(s) of the word White when compared to those of the word Black is as unbelievable as it is unfair. The word White when used for racial identification is the most grossly embellished and dishonest use of this word in memory. According to the dictionary the word White also alludes to: New snow, good, lustrous, pale, silvery, wondrous, upright, fair, just, pure, honest, free from spot or blemish, innocent, moral, unmarked, harmless, kind, favorable, fortunate, heavenly, Christmas, radiant, bright, blond, free of evil, angelic, decent, happy, sinless, beautiful, (or a White Person!) To my knowledge, no such wonderful human beings of any complexion exist. But Caucasians are not complaining. They proudly use this word to describe themselves every day! Wouldn't you? It's hard to blame them. They held their leaders “feet to the fire.” And it's glaringly obvious that in comparison, African Americans did not. I'm sure that most readers can see this inequality when comparing the two words. The racial term “White” (Germany- Johan Friedrich Blumenbach 1793) was also accompanied by the racial terms Black, Brown, Red and yellow. The term “White” never received any notable opposition, but not all “claimants” fit the Blumenbach anthropological cranial and other criteria. Therefore, like many Blacks, all “Whites” are not completely white either. I will deal with this reality soon.

While I have not usually experienced the advantages of “White Privilege” I have seen it often (and up close) with my father.It most definitely does exist. However, my light complexion has helped me on occasion to avoid adverse circumstances like speeding tickets. When a cop had to choose which one of us to stop for speeding (me or the person in the lane next to me) the Blacker (looking) person was always stopped. This complexion advantage manifests itself in countless ways throughout adult life. At this point, I must remind the readers that I'm not racially prejudiced in either direction. My diverse background has helped me to understand both sides of most racial issues and arguments. I've used that experience to write this article. If what I'm writing seems a bit one-sided, this is how things actually happened, and in some cases continues to happen.


*If “Space Aliens” came down to Earth today and saw all of the Horrific Murder, Serial Rape, and Burglary reported on our Nightly News programs, they would not be surprised to hear that many were committed by members of a people described as “ Black ”*

*The Shadows Scale*

*White/ Color, Color, Color / Black*

The first group on this scale is White . In order to make the psychology work, the last group must be their opposite, or Black . Without Black, White has a diminished purity effect. The fact that one is not actually Black has nothing to do with the objective of the scale. The system needs a group to be classified as the antithesis of White in order to work.So one can appear to be any variation and still be necessarily classified as Black. Other scale positions remain in a state of flux.

“What “Actual” Color Are You?”

*The Crayon Test*

  1. African Americans: Open a box of Crayons. Take the black crayon out and place it next to your face. Compare the color of the black crayon to the color of your face. If the crayon is Darker than your face, then *You are not black!* But you probably already know that.
  2. European Americans: Open a box of crayons. Take the white crayon out and place it next to your face. Compare the color of the white crayon to the color of your face. If the crayon is lighter/whiter than your face, then *You are not white!* But you probably know that.
  3. American Indians: Please use a Red crayon.
  4. Chinese/Japanese/ Asian Americans: Please use a Yellow crayon.

*Cartoon Colors of Human Beings: “Black, White, Red and Yellow”*(Brown is Valid)

*The True (Spectrophotometric Wavelength Assisted) Colors of Human Beings:*

Various Shades of Brown, Tan, and Cream

Note* “These colors will (like people) “bleed over” into each other's group. They are separated by name and classification only for the express purposes of census, jurisprudence, and to insure that those of us who need division in their lives, can sleep at night.” Anthropologically, skin color terminology is not used for phenotypic identification.

  1. Brown: Indigo Sepia/Dark Brown/ Brown/Light Brown: People : African, African American, Australian Aborigine, Some Asian India populations and various genetic mixtures of many peoples.
  2. Tan: Dark Tan/Copper Tan/Tan/Light Tan: People : Some Hispanic, American Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Islander, Some Asian and various genetic mixtures of many peoples.
  3. Cream: Beige Cream/Olive Cream/Rose Cream/ Pink Cream/ : People : European Caucasian, European American, Some Asian, Some Hispanic and various genetic mixtures of many peoples.


There are no (Healthy) Black, White, Red, or Yellow people on planet Earth.”

*Many of us are either Complicit, Complacent, Color blind, or Brainwashed*

Analyze the meanings of “Black & White” submitted earlier in this article. Obviously these meanings do not describe you. And neither do the historical colors above. Why then accept them? Under the current system, we see Blacks” that are whiter than some Whites and “Whites” that are blacker than some Blacks.” For such a system to work requires mild brainwashing. 5 year olds in kindergarten are given Brown, Pink, Tan, and Beige crayons to draw human beings. Try telling them this Black & White foolishness. They've never seen people the colors that we call each other. They have not been “put to sleep,” …yet.

Let me briefly clear up three fallacies. (1) Attractive women are attractive to heterosexual men, regardless of skin color. (2) Attractive men are attractive to heterosexual women, regardless of skin color. Using the word “Race” for classification purposes is a misnomer, Variation is the better terminology. (3) There is but one Human Race, (Homo sapiens) not five. Sexual attraction is the most irrepressible, universal reaction in the world.” Skin color presents no barrier to this reaction. Arguments to the contrary are scientifically facetious.

*Tartt's Law of Reproductive Variational Integrity*

“The offspring of two parents of different variations (Races) produce offspring 100% indigenous to neither. Example: African American men and women that procreate with Caucasians do not automatically produce Black or African American offspring. In this case they produce bivariational (biracial) offspring. The 23 donated African American chromosomes have no undue influence on the 23 donated Caucasian chromosomes during the 46 chromosomal impregnation process. Individual human donor variation can be indeterminate. Not all Black and White donors are of equal variation. Unrelated donors can differ by 3 million distinct variants. Therefore, neither donor variation is automatically selected at birth as primary.

- Henri W. Tartt, Chemist

“You're Black no matter who and what!” This is a false political, Black reproductive fallacy that has been assigned to no other people on Earth! When the children of any mixed relationship attain sufficient age, they can then make their own decisions in this area. (Hopefully without prejudicial influence from relatives or the uneducated public)

Note: Historically, it was not always necessary to look like the variation that was claimed. One didn't have to look black or African to be considered Black. Many White looking people have been designated as Black for centuries. Vin Diesel, Dinah Shore and My Father come to mind, as well as untold thousands of others. Under these guidelines one did not always have to appear to be what they were assigned to be. Applying this logic today, by law, the “One Drop Rule” would have to be applied in both directions. Many Blacks would suddenly be White! And they wouldn't even have to look white! I'll bet this type of “Turnabout” would immediately be “Flagged” as a scientific absurdity! Well guess what? It always was!

*The Anatomical Sameness of All People*


500-700 Lymph Nodes

206 Bones

22 Square Feet of skin

Blood Vessels (adult, end to end) 100,000 miles

Blood: 5.5 quarts

25-30 Billion White Blood Cells (depending on infection status)

25–30 Trillion red blood cells

800 Diverse Tissues

10 Trillion Nerve Cells

>100 Organs (depending on terminology used, not yet finalized)

640-800 Muscles - Skeletal, Smooth and Cardiac (Perhaps more)

75 – 100 Trillion Total Cells

*Are we a Family?*

Scientists know, from genetic and math studies, that historically we all share the same ancestors many times over throughout history. I'm sure this is unwelcome information for some readers. But our awareness of these ancestors is often limited to only a few generations. Consequently many have great difficulty believing that all of us in this world are more or less connected. However, by using mathematic enumerative statistics, we can project a very close hypothetical number of unique ancestors to the number of human beings that have existed throughout the course of human history. By using this criteria we can better understand and determine how we are all, inevitably and necessarily related, as evidenced by the laws of genetics and human reproduction.

*How we are All Related*

  1. Every one of us has two Parents, 4 Grandparents, 8 Great Grandparents, 16 Great Great Grandparents, and so on.
  2. Following this formula to nine generations back, takes us approximately to the year 1800 AD, each one of us has 128 ancestors. (2,4,8,16,32,64,128 or 2 to the seventh power)
  3. If we extend this logic back to the beginning of the Christian era (1AD) each of us would need to have had 1 million billion (10 to the 24th power) ancestors. There would have to have been 7 million billion billion (10 to the 33rd power) of ancestors. If the 7 billion alive today each had a unique set of ancestors (as racists believe) there would have to have been 7 million billion billion (10 to the 33rd power) ancestors for each of us!
  4. The problem with this argument is that there were only a few hundred million people on earth during these early times. The world's total population didn't reach one billion until about 1800 AD.
  5. The reality is that >7 billion people alive today share, over and over again, the same ancestors. In the past, our progenitors married (copulated) with their relatives. Whether they were aware of this doesn't matter. There was no one else to... “a-hem” marry.

It is estimated that 106 billion human beings have lived on Earth from our common origin to the present. Never has any one of them (identical twins included) had exact identical physical appearance and genetic internals. Thus we are all unique. To each generation, the parents transmit an unequalled combination of their genetic variants to their children. This genetic “soup” results in as many possible individuals as there are combinations of all the genetic characteristics. Applying this math to only the generic variants (1) ABO, (Blood Genetic Diversity) (2) The Rhesus Factor, (Rh Factor- Blood Incompatibility) and (3) HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen –Acceptance/Rejection Factor) would mathematically produce:6x3x861x1891x171x1830x190x741 = * >1,291,178,228,421,950,000 unrelated people!*

(That's Over a Quintillion People!)

(A Human Reproductive Impossibility)

This remarkable number illustrates that merely three human genetic characteristics are enough to produce more than 200 million times more unique individuals than actually exist on Earth today, which is approximately 7 billion people. (>9 billion by 2050). And so if you're human, any physical disassociation or separation from the rest of us is not possible.

*Racism is Fed by Ignorance*

Applying this mathematical direction to all of the variable genetic characteristics of humans, (>23,000 genetic pairs and over 3,500 genetic traits) we can show that the number of different human individuals needed to separate the segregationists and racists from being physically and genetically related to everyone would be far larger than even the above astronomical number. ( > Quintillion) This next number would be many times greater than the total number of any Alien Civilizations and all of the Atoms in the “entire universe!” We are a big family, but not that big! We are *one* much smaller but genetically intertwined and interwoven Bowl of Mankind Soup. Argumentsto the contrary are unreasonable dear Cousin. (Alien speculation, Ref: Sagan, Drake).

A scant 30-32 generations ago, your mother and father's gene lines were merged with genes common to both. Follow your lineage back just 52 generations and your ancestor list grows immensely! It now includes all the Blacks , Whites, Jews, Asians, Arabs, Latino's, and everybody else that ever lived on earth in the approximate year 700! So any attempts at racial purification or genetic sterilization were doomed from the very start! Besides, contrary to “Hitler's” belief, if blond, blue eyed people only procreated with other blonde blue eyed people their offspring would eventually be born blind. We either incorporate , or face extinction! Diversity is necessary for procreative health and the continued survival of our species. Don't believe? Get your DNA tested. Look at the results. Your oldest family members do not remember many of your ancestors nor the groups they came from. No matter what complexionyou might be, you may be surprised by some of your ancestors.

As many of us learned in Science 101, “Matter cannot be destroyed it simply goes from one state to another.” When people die, their remains (body or ashes) eventually become a type of fertilizer wherever it winds up. The bodily fluids are evaporated by the sun through the “Hydrological Cycle.” (Even when the remains are hidden, the sun will eventually “find them”) This fluid is “distilled” through evaporation and ascends into the clouds and is then redistributed in the form of rain, refreshing and replenishing all of us with the purified “essence” of all past living creatures. This process encompasses everyone, including all religions and enneagram of personality proponents.

The constituents of our bodies (Molecules, Atoms, etc.) are used over and over again.We are actually full of ancient molecules . When one simply drinks a glass of water, they may be drinking the same water molecules that “Gobind Singh, Abraham, Moses, The Buddha, Confucius, Jesus, Muhammad, Judas or Guru Nanak” once drank! Besides Jesus, if the others procreated, then you are the direct descendant from them and every one of their fertile predecessors! This system of extraordinary coordination, cooperation, checks and balances could not have been an accident that suddenly decided to invent and indelibly record itself by chance. But you may say, “What about the Soul? Only God knows The Final Answer.

“If any *one* of your ancestors throughout history (no matter their color or ethnicity) had missed that vital opportunity to reproduce, then * you * never would have been born!”

You would not be Whiter, Blacker, better looking or someone else. Without each of them, you simply would not exist! You had only one chance to be you ! Am I being clear here? You should be grateful to all of your ancestors no matter their ethnicity. Your existence on this planet is no less than a Miracle! Why waste it by demeaning and belittling others? I will not “wade” into the “Gay/Lesbian/Straight” sexual controversies of today, I believe in guaranteeing the same civil rights for all people. But this fundamental procreative numerical human history is obviously one of the most powerful arguments for the importance of heterosexuality. These life numbers allow us to see how Racism is not only divisive and troubling, butit's also a glaring outward admission of one's ignorance of math and science. Answer? F ive separate races simply do not exist. I have shown that we are all simply living mixtures of each other. ( Past, Present and Future) . Why then can't people just be people? Unfortunately, it seems that Man is still far too Tribal and Proud to accept such familiarity.

Albert Einstein March 14 1879 – April 18, 1955

Einstein was (supposedly) the smartest man that ever lived. In 1946 he travelled to Lincoln University. (Penn.) During an unprecedented lecture on relativity to the predominantly African American student body he said this: “Racism is a disease of White people. And I do not intend to be quiet about it.” Most of his work and frequent associations with minority leaders such as W.E.B. Dubois (PhD) on this subject (racism) have now mysteriously disappeared. But this lecture is a testament to what the smartest man in the world believed.

Most of us as members of American society are fortunate. And we are also very lucky to be born in such a rich country. But many others around the world are not so fortunate. And while I have great respect and affection for many of the decent in both groups, this article was not written only for Caucasian and African Americans in this country. It was also written for all countries (and there are many) where skin color produces problems and prejudice. We were all born into a genetic “Lottery.” But we didn't even get to “roll the dice or buy a ticket.” None of us is responsible for our looks, color, IQ's, or whatever financial advantages or disadvantages we suffered or enjoyed in childhood. Yet many tend to hold those that they believe are financially or racially beneath them in abject contempt. As though they are somehow responsible for their color and the status they were born into. We all arrived here in the same way and we all leave in the same condition. What about “White Supremacy?” The truth is that anyone that still has to die is in fact superior to no one. Perhaps you won the lottery, and perhaps I lost. It might seem that your luck may have been better than mine. But if some of our major religions are right, you may not be so lucky next time… if there is one. But alas, we cannot know this. And it is doubtful that on this side of the table, we ever will.

No one seems to know exactly why today's young “Black Males” are so angry and violent. Violent enough to keep killing each other as well as many non-blacks almost on a daily basis. I believe it's a lack of respect for life, but especially “Black Life.” These people may be violent, but they're not stupid. They know their Black designation is not geared to assist them and historically offers them little hope. Here's a quick test to help prove this point: If you are African American call a friend of yours by the N-Word. Chances are you'll get away with it because it's heard all the time. But call them a *Black N-Word* and you could have a major “problem” on your hands! You see, every African American *really* knows that the word Black can inject a special dimension and perception of increased hatred into the mix. And also, to add insult to injury. The word Black is not always used as a discriminative color, but sometimes as a condition ! A condition that transmits “Beware” this is a second class, abused, and dangerous people, a people to be feared. ( By employers as well?) The term African American transmits no such threat and has far more beauty and respect for such a proud, integral, and important people.

“What Can be Done?”

(1) Please use the term “African American” in the place of Black whenever you can. (2) If you must have a skin color reference, if you will, try and use one of the true colors that I've given in this article. (3) Please limit youruse of this word as a racially descriptive term. (4) If you belong to one of the many wonderful organizations that incorporates the word Black into your group title, please consider replacing it with the term “African American” or Men, Women, or People of Color.” (5) Remember, reactionary wording to “one up” the word “white” does not change the implications and meanings of this single diabolical word. The continued use of the word Black may have already psychologically conditioned others to be a bit more prejudiced against the people who carry this description. I've given you some of the major reasons why. Psychologists and Sociologists have been rather quiet nationally on this issue, why? Have they not noticed or heard about this lawlessness?

Is this what the “powers that be” want? I fear the answer to this question. Maintaining the current level of chaos at a manageable levelseems to be the objective. My wife and I (The kids are all grown and gone) love all of our racially mixed and those not so mixed relatives. Like many families in this country, some of our members have chosen to take the * African American, Caucasian , Asian, and Hispanic Roads.* w e hope they won't forget the rest of us. But we rejoice in the success, progress, and happiness of them all. I hope you can look at life that way. If not, then maybe you're not so lucky after all. The Caucasian American and African American people are highly intelligent and I believe that most have simply “overlooked” this Black and White enigma. I doubt that Caucasians will change, but at least the word W hite is not demeaning or dangerous. But still, the word White is not a true description of them. And I believe they know this. But it is natural for any people to use the advantages they find in their possession. I cannot fault them for this. However, education has shown us that people are not as sharply separated as the words Black and White would indicate. What do you think? Hopefully, you will not look at these two racial descriptions (Black and White) in quite the same light again. ( Selective Astigmatic Myopathy).

I could tell you a million stories about the problems that I experienced while growing up in a Caucasian (looking) family inside the African American community. My family members (including my extended family) all loved and accepted me. It was those outside of my family that were cruel. When a child is “Too light to be Black and Too dark to be White” with whom do they play? This presents many unforeseen, unimaginable problems. The cruelest prejudice came during the ages of about 9–15, this was when the young neighborhood girls started to like me and fantasize about“cute light-skinned curly headed babies.” ( The Shadows Scale at work) Needless to say, the darker young African American males hated me for this ability and you know what happened then… After the age of 15, (or so) the adult racial prejudices and problems began.


There was a time in this country when youth respected the obvious wisdom of their elders. But presently, this generation is the first in history to almost collectively believe that a 20 year old knows more about everything than a 50 or 60 year old! This “Pied Piper” movement to reject the suggestions and wisdom of its elders has given birth to thought patterns that ignore the type of wisdom that I have tried to present to you today. So what has happened (in part) as a result of their all of a sudden “All Knowing Eyes?” Not only do we have a youth worshipping society with a limited “twenty year beauty life ,” but this little planet of ours is so full of injustice and suffering that if pain was water, the whole world would drown.

I believe that calling African Americans “Black” and European Americans “White” works so well because it single handedly helps to legally and psychologically create space between skin colors far more than reality. The unethical and illegal apartheid system has failed. Still, with “White” at one end of the racial scale and “Black” at the other, it appears to be just another veiled concept that gradually dehumanizes those of lesser position on the scale while making them less attractive to others as well as themselves. *The Shadows Scale* makes nonblack people glad to be anything but Black! And all this unsolicited cooperation is free of charge and is self-policing! Quite an accomplishment don't you think? I believe I have given a partial answer to today's Black crime problem. Young African Americans continue to die in horrific, unprecedented numbers across America. I believe this word is one hidden reason why. This problem will take decades to correct, but it was not created overnight. Eliminating widespread use of this term would be one positive step in the right direction.

The “ball” is again in the court of public opinion. “Black & White,” unfortunately a partheid still lives! Just watch your nightly news and shudder. We are all diverse, creative unique individuals. There is no modern point of reference that can equally claim all of our diversity. Not England, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Italy, Israel, Puerto Rico, India, Hawaii, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Russia, China, Japan, The United States, et cetera. However, if only one point of reference is needed as the “Root” or “Home” continent for everyone on Earth, then scientifically, we are all still “ African under the Skin.” Welcome back, glad you stopped by. “Long time no see.” Stay well

*Note: Please feel free to share this article with your students, colleagues and politicians.

“While all Human Beings are unique genetic amalgamations, their individual exclusivity lies within themselves, and not within their kind.”

– Henri W. Tartt, Chemist

*It's not the hundredth “Straw that Broke the Camel's Back,” but the previous 99*

- Charles Dickens 1848 (Addition mine)

All the Best,

- Henri W. Tartt

Henri W. Tartt

Supervising Chemist &

Chief of Microbiology

City of Cleveland, Ohio (Retired)


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