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*Consciousness, Quantum Mechanics, and Nonbelief*

Greetings, it is good to be with you again. It is with the utmost respect that I decided to write this article. But I felt it had to be written because (at times) our common decency seems to be struggling. This article contains revered material as well as sensitive opinions and suggestions. Due to space and time, all religious books mentioned are not covered. However, scriptural morality is fairly universal. Some Holy Books are believed by billions. I have read and studied many of these great books. Please know your right to agree or disagree with my stated opinions are always welcome, and vigorously defended. While I receive thousands of emails per month, all comments are sincerely read, (only by me) considered, and promptly deleted. Your identity is completely anonymous. Thank you -Henri

Dave and Monica are a well -respected, successful, fortyish-aged couple. (The names have been changed). But both have a secret. It seems Dave is quietly having another illicit affair with a member of his laboratory staff, and Monica is thinking about doing the same, but for the first time with a young heart surgeon. Actually there is nothing uniquely unusual about this other than for some reason they now (on occasion) feel a bit strange. Dave is an accomplished Physicist. Monica is a successful pediatrician. And after a long marriage and only sporadic infidelity by Dave their conscience is starting to bother them. Now Dave is no angel. He's had a few illicit relationships in the past, mostly for career advancement, but these trysts have never seemed to matter much. Why now? Monica on the other hand, was an angel, and she used to be very religious with strict principles. Not so with Dave. This is a very serious article because this type of activity happens all too often. It also proved to be one of our most troubling. Stay tuned.


What exactly is consciousness? Many professionals tell us “no one knows.” Some science notables will even tell us “no one will ever know!” Well, I know several colleagues that think they know, but are reluctant to publish their opinions. Why? I believe it's out of fear of being thought of as being presumptuous or maybe “just plain crazy.” I however, while not feeling particularly sacrificial, will attempt to identify and elucidate (as many are) this mystical topic. The conclusions, insights, and opinions given are those of a Chemist.

In significant part, I believe consciousness is: “An echo or input from one's source (God) shared by a heritable summation of progenitor experience. My research indicates this ability originates in continuous unconscious transmission of an unmodified delta wave function resonating at the Planck Scale in the Brain Stem. (The Reptilian Brain) After primary investigation for “terror” the input instantaneously travels from the Brain Stem by way of brain electrophysiology to the neocortex and is further analyzed continuously for total content. Cf. Romans 1 (Holy Bible) where it is written; “Because that which can be known of God is manifest to them; because God hath shown it to them; Ever since the creation of the world his invisible nature, namely his eternal power and deity has been clearly perceived in the things that have been made so they are without excuse.” Pursuing this point, we quickly look at Isaiah 30:21 “And thine ears shall hear a voice behind thee saying “this is the way, walk ye in it.” Haven't we all heard a “voice” in our ear (or mind frame) from time to time?

In other words, “I didn't know” is no excuse for evil. Every man and woman (somehow) does hear or feel this input. They may not openly acknowledge or divulge such feelings of guilt or trepidation. However, I believe they have to know! God's voice in the lives of each of us (whether we believe in a God or not) is a highly personalized, private communication. It may have to be specially discerned or interpreted, (by the individual) but it is always there. In affairs of morality, one always knows “right from wrong” whatever the situation. In my view, science as we understand it could not exist with genuine clarity of purpose without God and His interwoven, clear standards and objectives. Anthropology stipulates: “One cannot disassociate itself from its source.” I believe one source is at the root of all Physics, Biology, and Theology. And that includes us all.

Now please excuse me but this is “tough love.” In my view, a significant part of Quantum Mechanics without a general (theologically infused) explanation is beginning to “run into itself”, and there is a bit of crow on its plate. And that crow (in my view) is: “Inadequate interpretation can lead to misunderstanding.” Quantum Mechanics (inadvertently) shows “there may be a God”, (in concept) while some (Instructors) are publically denying belief in such existence. Besides needing selective clarification, I believe Quantum Mechanics also presents us with a significant opportunity. (More soon)

The average member of today's educational system is more than capable of keeping a healthy distance between the academically required “Wall of Separation” and “First Amendment Rights.” But I believe subject clarification (in this case) is vital to a basic understanding of religious and secular difference. The amount of influence these trains of thought have on each other is almost, if not biologic. The more difficult Quantum Mechanic interpretations should be explained by professionals trained in the presentation of sensitive and easily misunderstood scientific material (Where such misunderstandings are most prominent).

The feud between “science and religion” has been with us for many hundreds of years. But because various professionals have noticeably almost arbitrarily refused to accept any depiction of God as reasonable, His existence has been denied, ignored, and delegated by some academics and others to ‘fantasyland.' If the instructor of a subject say's aloud during class (or public video) “I don't believe in a God” is tantamount (to some) as saying, “believe as I do.” I think this may lead to a “father/mother figure” type of influence. I believe this kind of thinking by some academics because many students are adult is simply wrong on this issue. Why? For one thing, many of us know far more about Theological Religiosity, Advanced Mathematics, and Quantum Mechanics than may be first thought.

Henri, exactly what do you mean?” I mean exactly this; while many ‘gifted' instructors have gone into the classroom and brilliantly excelled at teaching and explaining the numerous (sometimes weird) aspects of Quantum Mechanics, e.g. Tunneling, Entanglement, Affirmation, Coherence, Field Theory, et.al. In my view, perhaps due to Separation Protocol, some of this education has failed to bring attention to the many aspects of the Quantum World in ways that address the “God-Like” concepts Quantum Mechanics has “unmasked.” I believe this is relevant to Religious Theology. God-like (in this case) does not necessarily mean “supernatural” as there are natural, explainable, descriptions and examples currently available. What concepts? Beliefs billions grew up with about God.


~92% of American parents and the general public believe in God. (Gallup) Many educators have quite varied personal beliefs: Most American educators (of all disciplines) still believe in God. (51.5% overall) Percentages of the Natural Sciences that do not believe in God include: Physicists, Chemists, and Biologists ~40%. Social Sciences: e.g. English, Anthropology, and Sociology ~31% also do not believe. Atheist/Agnostic, ~9.8%, “I don't know” ~ 13.1%. 76% of Medical Doctors however do believe, while 50% of Psychologists and 44% of Mechanical Engineers are atheist. (Gross &Simmons) These are but a few of the professional educator field classifications studied. This small sample still shows how diversified the beliefs concerning God can be. (Worldwide numbers are similar) However, all of us were born with a conscience! In my view, this brings total nonbelief into question. Historically: “There are no atheists in foxholes.”

I know the educational subject curriculum does not require (or want) personal belief disclosure, but It appears (to me) one of the by-products of some Quantum Courses being taught are indeed teaching and therefore advertising many concepts commonly thought of as “God- Like” by billions actually do exist outside “Fantasyland” and inside the natural world! And since we are talking about billions of adherents here, this should somehow be explained. I know some of these concepts have been in existence for many years. But the reality of the natural existence of these concepts has been largely unknown to the general public and many ‘alternate discipline' educators as well. These concepts have usually been delegated to the world of The Holy Bible, The Holy Quran, The Torah, The Mahabharata, The Bhagavad-Gita, The Guru Granth Sahib, et.al, also Voodoo, mass hallucinations, or just plain magic!

Combine the various historical, theosophical religious teachings with the rather “God-Like” (cinematic) appearance of some of the instructors e.g. “long hair, beard”, etc. and let's face it, some look as though they should be sitting on a mountain top wearing long white robes (lab coats) while answering life's most difficult questions. Because of the “mystic” of some disciplines, (e.g. Physics) it appears “if anyone knows the truth, surely it must be them!” Well respectfully, “horse feathers!” I don't see it that way. Like it or not, with the help of these (mentioned) Holy Books and sacred writings we (many educators and the billions behind them) have built the sum total of the civilized world from scratch! And they deserve to be heard and have their views and beliefs fairly respected. And this without having to pit themselves against very sincere, talented, admired, professionals that (at times) have access to public platforms and videos telling the world and many young, impressionable, youth “They don't believe in God!” While this conclusion is shared by many, as of today, the presumptuous thought (of no God) still cannot be scientifically proven by any science, anywhere!

*Tartt's Law of Counterproductive Deference*

“Children taught to disproportionately respect the wishes of a people different from themselves never completely get over such teaching. While this information may be relevant to safety, they often hear and determine words coming from these people as overly authoritative or even threatening. This may be propagated as dogma. Ethnic equality may be difficult to see in some communities. And hope may be lost early in life. This often leads to severe behavioral problems and tragedy. “ – Henri W. Tartt, Chemist

*Stop! Don't Shoot!*

In case you haven't guessed, I'm talking to our Educators, Parents, and those interested in social justice about some important trends, but especially about the young people of today. In some situations, crime can be hormonally driven. During puberty (and beyond) in some communities it is thought (and seen) the “Bad Guys” always seem to get the prettiest girls! This unfortunate (primal) fact often leads to tumult and even murder. In more stable communities, wealth and education have the greater bearing on pairing success. Men and boys (all over the world) will do whatever is necessary to impress the female. And as long as violent behavior is rewarded with mating opportunities (and it is) because it seems the “Bad or strongest” is the “suitor of choice” for young females of most ethnicities. The youth crime rate today is now higher than ever in 50 states in the Americas!

But this is especially problematic in troubled, poorer areas in large American and similar cities around the world. I get mail from countries like India, France, Japan, Russia, and Australia to name but a few. Now young, minority men have mistakenly killed both women and children in indiscriminate drive-by shootings in American neighborhoods! Some of these young people spend their entire lives in the same zip code! But some also go to college under Affirmative Action or other assisted educational programs worldwide.

Remember, if you are an educator, some of these students probably see more in you than some may imagine. And as I'm sure you know, this gives one enormous power and influence in their lives. Many of the young people now in question used to be afraid to offend God. If they hear an instructor say “I don't believe in God” they may follow this lead. With the current Heroin addiction problem this can be future trouble for everyone involved. Alcohol and other drug rehabilitation programs require belief in a “Higher Power” to be most effective. Please keep Anti-God views (if you have them) private. I suspect some groups may be more gullible than others. But many with no father in the home need all the help they can get. Even with God! If not, take a look: http://tinyurl.com/nb4ln25

In my view, unique privilege requires unique responsibility. Many of our citizens expect to be treated as though they're special, but some are still treated as though they're trash. While society inadvertently removes a tremendous source of solace and hope (God) from many in the name of progress, what are we replacing it with? In the lives of many, part of their dreams consists of the “Hereafter” because the “cards” they've been dealt here are so “stacked against them!” There must be another life, somewhere! What if you woke up one morning and were told “you're the wrong color!”, you have hard to manage hair, little money, and were told since childhood (by other kids) you're also ugly? And subsequently, believed you had no promising, comparable future? Surely God will one day “Right these wrongs?” Correct? Would you knowingly replace this hope with hopelessness? (God then, cannot be replaced)

Now, don't get me wrong, as a scientist I'm not trying to preach, but there is something going on, especially in minority communities today and no one seems to know exactly what. I can't say a lack of a belief in a God is the only cause of increased youth crime, but with No God looking “over their shoulder” anymore and a gun in their hand it's certainly one huge problem! Thoughts of God used to stop one from “pulling the trigger” because God would eventually punish and embarrass them! What now? Most of these students never take physics or chemistry where many of these “God” concepts naturally surface. But some students that do may spread some “anti-God” sentiments on campus through student debates and idle weekend beer conversation. This information may be “picked up” by other students that have some influence over younger siblings at home and will “spread the word” who in turn will follow suit in elementary, middle, high school, and whole neighborhoods! Until one day…! Listen, (at times) it does indeed “take a village” to raise a child. And they are listening (by proxy?) to you, for both answers and guidance. Today, we have a “unique” opportunity: (Below)

*God is now Scientifically Verifiable?*

Now with so many credible educators seen “jumping onto” the “Quantum Bandwagon” it's difficult to just “stand by and watch.” We have a new opportunity. Many “QM” concepts have made some “God-Like” attributes seem quite “reasonable.” If “Schrodinger's Cat” can be dead and alive, and Photons can be in different places simultaneously,” then why not God? Take a brief look at this:

*The Quantum Club*

Some of the more discussed aspects of Quantum Mechanics are: Tunneling, Coherence, Entanglement, Affirmations, superposition, Field Theory, Ultra violet catastrophe, Renormalization, etc. With these examples we have covered the three phases commonly attributed to God. Ability: (Below) Quantum Equivalent: (Below)

  1. Omnipotence: Almighty or unlimited in power.
  2. - (Ultraviolet Catastrophe-application)
  3. Omniscience: Having all knowledge, perceiving all things.
  4. - (Affirmation/Probability)
  5. 3) Omnipresence: Present in all places, at all times.
  6. - (Superposition/Entanglement)

Without invoking the Wheeler-Dewitt Equation, using Quantum Mechanics has given a broad understanding of the power of God as a real possibility! A very knowledgeable, competent,

*Unworldly Scientific Genius* (God) with a working knowledge of all Quantum principles and concepts e.g. Ultraviolet Catastrophe, Entanglement, Superposition, etc. may have actually been able to fulfill the human concept of “God.” This is especially true for the “untrained” eyes of those people thousands of years ago! The rather “supernatural” abilities written in some Holy Books may have actually been understandably scientifically achievable after all! That God can hear all prayer and react, is in all places simultaneously, and is all powerful may be science, not fiction. Even accounts of “Alien Abductions” have occurred where very responsible people claimed they saw alien beings somehow appear inside locked bedrooms! But passing through solids (walls) can be theoretically accomplished with a functional knowledge of “Quantum Tunneling!” (A bit scary)

Operating outside of time, (as light-relativity) according to 2Peter 3:8 (Holy Bible) God can concentrate His time (as we know it) to one day = 1,000 years of Earth time! In other words, He can reduce 8,765,812.77 hours down to 24! This would mean God's “intimate” relationship with man is only a little over 6 days old! (Biblical time frame) This kind of Cesium Atomic Clock speed capability would help to explain Quantum Entanglement; (Time slows with velocity) subsequently God would not age very much. He would also scientifically know all past, present and future avenues and have unheard of powers. All of this seems to be naturally possible for God. (Because examples are already happening inside the Quantum World) All this may be accomplished with a proper understanding and manipulative control of concepts already identified. Then “Limits” (for God) as we understand them may not even exist! God (in all scientific probability) could be an *Unworldly Scientific Genius* that knows far more about all aspects of physics, chemistry, biology (and everything else) than any mortal scientist to date! Adaptation of powers to the Earth's atmosphere and gravity would be congruent.

*Quantum Consciousness?*

The aspect of “life after death and reincarnation” may be possible with the concept of “Quantum Consciousness.” Much of the quantum phenomena we think of as new is anything but new. These are concepts and abilities that our Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents have been telling us about God and Religion since childhood. What is new is we now have a basic understanding of how some things written in the Holy Books may have occurred. E.g., Jesus “walking on water” may have had something to do with “Molecularly Stabilized Aquatic Surface Tension.” Also, many secular people look at death as a *Horrible* end, when in fact it may be only another type of “Beginning.” This would help to explain the natural callousness and danger associated with our world and universe.

We are the only species that is “aware” that we are “aware” or “conscious” that we are “conscious.” As previously stated, I believe Consciousness originates in the Brain Stem at the Planck Scale. That's a scale ~25 times smaller (in order of magnitude) than an atom! Interestingly, the decision to Love also seems to originate at this same scale. However, because love is a complex mental decision and not just a nominal everyday impulse, it takes time. So it is also transferred to the neocortex where the decision is made. Reincarnation or After-Life may be most plausible within the realm of the “Quantum Soul.”

Hopefully, after reading this article your level of consciousness understanding has increased. But I have only touched the surface of the quantum world. Because of your interest, one day soon, it may spawn an expanded study of how the “Legend of God” proves to be “life's greatest fact,” rather than some kind of fictional story. Remember: “Where there's smoke, there's fire!” In the meantime, guy's, until we finally “figure it all out,” (if you don't believe) how about a resounding “I don't know!” (because you actually don't) this may help to protect against unseen harm. As always, “the choice is yours.” And perhaps add this caveat to the Dept. of Physics front door: “All Quantum Mechanics concepts that resemble those of a religious nature are purely coincidental.” …Or are they?


Monica divorced Dave and married Charles, the heart surgeon. Dave was devastated. He dearly loved Monica. He knew they had married quite young but their relationship (he thought) was very strong. Monica had always loved God. But Dave (the physicist) had almost convinced her “there is no God” so she decided to relax and “loosen” her strict religious value system. She began talking with Charles. After all, they were both medical doctors and had much in common. Well, one thing led to another, and Charles (as it turned out) was very religious. After her divorce he quickly won Monica's hand. Monica and Charles now spend a part of their Sundays in church worshipping God and teaching their new baby girl all about Him. You see, Monica never fully got over her religious upbringing, she missed worshipping God. And her divorce was partly inspired by 2 Corinthians 6:14 (Holy Bible) “Be ye not unequally yoked.”

Dave is back in his lab, but somehow the girlfriend and equations don't show the excitement and promise they once did. Dave misses Monica so much that he can't eat or seem to sleep well anymore. He still thinks he doesn't believe in God, but he doesn't know where to turn for help. He now sits around holding his head in his hands and cries out (to himself), “What can I do?” (Then one night, his conscience stepped in) and he suddenly “jumped up” and said, (aloud) “Oh my God!” Please help me!...And he finally found peace. Dear reader, if one is looking for a fight, don't pick one with God, I believe you'll lose every time. Listen, is your God your God? Or is he the more “acceptable” God of others? Dave found out the hard way. Quantum Mechanics could not replace his lost Love. If one isn't careful, we can allow our work to cloud our personal reality. Like Monica, just make sure the decisions you make about God, are yours and not someone else's. With his calculated approach to life, Dave forgot about his own heart. John Greenleaf Whittier may have said it best; “Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these; it might have been.” Stay well.

*Charm is deceitful, and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the lord, she shall be praised. – Holy Bible-Proverbs 30:31

*The mind acts like an enemy for those who do not control it* - Bhagavad Gita- 6:6

Educators: Please feel free to share this article with your colleagues and friends.

All The Best,

Henri W. Tartt

Supervising Chemist, and Chief of Microbiology, (Retired)

City of Cleveland, Ohio (USA)

Email: henri@henriwtartt.com

Website: *Tartt's Scientific Approach* www.henriwtartt.com

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